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  1. I'm guessing you have a fairly high swing speed. I wonder if that spin will reduce a little once you get some wear on the face? It does make sense that a wedge designed to be forgiving is going to (on average) launch slightly higher due to all of the tech/weighting that makes it forgiving. Probably a tradeoff you can learn to live with.
  2. While I see more and more pros going to combo sets and hybrids ... there will always be insecure internet golf guy who gets some strange satisfaction by posting that he plays a full set of blades. seems to be a staple of this site in particular. just be aware there a lots of guys out there that will beat you by 8 shots or more playing i210's and g425 hybrids.
  3. Stick with the J15 CB's. I sold that exact same combo (w PX LZ 5.5) on here a few years ago. Still regret selling them. They are difficult to replace ... look amazing and do everything well. There are clubs that are a touch longer (lofts), and maybe a little easier, but there are tradeoffs with feel and precision. A 225/223 combo set could be interesting. I like the zx5/zx7 suggestion, as well as the MIM Tour. I guess it depends on what you are looking for in the new set.
  4. I think you asked a fair question ... and I totally understood what you meant, since you already listed a specific shaft. And, it's understood dispersion is swing+shaft together. One of the shafts I would recommend would be the Accra i100. From Accra: The ACCRA iSeries features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel. Making a transition from steel to graphite in irons will probably take a few test sessions ... there really isn't a direct replacement sitting out there for your Nippons. ..
  5. Agree. Modus 120 are some of the best iron shafts of all time. I'm amazed at how well they can work for so many different swings. I use them, and my nephew, who has an incredibly high swing speed, just switched to them and his iron game has improved immensely. He had tried a multitude of shafts before hitting my Modus 120's. ..
  6. Zx5 also has a lower MOI than a hockey stick blade with a strip of lead along the bottom. I hit my dad's mint Eye 2's at least once a year. They were great in their day. They are also fugly, feel awful, and have a diggy, sharp leading edge. Could probably shoot about the same score with them though. Lol
  7. Only available in Canada, and exclusively in left hand. Mike Weir has one. ..
  8. Agree with the above. I'm also finding that with certain techy irons, the feel in my hands is very good, even though there is a touch more sound than a one piece forging Maybe it's the shafts/grips working some magic, but I kind of like it. 714 Ap2's were one of the first I noticed that the feel was better than the sound. Lately Cleveland/Srixon have some that also do this. Marketing will always be a little over the top for certain manufacturers ... fortunately we have tons of choice, so it's easy to avoid if you want.
  9. I just put a Velocore in my 16 GBB, and a touch of hotmelt low-back. Still the .
  10. I think a basic fitting is a good thing. It's a great starting point knowing what length and lie results in a consistent strike and ball flight. However, I think there is also a potential to put too much emphasis and faith in 'fittings' due to: Swings constantly change a little, especially for some that are losing speed and flexibility for various reasons ... injury, age, lack of time to golf, practice, etc. Perfectly fine for a seasoned to golfer pick a few clubs and see which fly straightest without a fitter watching.
  11. Changing driver shafts has helped my scoring more than anything else. Wedges would be next ... just feel more confident with a certain shape. I can adjust to different irons, hybrids without giving up much scoring wise.
  12. Does he have a favorite brand? Ping would probably be the way to go. It will push your budget, but G400 max driver, any ping 3 wood, any ping hybrids, Ping i-e1 irons, and Cleveland Rtx wedges in 52, 56.
  13. Hit both extensively. I thought the performance was similar. Both are excellent all around irons. I much prefer the refined looks of the z585, versus the plugs in PXG. Also love the sole on the z585 on the courses I play. There is a reason the z585 won several iron shootout tests on various websites when it was introduced. It's a versatile performer. But irons come down to personal preferences most of the time, so it wouldn't surprise me of someone preferred a certain characteristic of the pxg.
  14. Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 120 Stiff iron shafts. 5-pw - Lengths are 34.5" - 37.0" grip to tip. Standard 1/2" increments. Should build to standard length. - Just installed new Golf Pride Z-grips in mid-size. They are fantastic. $160 ... now $140 Callaway Apex 3 20 degree hybrid. Clean top line, normal wear on face. Kuro Kage 80hy R flex. (these play a bit stiff). Totally stock, bought from Callaway. $100 ... now $90 Trade options: Srixon Z H85 19 degree ( kbs tour taper money, project x , true temper s300 , dynamic gold 120 , mmt , oti , cobra f9, titleist tsi , sim , ping g410 , g425 , epic )
  15. i210 is the better club for you if you are looking for consistent distances and tight groupings. The i210 can suit a lot of players in this regard. 0211dc competes with players distance clubs like the p790. It focuses on distance, and will be longer due to loft, lower spin, and the foam filled design. Both great clubs. Just depends on what your game needs. A better comparison might be: 0211dc vs g425 or 0311p vs i210
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