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  1. I play one in my 3 wood. Very stable, no-nonsense performer. My three wood is old and ugly and beat up, but it just performs and this shaft is a big part of that. There was a time you could pick them up new for like $15 online. I wish I had more of them. For context, I play a HZRDUS 6.5 in the driver and play a stiff flex in the black tie. The stiff flex is a good fit for me.
  2. I found the Ps to be a little larger than I expected. I did not compare side by side, but they seemed larger to me than the Ping I-series. The mid and short irons seem similar in size to the Ping G series, but with a thinner top line. Long irons are slimmer and with less offset than G series.
  3. I have played blades for the better part of 15 years. Currently playing MP20 blades, and rarely if ever venture into anything more forgiving than a player CB. That said, I absolutely LOVED the G25s. The darker finish hides their size well. They have a nice, progressive profile from playwright short irons to forgiving mid and long irons. They felt awesome to me. They are one of my favorite sets ever, and I have had a ton.
  4. I’ve always been decent out of the sand, but I picked up a Vokey K grind a couple of years back and really struggled out of the bunker with it. It was supposed to be a beast in the sand, but it just seemed to have too much bounce and sole width for me to use effectively. Then, it occurred to me - it is designed to not dig in the sand. If I TRY to make it dig, it won’t. Instead of playing my normal, open-faced splash shot, I turned the face down slightly (almost hooded) and made a swing intended to lead with the leading edge instead of the bounce. Almost like a chip shot, I entered the sand with a descending blow but the wedge would not dig. Instead, The K grind carved a beautiful slice right under the ball and the shot came out so nice and pillow soft onto the green. It was lovely. If you continue to struggle, find a wide sole, high bounce wedge and use a straight faced swing with a descending blow. It might be the trick you are looking for.
  5. Same here! I started switch hitting in high school. After struggling from the right side for my first two seasons, I switched over to the left side and led the team in hitting. Continued hitting from both sides through college and minor league ball, and was always FAR better left handed. Well, the same cannot be said of my golf swing. After struggling with the laterals for a few months, I picked up a left handed club with dreams of becoming the next Phil Mickelson. Turns out I am even better at hitting shanks left handed than I was right handed!!! Played strictly right handed ever since. It’s weird, but as good a hitter in baseball as I was left handed, the left handed golf swing feels completely alien to me.
  6. Can anyone comment on the size of these? I prefer a small profile, and am currently playing MP20 blades which are about as big an iron as I would want to play. Are these similar in size, or do they have a larger profile like a Srixon Z-forged? Every time I look at these, I get the sense that they are similar in size to an I-blade. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’d love to hear what others have to say.
  7. These right here. Hard to beat either set. I’d also throw a vote for Ping s56.
  8. I had a set of those in DD grind and absolutely loved them. Small profile, even for blades, with a very small amount of offset. Awesome feeling set that got through the turf beautifully for me. I ran into some health issues some years ago and had to sell them to pay medical bills (along with matching wedges and an awesome white staff bag). It’s one of the sets I miss the most. Enjoy!
  9. Nice topic! I started playing in grad school with a set of Tommy Armour 845 knock offs. Once I got the bug for new sticks, I was SHOCKED at the price of a set of irons. Id go to the shop almost every day to drool over Ping i3s or Callaway X12s, but I was a broke college student that couldn’t afford a $800 set of irons! One day, however, I noticed a shiny new set of Mizuno True blades on the close out rack for $299 - they even came with your choice of matching wedge (gap, sand, or lob). I was absolutely smitten! Dropped cash on the table almost immediately, skipped my afternoon classes and went straight to the course. Lord, were those clubs hard to hit!!!!
  10. I am a bit of a weird situation with my irons. I am 6’ tall, but apparently have very unusual proportions based on my arm length, shoulder width, etc. On the Ping chart, I measure into 1/2” long and 3* upright (white dot). Problem is, I come from an old baseball background and tend to swing on a much flatter plane. The upright clubs are unusable for me. I’ve been playing 1/2” long and 3* flat, and am playing really good golf at the moment (typically 72-76 on a par 73, 7158 yard course), but I feel like I have a hard time staying in my posture with the the short irons and wedges. Starting at about the 7 iron, I can swing comfortably. Would it be completely crazy to extend the short irons and wedges to 1”-1 1/2” long so I can keep the flatter lie, but swing more consistently? I understand the impact on swingweight, but would this also implicate shaft flex - making the shaft play more whippet/loose?
  11. I am not a tournament player, but I usually score between 72 and 76 at my home course (7198 yard par 73 at sea level). Iron play is the strength of my game. Currently playing MP20s, and have also played 718MBs, Blueprints, 620CBs this year. I’m a huge fan of the Blueprints. In fact, they are my favorite set among those above, and certainly one of my favorite sets ever. They are very small - even in comparison to most blades- but I loved the square, compact profile. I can get steep at times, and the sole design was very good for me. The feel is on the firmer side, but very pleasing - especially in the long irons, which felt very powerful. I found them to be quite long for this class of irons. Not freakish long, like the i500s, but I did hit them up to a full club longer than my current MP20s. I even remember pulling 6 iron from up to 190, which is currently all of a 5 iron I can hit. They are not a distance iron, but they gave me good distance for this style of design. Overall, I loved them. My set was 5-p with a Crossover 4. I would have loved to have had the 4 and 3 iron (and maybe even the 2) in the BPs. I’ve tapped out my golf budget for the year, but would gladly trade my MP20s for another set. I really can’t recommend them enough if you like to play blades.
  12. Haven’t seen the Gen 3s in person, but spent some time with the Gen 2s and they were almost identical in size to the G425s with a slimmer top line. Thanks
  13. Same here. My wife has a set of G5’s that I tinker with from time to time. I’m actually pretty good around the greens with the SW from that set. The wedges are very good for me on full swings. The Gs are the one GI set where I feel like the sole design and bounce don’t hinder me.
  14. I completely agree that there are GI irons, and there are Ping G irons - the latter are just a cut above. I play blades - currently in MP20s, but anytime I want to make the game easier, I head straight to the Ping aisle and look for the latest version of the Gs. The look at address is comforting. They look great. They’re extremely consistent. I even like the way they feel!
  15. I have a lot of 5 polos - all size XL, and all 100% poly performance fabric in fantastic shape. They were all purchased this year, and worn lightly in a smoke free home. I’ve lost about 35 pounds, so I can’t wear them anymore. Lots of life left in all of them. Shipping individually would kill me on these, so let’s say $45 each, but will sell the lot for $150. 1. Peter Millar Crown Crafter (100% poly). Mid blue heathered with white stripes. This one is “ATHLETIC FIT” according to Peter Millar. 2. Polo RLX (100% poly). Royal blue and white. 3. Vineyard Vines Sankaty Performance - Light Pink with blue and white stripes. 4. Vineyard Vines Sankaty Performance - Mint with yellow stripes. 5. Vineyard Vines Sankaty Performance - Navy with royal stripes.
  16. Is suggest the higher launch is influenced by the shaft. I have owned multiple sets of both. The 32s are legendary for their forgiveness in the blade segment. The MP4s are my favorite blades ever, but I’ve always considered them a traditional blade - they give you what you tell them to give you. Enjoy them! I have a set of MP32s with DGR400 and I will never sell them. Now, I feel like I need to find some MP4s!!!!
  17. I’m currently playing the MP20s and came from 620CBs. I’m a Mizuno guy at heart, but have to admit I prefer the 620s. They have a bit of leading edge relief that really made for nice turf interaction (I’m in Florida, too). I haven’t tried the 620MBs, but would imagine they are very similar to the CBs I had. I echo the comments about the v-sole of you are a digger. Hard to beat them.
  18. I think it was a number of small details that added up for me. To my eye, they were more compact with a slightly squarer profile than the other two. They had a little bit of extra bounce that seemed to suit me. They felt a touch firmer, but I really liked the feel. And, they were surprisingly long - nothing freakish, but probably a half club through the set. Again, I liked/like all of them, including the MP20s I’m currently gaming. The Pings were just ever so slightly better for me. I also had the Titleist 620CBs, and they were a very nice set if you consider a player cb.
  19. I’ve played a number of different blade sets this year, including the 718 MBs, MP20s, and Ping Blueprints. Enjoyed all of them. Hard to go wrong. Would choose the Pings if I had to pick a set now.
  20. Mine got too sharp, and I had to retire it after an unfortunate incident with a needle sharp prong jamming under my finger nail while trying to retrieve it from my pocket. Purchased 2 more. Love the things.
  21. I’ve reshafted a number of Ping sets over the years. To combat the collared ferrule concern, I cut a piece of double sided grip tape into a section about 4” long and about 1 CM wide and just wrap it around the shaft at the depth where the collar would sit (you have to seat the ferrule on the shaft first). It fills the space of the collar nicely. Very solid once the epoxy cures. I’ve never had any issues with it, and have probably shafted 8-10 sets using this method.
  22. I have a pair. Great looking shoes. They are very, very comfortable - some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve had in years, but I have concerns about their durability. I’ve had mine since March. Some of the stitching is coming loose around the heel. Play 1-2 rounds a week and almost always walk, so im tough on shoes, but I was hoping for better. in hindsight, I probably would have paid a bit more and gotten the premieres.
  23. Where’s the best place to get some new iBlades out of curiosity? Was seeing them new for like $799 in multiple stores prior to the pandemic, but now they seem to be back up to full asking price.
  24. They told me. It was a group that was supposed to tee off at 8:00 on the 11th hole (the rest of the group was going to cover the back 9). I teed off on 1 a little before 7 AM and played slow to give the tournament a chance to get out well before I made the turn. I figured I’d probably catch them on the back nine - even though I was walking - but was hoping it might not be until later in the back nine. The tournament was delayed and they did not tee off until 8:30 or so. I ran into the last group while they were still teeing off on 11. It was painfully slow after that. I watched on one hole as every single player in the foursome took 3 shots each to find the green from inside 120. One guy parked his cart next to his ball and proceeded to shank his shot off the roof of the cart (still not sure how you do that) and the ball ricocheted about 60 yards behind him. The ranger commented it was the worst group of golfers he’s ever seen! The course takes good care of me, so I didn’t make a deal of it. I don’t even think they charged me for the round.
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