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  1. I’m changing my answer from the Lamkin Deep Etched to the Winn Excel 2020 VSN midsize pistol. It just fits my hands perfectly and I really like the feel. I’ve heard Winn grips don’t hold up well over time and I hope that’s not the case with this one.
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the MTB-X maybe doesn’t spin as much on chip shots as it used to? I think could be course conditions or maybe my short game isn’t that sharp right now but I’ve had a few chips/pitches recently that haven’t grabbed like I thought they should.
  3. Yes they are good. I’ve tried most of the other top balls and the MTB-X is as good as anything else I’ve tried. My only complaint is I’ve gotten more balls new balls out of the box that have some kind of flaw or blemish on the cover compared to other brands. But it’s still a small percentage.
  4. Shipping to continental US. 1. PXG Gen 2 Operator putter. 35" length, plumber's neck, Lamkin Deep Etched black putter grip. Includes head cover. Putter was ordered from PXG with 2 degrees loft, everything else standard. It's in mint condition, I don't see any visible blemishes. I'm including the weight kit. SOLD 2. Oban Devotion driver shaft with a Callaway adapter. The shaft is 44" length with adapter. Has a Lamkin UTX standard grip with +1 wrap. 65 grams shaft, 04 (stiff) flex that was tipped between 0.5" - 0.75" as part of a custom driver order to play as a stiff+. There are a couple of minor marks on the shaft from it going in out and of the bag but nothing significant. SOLD pin 9/13
  5. Any suggestions for a putter grip similar to the Lamkin deep etched but just slightly larger? I picked up a putter I need to regrip. This has been and remains my go to grip but my only complaint is that it’s just barely too small for my hands. .
  6. Did Snell drop their free shipping? If so that’s very disappointing and takes away some of their value vs other options
  7. I’m looking to pick up a heel shafted putter that has a T alignment. I know the Del Mar 3.5 has this and so do most #9 models but I can’t find a good Del Mar 3.5 and I've had several #9s and I’m looking for something different. What are some other options?
  8. All prices include shipping. I'm shipping to continental US only. Good offers will be considered 1. Scotty Cameron Del Mar - About 34.5" length. Lamkin Deep Etch red grip. Refinished by Kickstand Putters. This was a gamer so it has a few dings including one on the top line I tried to capture in the pics. Overall in great condition and an excellent putter. Includes the head cover in the pic. SOLD 2. PXG Operator gen 2 - 35" length, PXG branded Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol grip. Only used one round. The putter has a small ding on the outside top edge which I tried to capture in the pics. The ding cannot be seen from address. Other than that it's in near perfect condition. Head cover included. SOLD 3. Odyssey 2ball Ten Tour Lined - 35" Length. The club head is pretty much perfect. There are a couple of scratches on the shaft right below the grip from when the grip was changed. Ping putter grip. Head cover included. SOLD 4. Toulon Las Vegas - 35" length. Lamkin Deep Etch black grip. I bought this used on this forum. It has a little wear and very small dings but overall it is in very good shape. Head cover included. SOLD 5. Taylormade Dally Long Legs putter - 38" Length and has the standard Taylormade grip. I think it's counterbalanced but not sure. Has a few dings but it's in good shape for its age I'd give it an 8/10. Hard to find this putter in this good of condition. No head cover. SOLD 6. Mizuno Fli-hi 3 iron - This was a custom order it's +.5" length, 18 degrees, 2 wraps, Mizuno M31 grip, KBS Tour 120S hard stepped once. SOLD pin 6/27
  9. For those with the Operator, what weight set up are you using? I’m still trying out different options but I’m leaning towards no weights or maybe just two 5 gram weights in the front. Also, I got the PXG Lamkin Sink fit skinny grip and I’m a little disappointed with how it feels. I usually use the Lamkin Deep Etched in other putters and I thought this would be similar but it doesn’t feel nearly as nice.
  10. Thanks all. I should have done more research before posting. I am going to get a Callaway Epic Max LS and was trying to figure out which of their custom shaft options were the closest to what’s worked well for me. I’m not that knowledgeable about shafts and I didn’t get to try most of the ones Callaway offers. I’m going to take a gamble and go with the Mistubishi Diamana ZF-Series 60 TX shaft and just sell the shaft if it doesn’t work out well for me.
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