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  1. Open to all offers. Don’t be shy I won’t be offended. Hard to price.
  2. Wilson FG 62 3-pw yep those ones. 2 degrees upright s300 shafts lamkin midsize grips like new. used lead tape to make things even. Of course can be removed. pics show condition. Let me know if you have questions. $325 heads only $400 with shafts Cleveland rtx4 raw 52 mid bounce and 60 low bounce tour issue s400 shafts. $OLD for pair OBO.
  3. Whoah who got the irons? Damn. That’s what I get for not checking in today.
  4. Sorry should had stated. .370. But I prepped it to fit in my .355. Nothing specific for trade. Send me a dm with some ideas.
  5. Aldila Rogue white 130 Msi 70x RH Callaway tip (can take this off if desired). plays at 44.5” $85 Atmos tour spec black 6x Tipped 1/2”. I used it as a 2 wood shaft but could be a short driver or cut for fairway wood. $75 recoil prototype 125 F5 $50 mall have like new midsize grips. lengths posted in pictures. Let me know if you have questions. open to offers and trades for driver shafts.
  6. I will not message him for trade, I will not message him for a trade, I will not message him for a trade, I will not message him for a trade
  7. It's a piece of crap and I can't stare at it any longer.....looks good on you though.
  8. Callaway 816 DBD driver head 9 degree plays 45” Ventus Velocore black 6x golf pride BCT cord grip. plays 45” shaft has not been tipped at all 44.25” from grip to tip with no head installed. LH Callaway adapter $old shaft $50 head
  9. Ventus Black 6x velocore no tipping RH Callaway adapter GPNDMC midsize grip in good shape 44.25” to end of adapter. Plays 45” no scratches or scuffs. $300 obo. trade interests: atmos ts black 6x
  10. Maybe the rare 2-set Miura purchase for the personal combo set and selling the others?
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