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  1. A "Happy First Father's Day" engraved flattened penny. My daughter "gave" it to me on my first father's day ever! I love it.
  2. I do know that taking the time to make this thread and show concern id do business with the OP anytime.
  3. I am accepting CASH OFFERS if you feel my price is unfair. CASH OFFERS ONLY PLEASE. No trades. All prices shipped CON US ONLY PLEASE. Thanks Guys and Gals!!! 1. 910 D3 8.5 Tour Issue Head head cover included- SOLD! 2. 910 D2 9.5 Retail Head no head cover- SOLD!! 3. Taylormade Burner 07 Tour Issue HFS 15* Fairway Wood with Fubuki Snowflake Xstiff shaft. $150 no head cover 4. Titeist 909 F2 13.5* Fairway Wood. Was told it was tour issue when I got it but have no way to confirm. Has and awesome Accra Xstiff shaft in it. Head cover included. $150 5. Xhot pro 13* 3deep with
  4. [quote name='mday' timestamp='1408458504' post='9964697'] I live in Alexandria and play at Oakwing [/quote] You a member out there? I don't get out there NEARLY as often as I'd like to or even used to, but I've always been a fan of that course and it's staff.
  5. [quote name='ratherbegolfing26' timestamp='1408546159' post='9972461'] I lived in Baton Rouge for awhile. My favorite is Beaver Creek in Zachary. I'm also a big fan of Pelican Pointe in Gonzales. [/quote] I played beaver creek this past summer a couple times and I liked it pretty good. Fairly easy to get off the tee if I remember correctly. Was able to keep it around par I believe. Also Played copper Mill down there and enjoyed the scenery and played very well... Tough track though ha. Never played pelican. I've heard its very nice though.
  6. I much prefer a smaller head on all clubs really, but definitely the wedges. And the [size=4][u][b]Scor[/b][/u][/size] wedges are the ones I like the best. Very nice small, compact shape to them.
  7. figured something like that was coming....
  8. I got one on a 330 yard down hill dog leg left, in a tournament. True story. My opponent was walking across the green while I was standing at my cart looking for my ball. I knew I hit a good one and thought it might be close to around the green. And I asked him if he saw it on the other side somewhere and as he passed the hole he stopped, looked down and turned around and said, "Hey, there's a ball in this hole." I said, "no way." he asked me what I was hitting again, and I Told him a Titleist one and he said in despair....... "Titleist 1......"
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