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  1. I hope Rahm doesn’t read this as he is known for having that Spanish fiery temper. They’re not immature jag bags guys they just have that Spanish fiery temper.
  2. The Astros on the road this year......lol. Patrick Reed is an Astros fan.......lol.
  3. My Tele. I have a pretty decent acoustic collection if you guys want to see them.
  4. Yeah, I tried it and it's really hard to elevate. And it seems to be super low spin.
  5. I thought the one length hybrids were extremely strange clubs. YMMV.
  6. Just be aware the sound is not the best.
  7. Playing the ball far back in stance is a terrible idea = steep
  8. I’m close to slowing way down, too many ads and the site is so slow for me now.
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