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  1. Funny you mentioned these clubs...literally took the 5 and 7 iron to the range with me today...still feel great and very playable...no noticeable difference in distance...turf interaction was the only difference from my 765’s...matched up against my Srixon’s very well!
  2. Another vote for Brasada Ranch...I too personally prefer it to any other course in Bend...I also played both Pronghorn courses and certainly enjoyed them. Drove from Canada as well and it was a nice break and got the swing ready for Bandon!
  3. Great shoes for the walker...12 wide and I would taking all of them...GLWS!
  4. I have a problem with them as well and I blow them on...they are tricky and i really haven’t found anything that works consistently...except patience...
  5. Wow...that is good looking Betti and long neck as icing on the cake...how bad do I want to feed the addiction...
  6. That Piretti is really cool...so glad that is not a long neck or my custom machine would have a competitor...nice stuff!
  7. i think you should splurge. Trust me if the CDN dollar wasn’t in the dumps I would be having that shipped to Kalispell for pick up ASAP...maybe time to thin the herd to add this beauty...
  8. Good whiskey and funny accents? (Have anything specific you're wondering about?) Difficulty wise I heard it’s much more difficult than the old course at St. Andrews, is that true, I was talking to my buddy today and he was saying that it’s like impossible when the winds blowing. Much more difficult than the Old Course! Played when the wind came up on the last 6 hokes...then the rain...it was a tough finish made a crap load tougher...can’t wait to play it again...very different from all the other links courses I played...
  9. I’ve resisted chiming in but I feel I should now...I have had a similar experience (although different facts)...he will throw all sorts of BS at you but never deliver...every time I see an ad I want post in to STAY AWAY...I feel for you OP and don’t believe a word he says or any promise he makes! I too am amazed he is not banned!
  10. Having played both the SZ and JPX I really like the feel/sound of the SZ and the flight was exactly in the window I like seeing. The JPX felt/sounded harsher to me than the SZ. At that time both were shafted with DI-7X. Let me be clear the JPX was not harsh but if felt harsher to me than the SZ...if less smooth works better for you lets go with that. Distance-wise I have to say they were very close with the edge going to the SZ...there are 3 holes on my home course that I use to determine if a driver and shaft combo has the "right stuff" (after surviving some range sessions) and both dr
  11. Shoot, I have the headweight but I cannot access my files on the road at the moment. I will get it for you. Ken
  12. Same gains but I love the feel...very muted but solid...really is different strokes for different folks. Picked up some yards going to the Epic but what was really noticeable is that on average I was longer so I am assuming that is the forgiveness....gone to a sub zero and the only difference I can see is lower more penetrating ball flight and it seems a touch less forgiveness...feel is even more muted than with the Epic...ball still gets out there!
  13. Greetings Wrx'ers... Selling a few things to offset the cost of a special item that I have my eye on...not really interested in trades and the ONLY thing I would consider is an Epic Sub-Zero 15* fairway wood...shipping from Canada and I send stuff across the border expedited so they are insured, trackable and usually take between 5-7 days at most to arrive... 1. JPX 900 Forged 5-PW + T7 Gap Wedge shafted with Tour S400's playing off a 38.25 5 iron and grips are MCC +4 with an extra wrap so close to midsize - great set of irons and I have just purchased the same set except with Steelfiber s
  14. Gallagher's has always been like that...no idea why other than the Pro must hate singles! Playing Fairview today so thanks for the feedback...
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