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  1. The S55s would be my choice. Ping heads are nearly indestructible and wear really well over time. You can play a set for 10 years and they still look fine.
  2. I currently play the ZX7 and have all summer. I have like this set but I’m a little more shallow than average and sometimes the v sole just doesn’t work for me on the harder turf we play here. I hit the T100 on pre-release day and it felt great and interacted with the turf really well, for me. I am not great at describing feel but the T100s felt every “better” than the ZX7s to me. For me, it is more about the turf interaction than anything else. I still think the ZX7s are outstanding. I’m supposed to see my T100 set arrive next week so I can give you a better idea of my thoughts at that time.
  3. I demo’d them against the JPX 921s and much prefer everything about the T100’s. I’ve also had the 714 and 716 AP2s and currently playing the ZX7s and the T100s feel better than any of those, in my opinion. I would agree some of the previous versions felt clunky but these feel VERY good. I was impressed enough to order a set.
  4. Hey Guys - Offloading stuff to make room for the inevitable future purchases. 1.) Custom TM Spider EX with plumber’s neck. 35 inches in length. Standard loft and lie. Comes with matching headcover. Only played three rounds. This putter cost me about $500 and took over 8 weeks to arrive. PRICE - $425 2.) Ping G425 LST driver woth Ping Tour 65 X Flex. 45 inches in length. Matching headcover included. Great condition. Shops are raising prices on these because of the difficulties PING is having fulfilling orders. PRICE - SOLD 3.) SIM 2 head at 9*. This has been played most of the season. There is a paint chip on the toe of the club. Not sure how I managed to do it. I’m normally annoyed by imperfections on clubs but I can’t see it at address, so it hasn’t bothered me. I’ve priced it accordingly. Comes with matching headcover. If someone is dying to buy it with the shaft, I have a Ventus blue 6X with velocore playing at 45 inches. PRICE - SOLD
  5. I had two different sets of the P and T combos. Truthfully, I thought the Ps felt better than the Ts but that is personal preference. I thought the Ts looked great and we’re pretty forgiving (s55 like). Ultimately, I moved away from PXG because the builds were incorrect both times and I saw no true advantage by using them. With their resale value plummeting, I figured I’d move on from them while I could get the most value out of them.
  6. I hit both side by side in a fitting. The numbers were fairly similar but much to my surprise, I preferred the feel of the T100. The sole did work much better for me as well as it felt the club got through the turf much more cleanly. For what it’s worth, my AOA was only -3.5. Lastly, I preferred the look of the T100. Needless to say, that’s what I ordered. I’m coming from the ZX7s which I also really liked but I just like trying the newest stuff and being a lefty limits my ability to try clubs on course as my lefty friends aren’t equipment nerds like me.
  7. Checked on my set and my new ship date is 9/20. Ordered 8/2 and am being told that the club heads are what is holding my order up. I’m a lefty so I was hoping I may squeak by without issue but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
  8. Would prefer head and headcover, only but would consider extra stiff shaft as well.
  9. I would just like to say with all this Champions Choice “stuff” (the nicest word I can use) going on in the market - this is a putter that is actually worthy of the price tag as it’s truly unique and custom! Whoever bought this is one lucky SOB and I hope they include me in their will. I don’t need anything but the putter
  10. Hey Guys, I have taken some of these in on trades over the years, and just need to clear out my golf closet. 1.) Ping G410 LST Driver (still in plastic) with your choice of shaft. Both Shafts measure 44 inches exactly. PRICE - SOLD 2.) Ping G410 LST 14.5* Fairway Wood. In really good shape but does show a few marks on the face from sandy range balls. I took this in on trade and haven't ever gamed it as I stuck with my G425 Max. Shaft is a Evenflow Black 6.5 85 gram that is standard length. PRICE - SOLD 3.) Ping G30 Driver with stock blue Ping Stiff shaft. Note this DOES NOT come with the matching headcover but I will have a headcover sent with it. There is a small dent that has been on this driver for a very long time. I haven't hit it in years and I am the original owner. PRICE - SOLD 4.) PING G30 Driver with Stock Ping Tour 65 Stiff Shaft. This does come with a matching headcover and is still in really good condition for its age. PRICE - SOLD
  11. Scotty Cameron should do a master class on marketing. People lose their minds over this! GLWS.
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