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  1. I'd definitely try the weight in the back. Even with weight back its the lowest launching/spinning driver i've ever hit. Carry wise I lost a few yards on average, but roll wise i gained literally 20 yards on average just from how much less spin i put on it even with weight back and 9 up to 10.5. There is so much fixed radial weighting upfront already compared to some of the previous models that even weight back there is enough up there to kill spin and launch low.
  2. I agree with everything Gohigh said. As a tiger fan boy I get a lot of joy out of bringing them with me to the course. They also feel fantastically soft out of the middle like did I even hit the ball soft. In reality though I'm much better with my simple cobra versatile grind 56 and 60 than these as the cobra are just point and shoot simple. If you really plan on learning the grinds and how they can be utilized, by all means they're fantastic. If not they're still fantastic but they probably won't be the best choice.
  3. I'm sure the ionomer ball is working for you I have used them from time to time too and they work just fine if I plan for low spin. But there is literally nothing better about an ionomer ball other than it's price point and durability. It has no qualities other than those 2 that you can not find done better in a urethane ball. The biggest differentiator is approach and greenside spin that will allow a greater variety of shots to be played. Beyond that there is a much wider set of ball profiles in urethane that will allow you to find a ball that caters to your needs from low spin to high spin, soft to extra-firm, low launch to high launch. Can you play good golf with surlyn? Sure. You could also play great golf with old blades and worn wedges but you'd be starting at a disadvantage. I totally get that a new guy is so inconsistent and loses so many balls that they may not see as big of a jump, but if you have the option to buy urethane for ionomer prices why wouldn't you give yourself the best scoring chance?
  4. If you are slicing the ball you will slice high or low spin. Assuming the same tilt that's true, but a higher spin ball will typically resist the tilt more than a low spin. There is a reason higher spin drivers offer more hook and slice protection than lower spin as the extra backspin will help offset the smaller side spin. The Costco balls are actually great for a beginner assuming you have lower club head speed and leave your face wide open on irons. They will give you more stopping power on all shots, better slice protection on irons as higher backspin actually helps nullify some of the side spin that tilts the axis, and will be much more predictable around the green. I'll say this again but pretty much any pro will tell you to not play anything that is ionomer unless you really have to. For a buck a ball or less it's not worth giving up the superior performance.
  5. I highly recommend the kirkland balls. No one should be playing ionomer/surlyn when kirkland is so damn cheap. The extra green side spin alone is worth it not to mention the better feel
  6. I bought the gold ones at the local target to try out. Once I confirmed numbers and feel went ahead with the 5 dozen order for the drip series. Seems like a good way to let people try a single dozen before making the 5 dozen plunge
  7. Air compressor with blue painters tape is the way to go. I usually wet a finger with some mineral spirits and just get the mouth of the grip wet to make it install a little easier but once its on its not slipping.
  8. Looks great, I can't stand the look of the stock sim but this is something I'd definitely play.
  9. Assuming its a quality nitride job it should be just fine with a torch. It doesnt take much heat to loosen the heads and black nitride is good for 750+ degrees which by that time you'll have cooked the graphite multiple times over. If it was regular steel you'd have gone through all the colors by the time you get that hot. Just keep the torch moving like you would for a regular club and pull it as usual.
  10. I am a huge fan of them. I played project x lz tour 95 graphite before these and also tried out the mmt 80s before settling in these. The light weight (about 70 grams trimmed) took me a little to get used to but the balance point is really low so you keep a good swing weight. What I really liked was that darts let you feel loading and kicking with out feeling loose. In a lot of ways they remind me of project x lz 95s but I think they have better feel. They compare very similarly in feel to the recoil 95 I have in a hybrid just lighter if that makes sense.
  11. I switched to recoil darts in my irons, that made me inconsistent with the wedges due to the much higher total weight. Ended up switching to the recoil darts in the wedges as well and the tempo and consistentency is back
  12. Do you hit it off roots and such? The only 2 clubs i've had break one was off roots, the other i lent to a hockey player that proceeded to try to slap shot my brand new driver starting 2 feet before the ball and sending the crown significantly farther than the ball (callaway replaced this!)
  13. I'd call cobra but a lot of their irons have a universal hosel which will take either.
  14. Pretty sure those are taper tip shafts not really recommended to be tipped. You'd instead want to hard step to achieve that (.5 is basically 1 step, 1" is a double step)
  15. I wanted R+/S- in my recoil darts which have the same tip trimming recommendations. I basically did a 1.5 soft step AKA .75 less trimming and it came out right where i wanted. Easiest way would be do basically do a double soft step on like a 7 iron, let them try it, if its launching too high or too much spin take .25 try again. I know its a bit more work but its how i was able to get to my .75" less tip trimming.
  16. Obviously with out hitting both it may be different for you, but heavy weight in the back i noticed a touch less spin, forgiveness, and slightly lower launch than the XB. Nothing drastic though for me, very comparable and the better looks of the radspeed won it for me. I actually got the heavier weight from cobra and stuck it in the back with a VA nemesys to even out swing weight and now it feels like a rocket launcher for me. Very easy launch still low spin and very forgiving.
  17. .355 I reamed mine to .370 which was very easy as the steel is soft. I trust myself more with a hand reamer than I do trying to taper sand 7 shafts.
  18. I used to play winn grips to cut down on the carpal tunnel. I ended up switching to super stroke cross comfort though and find them overall vastly superior. They're cheaper, last a lot longer, and have more feel with out being punishing. One note is that the cross comfort can get slick if really wet at first but after a few rounds it's almost like the mold release agent wears off and the poly really grips.
  19. I've typically found shafts with a softer mid section to give me that feel of more loading. I'm a big fan of the VA nemesys which is active with a real feel of loading and kicking but not loose. If you want something similar that isn't counter balanced the VA Vylyn I put in my 3w feels very similar in terms of activeness with out being loose or counter balanced.
  20. More than the flex it's probably the weigh of the AMT wiping you out. I can't speak to the ball flight but if you were able to adjust to 60 gram regular shafts the i80s shouldn't be an issue for you from a feel perspective. It's got a fairly low torque so shouldn't feel too whippy
  21. Just reshafted a set this weekend. They are .355 taper. They are also soft steel and ream very easily if you want .370s
  22. The grips blow off super easy. A little bit of mineral spirits in the grip and 85psi or so and they come right off. I also found the vizard shafts to be very high balance point original swing weight were all d0 to d1. I reshafted mine in to recoil darts in 75 gram stiff and ended up at d0.5-d1.5 even though I removed all the tip weights (which were 4 to 9 grams) and dropped literally 15+ grams of shaft weight.
  23. This...sooooo this. Make sure you clear the epoxy from inside the shaft
  24. Thanks that's kind of what I assumed since swing weight is really a measure of balance point. I will say I'm shocked I can loose that much total weight and still have a decent swing weight. As someone who likes a low total weight with an average swing weight these shafts are amazing.
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