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  1. 150% Callaway trade in? I’m not seeing this on their website. Is this actually available?
  2. Does anyone else think it seems weird that pros (the people who are in the 1 percentile in the world for consistency of swing and strike) are generally in the mid 2,000s with their spin but so many people are chasing that 2,000 or under mark? This may be for another thread, but if a pro is wanting spin to add consistency and control, why do amateurs that are lucky to flush 3 drives a round chasing 5 more yards and they are willing to give up the forgiveness and consistency? I have been just as guilty as others with this in the past, so no judgment. This is pry more of a psychology question. I think launch monitors have become a blessing and a curse for those who chase only numbers.
  3. I didn’t think you were harsh. I just recently started watching some of his stuff more often. I don’t think he should be decked out in Mizuno gear in every episode but he is clearly a fan. I had ordered a set of 223s and actually went one degree strong on the 8-PW for that exact reason. I ended up cancelling the order and ordered a set of Miuras instead. I personally think the 59s look awesome. I’m a big fan of matte and satin finishes. One other club you might take a look at is the PXG Gen 3 or 4 in the T irons. The look would be very similar and the performance would be there. Oddly, they are also cheaper. The other positive is that PXG is basically all former Ping guys…..
  4. To be honest, the comparison video is pretty darn fair and balanced. The main thing I’ve been seeing between these are: 1.) 223s seem to be lower spin than their past cavity back offerings. 2.) 223s have a wider sole and thicker topline 3.) 59s seem to be very consistent in the spin dept. 4.) 223s feel the normal Mizuno soft 5.) 59s are pretty forgiving The thing I’m a bit surprised by is that there are very few, if any, tour (on any tour) players that have the 59s in their bags.
  5. Scotty Cameron Circa ‘62 Betti with Fit Face Betti DASS
  6. Ill definitely let you know. Sounds like it’ll be 3-4 weeks before I get them. The guy building them told me he was dealing with Covid at the moment. Not sure if it was him or a family member or what the details are etc so it may be a bit longer than originally quoted.
  7. Just ordered a set of Miura 801s. If they live up to expectations, I’ll be selling a really great set of PXG Gen 3s. If not, I’ll pry stick with the PXGs. I have really liked them but Miura is an itch I have to scratch.
  8. As a small business owner, the last two years has been very difficult to navigate. I can only imagine how difficult things were/are for them with Canada’s Covid policies, etc. My first thought was that I didn’t like this and hated to see Matty leave. That being said, Ian has built up a lot of personal and professional brand equity with me and many others that it is worth giving him the benefit of the doubt. I would assume he has done the right things for the right reasons. We can all speculate why this happened but the reality is that it’s none of our business and TXG doesn’t owe it to us to give all the details, etc. Not that it matters but I still plan to support them and the channel but will naturally be looking for changes and CC influences. Most of all, I really hope Matty finds a way to use his talents and is fulfilled. Struggling with depression is not easy and I really hope he finds success in whatever his next chapter may be. I wish our company had enough money to hire him!
  9. The shafts are still available. I’ll be adding a spider x this evening.
  10. leftycabe

    PXG sucks

    I have an extra set of ferrules if anyone wants them. I just reshafted mine and bought an extra set that I didn’t use.
  11. this is ridiculous. I’m not hear for some Bs legal claim. I simply said the guy was a scumbag. If you want to get into the BS legal jargon, go for it. This is an opinion forum, not a legal discussion. I don’t care if anyone thinks his stuff is real or not. Buy whatever you want from whoever you want. I simply said my interaction with him was not good.
  12. As I pointed out, I should have reached out to my builder before. I have not said I think he is selling any fakes. I understand what you are trying to do and the point you are trying to make.
  13. Hey Guys, not looking for trades at this time. All prices are firm and include shipping to your door. 1.) Taylormade SIM 2 Max 15* fairway wood. Has a RDX Blue 6.5 70 gram shaft and a Super Stroke Grip. I took the wrapper off the head and hit two balls with it. I haven’t hit another ball with it since. It has been swung in my basement a lot because I love the look of it but it just cannot be out my PING G425 LST. Comes with matching headcover. PRICE - SOLD 2.) Ping G410 3 hybrid. This is in great shape. Has been played for two years but we’ll cared for. You will notice that this is the Alta 70 X flex shaft in it. This is because I bought the G425 version and wanted to continue playing the shaft I was previously using, so I put these two together. Matching headcover included. PRICE - SOLD 3.) Callaway’s version of the Evenflow “green” in a stiff. This is a shaft that has been laying around in my house forever and I have no use for it. I used the adapter off it years ago, so no adapter included. PRICE - $40 4.) Ping’s Alta 65 Stiff. This came on a 5 wood and the adapter is the G400 series and before. I am 99% sure this was on a G 5 Wood. PRICE - $30
  14. As I said in my previous post - I can’t say they are fake. I simply said in my opinion, based on my interactions with him, the guy is a scumbag. I also pointed out that a club builder I’ve worked with for years does not believe these are real based on the price he is getting. He would be netting $200 after eBay and PayPal fees, which is less than what my builder can buy them for. I will be buying one to see if it is fake and I’ll report back.
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