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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I went out and walked 5 holes tonight. I really hit these titleists beautifully. My gaps are consistent in the 620 CBs until I get to the 3 iron, which I just don’t hit any farther than my 4. I’m growing more convinced that I just really need to find a club or two between my 4 iron and my 3 wood. The hybrid is not a good solution for me, but maybe one of the easy-to-launch long iron replacements like a 500u 3 iron or an i500 3 iron might be the ticket.
  2. I have been in a bit of a quest for a while searching for the right irons for my game. I am a sold player (usually score between even par and +5 at home). During the past year, my game has been sharp. Iron play has always been a strength, and I’ve made tremendous strides with my driver and fairway play to the point that I have real confidence in both for the first time. Tracking my game, it has become apparent that I lose a lot of strokes on shots between 200-230. All four of the par 3s at my home course play in this range, and 2 of the par fives will give me second shots in this ge
  3. I also agree with this line of reasoning. That said, I do think a lot of good players make the mistake of thinking they need forgiveness when they actually just need a club that is easier to swing. I’m a low handicap player and I’ve rarely had trouble finding the center of the club face. But, I have had times where I’ve expected to hit clubs farther, so I reach for more distance which results in sloppy, inconsistent swings, bad shots, and higher scores. A year ago, I was in a rut and stuck shooting in the high 70s/low 80s. I previously had played to scratch and was a long ti
  4. I agree with this completely. I had z785s and LOVED them. Amazing feel, best turf interaction ever, long in the category, and just deadly accurate, so I sold them and got the i210s. For me, the i210s spun significantly more, provided significantly less distance, and just never felt as pleasing. I’m a HUGE fan of Ping products, but the i210s were nowhere near as good for me as the Srixons. In fact, I would go so far as to say the Srixons outperformed the i210s in every category.
  5. I played KBS Tour 130x for years and woke up one day and decided I was working too hard. I had an old set of MP32s that I had purchased as a refinish project. They were shafted with DGR400 shafts. Fell in love with them. Flex keeps them ultra smooth. Profile and weight keeps the spin down and feel up. If you are looking for something between the regular and stuff flex, try these. All the regular flex these days seem to be geared toward light weight, which makes them feel even softer/lighter than a tour weight stiff. Try a “tour weight” regular. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I play 6.
  6. I’ve got them (3-p) and have really enjoyed them. I don’t find them to excel in any particular category except maybe turf interaction, but they are really solid performers. A little more agile than the 716/718CBs (which I also owned). More akin to a blade than most of the current player CBs on the market. If you like a small profile CB, these are really good.
  7. Thanks for the info. I actually ordered a 0311P Gen3 4 iron last week and I’m waiting for it to be delivered. You are right. The P or even a combo of T/P combo would seem an appropriate choice for me. I just find the G series Pings to be so comforting.
  8. I am a low handicap player and iron play is a strong suit. Currently playing 620CBs and getting along fine with them, but tinkered around with a demo G425 7 iron on the course this weekend and am just amazed at how much easier they are to play. To be clear, I’m not looking for a “tweener” iron - I definitely want something like a G series. I go through the “G iron phase” every now and then, and love the idea of having a really forgiving set to kick around with. My only issue is that they feel hard as a rock to me. Seems like the PXG 0311XP is another, similar option but with better fe
  9. Any new reviews on these? I’m playing quite well with my 620CBs, but am starting to get an itch for something new. These look like contenders. Can anyone comment on size compared to the other blades on the market (I prefer smaller profiles). How about feel and flight? With the deal that PXG is running at the moment, I decided to pick up a 0311P Gen3 4 iron to see if I could add a little distance at the top of the bag. I may look to round out the set with these or the Ts.
  10. For me, it’s all about the feel of the strike. There is a sensation I am looking for at impact that tells me I’ve compressed the ball properly. That compression, for me as a little steeper swinger, means I’ve pinched the ball against the turf with a bit of a descending blow. Bad turf interaction feels like the club is fighting against the turf (or even worse, twisting) after impact. Good turf interaction allows me to “feel the pinch” as the club is at impact and then entering the turf, but then there is very little resistance after impact and then into the follow through. Bad turf in
  11. Love the topic! I’ve owned more gear than I should admit, and I move in from even the clubs I love! Here are the ones I most regret: Driver: Titleist TS3 with HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 is currently in my bag, and it is my favorite driver by far. Never had more confidence than I have now. Honorable mention goes to the old Titleist 983e. Bought it for $17 in the used bin in 2011, and it beat everything I put it up against! Fairway: 15* Nike T60 with Diamana Redboard 73x. This thing was absolutely magical deep-faced forgiveness wrapped in a perfect, long-hoseled, pear
  12. Owned both and much preferred the Blueprints. The iBlades never stood out to me in any category. They felt ok and performed ok, but I never had a “wow” moment with them. The BPs were outstanding performers for me. Loved the look, feel, and performance. Be careful, though. They are very small compared to the iBlades and almost anything else on the market. I loved the compact profile, but they can be intimidating if you are used to larger irons (and even most player CBS are significantly larger than the BPs). Despite the small profile, I found the BPs to be responsive, longer
  13. I have a closet full of RLX polos and shorts. I can’t disagree with you. I think they look great in the store, but really don’t seem to hold up well. The collars, in particular, lose structure almost immediately and the polo material just gets tired. As for the shorts, they look good but there’s no stretch and they aren’t particularly comfortable compared to other brands. I recently picked up a few Vineyard Vines performance polos and they seem to be holding up a little better. I’d really like to see someone bring a performance fabric polo to market with a structured collar or remov
  14. IMO, the best blade option by far for a digger is the Srixon. I’ve played everything, including the Blueprints (which I loved) and am currently playing the 620CBs (which I love), but the absolute best turf interaction I have ever experienced with an iron is with the Srixons. If your irons are a little “grabby,” the v-sole will work wonders. It’s like butter in the turf. Honestly, it takes a bit of getting used to because it is so smooth through the ground. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I play a lot of different gear, and there are a lot of irons I have really enjoyed, but if I played
  15. This is it for me, too. I’ve had a bunch of titleist hybrids, but I don’t think they’ve made one better than the OG 910H/Ahina combo. Looks perfect. Feels perfect. Flat out Performs.
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