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  1. I’ve hit the PO since it came out. Currently have it in a TSI3. Ventus red will be here this week courtesy of Will Peoples. I’ll post my thoughts after a few outings.
  2. Very happy with my purple practice shaft from Fujikura. I installed in a Titleist AP3 and it is a fantastic practice aid!! Practiced with it for a week and have hit the ball much better.
  3. They stopped the PP finish in February of this year. All that’s available for carbon steel putters is the black finish.
  4. I have a Scotty PP NP2 I need to get refinished for my son. Much to my displeasure Cameron does not offer the PP finish anymore. Any suggestions who I can send the putter to for a clean up job on the head and a refinish? Thanks
  5. I use .580 grips on .600 shafts with one wrap under top hand and two wraps under bottom hand plus the double sided tape. What do I do for a .580 shaft with a .580 grip to get the same size? Thanks
  6. I have and am very happy. Long time TM guy but the TSI3 is longer and better dispersion for me with a PO 60TX at 45 1/2
  7. For Sale: LH SIM 10.5* with Ventus Black 6X tipped 1/2”. 45 1/2”. Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT. Headcover included and club is nearly perfect. Light wear on sole. Paint is flawless. $500 LH Mavrik 3 wood head only. No marks or dings. Paint is perfect. Headcover included. $150 ebay handle is bg-chad1
  8. It’s the same as the pro orange according to Mitsubishi
  9. Hit the AV better today but ball flight is a little high. Going to stick with the PO.
  10. I have hit the PO series since it came out. 60/70TX in driver, 80TX in 3W, 90TX in 5W, and a 100TX in my driving iron. My favorite shaft of all time. I purchased a new Orange AV Raw 65TX from Will at The People’s Clubs and had my Mavrik SZ weighted up to D5 at 45 1/2”. I hit the combo 4 times with center strikes and the shaft felt super, super soft and the ball went straight up in the air. It was tipped 1” just like my PO 60TX and the shafts feel nothing alike. Haven’t hit it since but will try again tomorrow. Not happy at all at this point. Just my .02
  11. Just was wondering about the difference in spin rates between the two? Everything else equal what is the spin rate difference that some of you guys have seen? I am a lefty so the probability of me finding demos are remote and not really. I have a brand new rogue 125 ready for one or the other. Thanks for any help.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I read the forums all the time but I rarely post. I wanted to voice my opinion on the G30 driver. I am not a Ping fan in any way, shape, or form. Titleist is my iron choice and Cally for the driver. I hit the Alpha all year and it was the best driver I have ever hit in 20 years of playing golf. My SS is in the 112-116 range and I am tall for a golfer at 6'5" so hi spin is always an issue. The Alpha had an Attas5 gogo 6x shaft. Awesome set up. A few weeks ago my Alpha cracked and I sent it back to Cally. They have awesome customer service and they are sending me a n
  13. I hit 6.5 for years until this season when I switched to the tour Modus 130. The 7.0 were okay for me just a bit harsh for an iron. I tried them from time to time because when I jumped on a 6.5 they got a little whippy. PX is a great iron shaft but the Modus has my love at the moment. If you swing in the 120 range they will be okay. I am about 120-122 with a driver. It boils down to what you like feel wise. For the record the c taper shaft feels awful to me in any flex but it goes straight and is about a half club longer for me but I can not hit it...can't stand the feel.
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