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  1. After a lot of trial, shortening the driver to 44.75" and returning it to it's stock swing weight via lead tape has been the best combo of length and dispersion. Same for 3 wood at 42.5", and back to stock swing weight. I think the perfect length will be slightly different for everyone. It's such an individual thing, based on what lie works best for your delivery with a particular club.
  2. Adams Red Hybrid. 20 degree. Matrix Altus Tour Stiff shaft. 85 grams. SOLD
  3. XTD Forged are super forgiving for their size. I took the C Tapers out, and went with TT DG 120. Amazing combo (for me). Yet to hit anything I like better, and that includes ZX7, i210, and P790. Since you mentioned forgiveness as your number one factor, i210 might offer more help.
  4. If you can hit them before buying, I would include testing the Wilson offerings from the last couple of years. Staff V6's and Staff D7 Forged are a lot of bang for the buck pre-owned. Srixon Z7 and Z5 series are also great.
  5. We can only tell you what you already know. You will score the same with both. It's the amount you play/practice that determines score. I actually think the two sets are a good rotation. You may or may not want to consider keeping the shafts the same in both sets. One less variable.
  6. You are exactly right. Very consistent yardages with i210. Ping did a nice job with that. Looks and feel will be a personal choice for you. Also agree that the 'muted' sound/feel isn't always better. Hit them both off of grass, and see how it goes.
  7. Sandy range balls + forged = good potential for wear spots.
  8. Agree. It's a little rude. Guessing TSI2. (based on the straighter and more consistent comment)
  9. It's a combo of the lofts, and possibly spinning up the KBS. The advantage of the p770, is you can go back to just one gap wedge now. Lol
  10. Check these out on the Maltby playability rankings, or whatever they call it. I don't fully buy into his rankings, but it's interesting how low on the scale these rank. Again, I don't buy into the rankings, just want to be clear there. Lol
  11. The new Wilson Staff wedges have been great for me, as a previous Rtx4 and Sm7 user. No magic, just fits my eye, and the bounce and sole width works for the courses I play.
  12. My post was referring to the 588 CB/MB Forged iron sets. Different animal than the wedges. I also only compared them to irons I hit from 2011-2014. So you are comparing different years and different clubs, irrelevant to my original post. But I don't disagree about one or the other potentially being 'softer'. I think sound and feel preferences are 100% personal. I just liked the overall sound, feel, and playability of these better than the comparable Mizuno's from this time frame. Saying that, I am a big fan of the MP4 and MP64. Great clubs.
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