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  1. Hi guys , I've look everywhere and I can't seem to fin the 2019 Arizona Overseed Schedule ... except for the Troon own golf course from what I can find usually come up in June ? doesn't anybody have some info ? Thanks
  2. Find some info on Troon Golf for overseeding 2019 : Golf Club of Estrella = closed for overseed from October 7 to October 24 Quinterro Golf Club – closed for overseed from September 24 to October 18 look like we will be a little tight for Estrella since out trip is from oct 27-to Nov 3 but should be good for Quinterro since it reopen around the 18 of Oct
  3. From what it look like it ... even if we don't stay in Surprise and stay in Scottsdale we will be stuck with the seeding problem non the less
  4. > @AzSuperHack76 said: > SInce you're out in Surprise the 303 provides great access to the west, SW and NW valley. > > Best courses to play in the West Valley are, Verrado, either course in my opinon. Estrella Mt Ranch, Vistancia, Copper Canyon about 15 minutes west of Surprise, they just added a new 9 out there, same designer that created Southern Dunes. Quinterro is approx 25-30 minutes out of Surprise, Wickenburg Ranch is approx 40-45 minutes from Surprise, well worth the drive. > > Next best options would be Falcon Dunes, not to be confused with Falcon Golf Club.
  5. > > @jdog134 said: I Love the feedback you are providing me We will be there from October 27 to November 3 because of the NFL game on October 31 ... from your opinion what courses around that price range 80-120$ is worth booking we are looking to book 4 round thanks > November is pushing it: ~60% are out a month, the other 40% out only a couple of weeks or less. So you will then have less choice. Example: Quintero was Oct 19th reopened; so out only 2 weeks. cart path only, I'm sure. Looking at last year a lot of those courses in Sun City overseed the 1st 2 weeks of NOV..
  6. We found a house for 8 or 9 peoples...20 mins away from the Arizona Cards stadium and from what I can tell we are not too far from Quintero and Wickenburg ranch ... golf course Is overseeding bad around early November from your experience? > @azgolfer44 said: > I guess the question is - why are you staying in Surprise? It is pretty quiet out there and very far from the city and airport. You really can’t enjoy Phoenix or Scottsdale staying out there. > You will also want to consider time of the year. Arizona has a pretty significant overseed period which impacts course cond
  7. Thank for all the ends up ... I’m looking for place around half a hour away that is a great value for the price ... we can’t afford 180$ round every day Thanks guys
  8. Hi guys, We are planning our annual golf trip this year to Arizona , we been to Orlando a few time but never in the southwest , we are looking to book a house near Surprise Arizona and I was hoping to found out which of those golf courses near our place is worth playing ? I've gone through the 63 page on Travelling to Phoenix.....Some course info for you... but nobody mentioned those golf courses any help would be gladly appreciated Those are the course near by Cimarron Golf Course Granite Falls Golf Club Great Eagle Golf Club Briarwood Country club Hilcrest Golf Club Deer V
  9. [quote name='RichieHunt' timestamp='1445348422' post='12481864'] [quote name='BamafaninKY' timestamp='1445220134' post='12475036'] Thoughts on the Nicklaus Course at Reunion? [/quote] I have yet to play any of the courses at Reunion. any tips (start time driving or course) for 4 golfers (10-15 hdp) playing those courses 11-Nov Wed [url="https://www.golfpactravel.com/golfpac/index.cfm/action/mytrip_golf/track/243/#^O-FAF*10"][b]Falcon's Fire Golf Club[/b][/url] 7:43 AM 4 Golfers Confirmed 12-Nov Thu [url="https://www.golfpactra
  10. wow my 3 wood of my dream slash driver ... with that beast ! is it sold ?
  11. In canada the us seller in ebay make us pay like 60 $ of custom charge ... free trade my a** !! lol
  12. [quote name='Barto78' timestamp='1370984574' post='7216866'] [quote name='jdog134' timestamp='1370975153' post='7215336'] Hey Guys, I was wondering what is the best place to buy (cheapest) the New Nike TW 14 in canada or USA ... other than GolfTown at 199 plus tax . Thanks [/quote] eBay. I got my pair for $165 plus free shipping. I ordered them last Friday and they are being delivered tomorrow. [/quote] Can you send me the seller ?
  13. Hey Guys, I was wondering what is the best place to buy (cheapest) the New Nike TW 14 in canada or USA ... other than GolfTown at 199 plus tax . Thanks
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