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  1. Well...I have both. The ER7 and the Ghost Spider S. So far, it's a really fun battle. I actually have a little harder time getting the Spider S to the hole. I have the P2 Tour Classic grip on the ER7 and the Garsen G-Pro Max on the Spider. As it stands, the ER7 is in the bag...but I like them both very much. I consider this a really good problem.
  2. I've owned both. Baffler is the easiest wood to hit off the deck i've ever had. I struggle with hitting wood off the deck but it was just simple. The f7 three wood is easier than a normal three wood but in no way as easy as the baffler. definitely not in the same league as the baffler Just curious...what setting did you have the F7 3 wood at? I have my baffler set at 18.5, hoping the F7 3 wood will be a winner at 14.5.
  3. Did you order from the Srixon website? I didn't see an option to soft step the shafts. Is it something that we can call Srixon to do it? Will it be extra cost? I saw people get it from Maple Hills GC, will they do it? golfusamanhattan.com gives you all the options at no upcharge and free shipping.
  4. Use iron covers when transporting clubs to wherever. Use the Bennington Quite Organizer 14 on the Clicgear 3.5+ or in the cart. Any other bag i'd use the iron covers. I'm really anal about keeping my clubs clean and stuff. I like em purdy.
  5. Have the TK15 50* to go with my FW 15's snd the Z765 A wedge 51* to go with my 765's (have the Z965 PW). Tried both ways...matching set gap wedge works best for me.
  6. Thanks, yeah that was my initial thought which is why I was hoping someone could recommend a 13* FW that is easy to launch from the deck. I'm looking at an XCG7 13* or the Ping G Stretch 13* but I am wondering if there is something older and cheaper I am overlooking I have the XCG7 Beta 3 wood. Man...the face is really hot. Straight, piercing low bullets off the box. I know your looking for off the deck...it's not the easiest to hit off the deck, but again, good distance low piercing bullets when you nail it. Love this club...so much I got the 5 wood too. Full disclosure...the LTD 3 wood d
  7. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Garbage you say? Wow. LTD ranks right up there for me. I use to rotate between the BCP and the Fly Z+...not any more.
  8. Yup I agree...but hitting the LTD 500 miles right down the middle doesn't feel bad either.
  9. The sad part is, i asked for a bag for Xmas (Sun mountain Sync) to go on the Cadytek pushcart I also am getting...... The ho-ing is real. Hope Santa comes through. Sync is a really nice bag.
  10. F6 Baffler. Great off the tee, deck and rough.
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