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  1. No dog in this fight, have never used Will, but wanted to chime in on one thing. Will, thank you for your command of the English language. Seeing a business respond intelligently and concisely shows your professionalism and dedication. That alone would make me happy to do business with you.
  2. Titleist 690.MB. If it’s a blade, it has to be chrome. With the standard dynamic golds, cord tour velvet, and plain black ferrule these were all business
  3. Maybe he’s going to relist after today’s big W for an extra $50k?
  4. Only $50,000 for a set of Titleist 962B's? I especially appreciate that he could not even bother to clean the clubs. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/spo/d/san-diego-one-of-three-sets-titlest/6861443552.html
  5. The ones that always get me are “quick sale”. As opposed to what? You wanted a long, drawn out sale? I presume they have nothing else to write but it adds nothing and is meaningless. Especially if not priced appropriately which is all too often the case. Quick sale, TaylorMade Burner Bubble driver, $85 to your door. Seriously
  6. 20% off is back for Presidents’ Day. Next two days, code is Sale20
  7. Might be about three years old, too lazy to look up, but the sldr was on the smaller side. Older still the cobra speed pro was one of the tiniest modern fairway woods
  8. MP60 better in every aspect? Hmmm, not so sure about that. Has anyone shot a 59 with the MP60's? Dang Gina just bumped a 10 year old thread to poop on the MP 60’s. While we’re here, the 962 will beautiful with that triple grind sole. Alas they never made the B’s for us poor neglected lefties.
  9. This is "quickshipgolf" ? Something doesn't sound right. When you filed the claim/started the return, the seller would be notified and required to issue you a refund once he/they received the irons back. The seller NEVER responded to a claim ? So he's just given away the irons ? Very strange. From the stories of other members here, and my own negative experience with them, it unfortunately sounds like standard business practice for them not to respond. Reallly just seems hit or miss with them. They are clearly sloppy but do so much volume they can get away with it most of the time.
  10. Should cost you no more than $200 out the door; -Titleist 905S (has to have Grafalloy Blue) -Titleist 906F2 strong 3 -Taylormade R7 TP 17.5 degree 5 wood -Titleist 690MB or Mizuno MP 33 2-PW (bonus points for a CB 2 iron or Ping Eye 2 iron) -Vokey 200 wedges -Any carbon Scotty or vintage Betti (these might throw you over the edge on price, sub in Ping Anser to keep reasonable) -Ping Hoofer bag Done
  11. Don't sleep on the Cleveland Launcher series, especially TI or comp. The Adams BTY might be a nice choice to match your irons. Hybrids, they didn't make a Rescue Mid TP in left hand. They did make the Dual TP though which was only ok. Again, have to go Idea Pro to match the irons.
  12. Have had, and sold, and repurchased many a SLDR. Currently using a 430 in 12 degree loft with the TP 6.3 shaft. I too don't find it unforgiving at all. Granted I typically use older smaller driver heads, so I can't compare to a Ping G25 or something. Found the lower loft SLDR's to be a different beast, even the 460 was temperamental at 9.5 loft. I like the heavy swing weight, reasonable stock shaft length, and of course low spin. Feels good in that Taylormade hard off the face way and still looks classic.
  13. They typically close Torrey down the weekend before the Farmers, so late December the course will be open. If you get there early as a single, you will have no problem getting on whether staying at the Hilton or otherwise. As a side note, December can usually be very pretty in San Diego and generally dry (I think we only get like 3 days of rain that month). Good luck!
  14. Only have experiences with older Cobras, but the SS 427 and ZL were both bombers. I can't believe the 427 is 15 years old, it still plays as well as modern drivers.
  15. My backup probably gets as much play as my regular (which is also mostly old clubs); Cobra SS 427 Driver TMAG R7 TP 3 wood TMAG V Steel 7 wood Cobra DWS 6 Hybrid (yes, 29 degrees with steel shaft) Ping Eye 2 irons 2, 4-SW Ping Anser Putter
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