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  1. Me too!!! Ha ha! As for your 620 CB reference, I thought you might like this...
  2. Yeah. I had a set refinished years ago and installed new shafts without the dowels. Still great irons, but the feel did change. I’ve tried to install the dowels myself, but was never confident I did it correctly.
  3. Interesting post about the feel of the 680s. I had a set I loved, too. I’m pretty sure that Titleist built all of the “6” series blades and CBs from that lineup (690, 680, 670) with wood dowels installed in the tip of the shafts to dampen vibrations. I wonder if that is the difference you are feeling/hearing?
  4. I carried 4 wedges the last few years and never felt fully comfortable with all of them. In the last year or so, I switched to softer iron shafts, and the switch has allowed me to be far more versatile with my PW. I no longer need 4 wedges because I can cover my PW and GW yardages with my PW. I’ve gotten far more proficient with the 3 than I ever was with the 4.
  5. G410 LST is cream of the crop. Hard to beat the stock Tour 65 shaft in it, too. I’ve also been surprisingly impressed with the forgiveness of the TS3 I’ve been playing. I’ve hit several drives that I thought were awful at impact and in the air only to find them well positioned a long ways down the fairway.
  6. How is the fit compared to RLX? I’m basically in between a large and XL in RLX. Solidly a large on Peter Millar and FJ. How would Greyson compare?
  7. I don’t know what they are, but I like them!
  8. I did a pretty lengthy head to head on these two sets last year. I’m a big titleist fan and the AP2s were firmly in the bag at the time, but I got a ridiculous deal on a new set of 785s and had to try them out. For me, the Srixons were better at everything and it wasn’t close. Titleist felt good. Srixons felt amazing - softest irons I’ve played and I’ve played everything from mizuno MP in the last decade. Titleist had good turf interaction. Srixon’s turf interaction with the v-sole was game changing - improved ball contact and, believe it or not, directional consistency. Titleists fl
  9. Jeff, I think you and I come from a similar place given our love of the G series. Of the sets you list (heck, on any list), I’d put the Srixons head and shoulders above the others. One caveat: I’d stick with the zx7 series. They are almost as long as the distance oriented irons on your list, but provide exceptional feel that the others can’t match. I’d also bet that their turf interaction is better than anything you’ve ever played. If you like the high bounce, wider sole of the G series, you will LOVE the v-sole on the Srixons. This feature alone will make them play as a much more for
  10. I have pretty simple taste in golf clothing. Solid shorts, solid shirts are staples for me, and I like them to be classically styled, tailored, and well made. That said, here in the Florida heat/humidity, I need them in performance materials. RLX/Polo has always been a standby, along with Peter Millar. Just curious if there are any other brands out there I should check out?
  11. I can’t argue with that. We like what we like, and a lot of it is defined by what we become comfortable with in the past, what connects with us in the present, and what fits us as we age. Interestingly, both JT and Ryan Moore have harkened to the “formal” look by wearing ties and cardigans on the course fairly recently, and both were praised for it in fashion circles. To each his own. It’s a bit much for me, but I prefer it over some of the more flashy, outside the box looks. That’s more “me” than joggers or loud colors.
  12. If you don’t mind, how is the old 745/new ZX7 sole improved over the 785? I had the 785s and was blown away by the v-sole. I’m thinking of picking up another set, but would be tempted by the ZX7s if there is a notable improvement.
  13. This is pretty interesting to see. Anxious to see photos.
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