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  1. I can’t look at them. Don’t suit my eye at all.
  2. This isn’t an option for lefties
  3. Ha. @Hawkeye77 I figured this was the only place that might have someone who has hit everything. I’ve only hit the 620 CBs and the MP20s and both felt really good to me.
  4. Hey guys, I’m going to be making an iron switch this year. I’m a lefty, so keep that in mind. I live in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have access to test a lot of clubs, so I’m hoping you guys can share your experiences with me. Which of the following irons are the softest/best-feeling? Miura 801 Mizuno MP20 sel Mizuno 921 sel (tour) PXG 0311 T (gen 3) Titleist 620 CB Titleist T-100 Feel free to order them from softest to firmest, below. My assumption is they would rank as I have them listed above.
  5. Heck of a price with that shaft. One of the best sellers on here, guys. Always top notch stuff that is very well cared for.
  6. Thanks @iTried! Good comparison. Can you share how different you felt the 770s felt/sounded vs the MCs? I’d also be interested in how they looked/blended. I’ve hit the 620s and really enjoyed them so it’s great to hear the feel is similar.
  7. Sorry for not responding to these. I didn't get any notification that someone commented on this thread. @Southpaw83, I sent you a direct message. @csufman, I'd do $100 for the shaft.
  8. I would agree that the up charge for shafts seems tacky. Maybe it wouldn’t bother me as much if I didn’t look at the same shafts a month or two ago and there was not an up charge. In my mind they said, “hurry up and buy before the discount is removed!” Then they said, “just kidding! We’ll keep a discounted price.” But then started up charging for shafts that are no up charge with any other brands. It kind of cheapens the brand, for me, because it feels slimy and gimmicky. Bums me out because I had convinced myself of buying the 0311Ts and then that put me off and I’m looking at all t
  9. I'm open to it but would prefer to sell the full club as it doesn't do me much good to have another shaft laying around as I don't have any other Taylormade products. If anyone is interested in the shaft I would sell the head.
  10. Tried 3 aftermarket shafts including what I’ve played in my last 3 drivers. This shafts was just as good as the others, for me. It’s not like I was hitting the driver off the planet. I simply prefer another club.
  11. Hey Guys - while I think the SIM is the best looking driver on the market, it’s just not a good fit for me. I had to give it a shot. My loss is your gain. I have only played about 5 nine hole rounds with it before I gave up the experiment. The pictures should tell the story but there are no pop up marks, no scratches, etc. It is 45 inches with standard swing weight. Comes with headcover and wrench. $450 FIRM shipped to your door.
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