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  1. For those with the Operator, what weight set up are you using? I’m still trying out different options but I’m leaning towards no weights or maybe just two 5 gram weights in the front. Also, I got the PXG Lamkin Sink fit skinny grip and I’m a little disappointed with how it feels. I usually use the Lamkin Deep Etched in other putters and I thought this would be similar but it doesn’t feel nearly as nice.
  2. Thanks all. I should have done more research before posting. I am going to get a Callaway Epic Max LS and was trying to figure out which of their custom shaft options were the closest to what’s worked well for me. I’m not that knowledgeable about shafts and I didn’t get to try most of the ones Callaway offers. I’m going to take a gamble and go with the Mistubishi Diamana ZF-Series 60 TX shaft and just sell the shaft if it doesn’t work out well for me.
  3. I’m looking at a new driver and I just had a fitting but I really didn’t love any of the shafts I was fit into. In 2017 I was fit into either the Mitsubishi Diamana W-Series 60 X or the Fujikara Speeder Evolution 661 TS X. I’ve been playing the Speeder for the last 3+ years and like it but it not offered on the driver heads I’m looking at and neither is the W series. Are there current shaft models by Mitsubishi and Fujikara that are similar to the the W Series 60-X and 661 TS? I’m thinking of going with the current version of one of these over what I was fit into this week.
  4. Thanks. I’m getting a PXG Operator and an Odyssey ten 2 ball. Probably won’t keep both so I’m looking forward to finding out which works better for me
  5. 5yddraw

    2 Ball Ten

    I’ve never preordered a putter before but I did with the odyssey ten 2 ball. Now I’m wondering if it was worth it. My local shop received their shipment of odyssey ten putters but they didn’t get my preorder yet. I didn’t get any custom specs so now I’m wondering if I won’t get my preorder until after March 11th when I could have gotten one earlier by just going into a store to get one on March 11th.
  6. All prices are shipped and only shipping to continental U.S. All putters include head covers. Will consider reasonable offers but not interested in any trades. 1. Toulon Las Vegas. 34" length with Super Stroke Tour 3.0 grip. It's in very good shape but there are a few dings on the putter. The ones on the face can only be seen from certain angles. SOLD 2. Evnroll 8.3. 34" length with Evnroll grip. Also in good shape but there are a few dings on the putter and a little discoloration around the outside edge. SOLD 3. Wilson Staff 8802. 34" length.
  7. Ordered an operator. I wouldn’t have done it at the normal price but I’m looking forward to trying it on the course. I don’t mind the spider inserts but what I’m really interested in is how the PXG face compares to Evnroll. I like the concept of Evnroll but my distance control was terrible with their putters. I couldn’t find much online about it but if the PXG face legitimately helps off center putts go a similar distance to center strikes while not making center strikes feel so weak then I think I’m going to really like it.
  8. I’ve heard PXG orders are backed up. How long did it take for your order to ship?
  9. I haven’t found many good options to buy a Taylormade DLL putter and even less with the Spider OS CB so I’m interested in similar putters. Any suggestions? I’m looking for a heavier putter with high MOI that’s bigger than TM’s current Spider products.
  10. I’m going to get to play one round next week. Any suggestions on which courses are in good shape and where I should play? Willing to drive up to an hour. I haven’t played Lake Presidential before and it looks pretty nice online. I played Whiskey Creek and Blue Mash last time I was up there and both were great but I think I want to try something new.
  11. I recently had a putter fitting which gave me recommended specs of 34” length, 1.5 degree loft and a 72.5 degree lie angle. However, the 34” length was at my request and now I realize I want it a little longer at 34.5” or even 34.75“. I didn’t buy the putter through the fitter, I ended up getting a CPO off callaway preowned. So, I can’t take it to the fitter and have him look at it. I’m going to take the CPO putter to golf galaxy or another local place to have the loft and lie adjusted and get a new grip installed. I realize this may not be exact but I want to know if I’m looking at this cor
  12. Yep got it from Golfshack. Thanks again for the info
  13. I just bought a new Wilson 8802 milled. Played two rounds with it so far and love it. It’s going to take several more rounds to really get used to it and know where to hit it for the sweet spot. Pretty sure this is the first putter I’ve used without an alignment line and it’s been very easy to aim, much more so than I thought it would be. My only complaint is that they only released it in 35 inches. I like the grip and want to find someone who can pull it and put it back on at a different length.
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