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  1. Thanks guys. Couldn’t get it on the COA but it was owned by an Aussie major winner so it was nice to have it restored & looks mint in tour black.
  2. Scotty Cameron Studio Select CT Newport - Naked - Refinished in Tour black by Scotty’s Custom Shop. Hasn’t touched a ball since. - New CT shaft & label at 35 inches - New Black leather Scotty grip - Original gamed red/black dancing CT head cover. - Includes COA (A-044733) This putter is a stunner, can’t believe how good it looks in hand. $1700 USD shipped, insured & tracked Original GIP Futura X 35 inches, Grip in plastic Brand New condition Bought as a tribute to Adam Scott’s Masters win $240 shipped & tracked
  3. Being a convert to Scotty Cameron putters, like the old school Catalina Classic and currently use a near face balanced 2018 Fastback. Had a Gallery fitting and interestingly was matched to a 36" Fastback with 5g head weights.
  4. Just to update, I had 3 sleeves of balls, a marker & one badge/pin in total. This listing is still available but is the last set. The other sleeves & pin have sold. Will include the larger box pictured as well. As shipping is around $20, price is firm at $50 shipped worldwide. Add $5 for tracking.
  5. Sleeve of 2013 US Masters Titleist Pro V1 golf balls (3 x #4), as pictured (note larger box not included) 2013 US Masters pin badge x 1 Great tribute to 2013 Champion Adam Scott Condition: Brand New 10/10 $50 USD PayPal including shipping worldwide (pls add $5 if you want tracking) Listed elsewhere .
  6. Yeah it's so overwhelming, particularly if you have a fitting. Your head is swimming with info, options, bling..! I thought I was prepared, lugging my gamers half way across the world with me. And I'm also a pretty good impulse shopper with the best of them. My best tip; When you read the forums and consider what you might like, make a list...and check it twice! Also don't be afraid to ask the staff if there's something you really want that you don't see on the floor. Especially if you have a fitting = special treatment (from my experence).
  7. This one is under offer but may have a trade to add soon. Stay tuned.
  8. No pics of that one sorry buddy - didn't even ask but it was a lot like the one in your avatar and the most famous putter in history...lol. Much has been said of the smooth face and Tiger being a 'feel' putter. Also I understand it's no coincidence the Scotty Cameron lettering on the face aligns perfectly with the neck. As for ewe8523's questions, better if you have some idea of what you want for your brother to get for you. At the moment I understand there is the last of the (current) cool CT ball markers that you ask for at the counter - one per person at around $80 + tax from memory. Also there may be pivot tools (again ask at counter) or any particular head covers you want, although the range seemed limited when I was there last year. He can take photos through the window or even sneak one of the rack and then go outside and call you to discuss. My experience was that they're not that strict. It was more about flippers photographing the rack and then taking requests. When I was visiting, someone known to them walked in and noticed a tiffany staff bag there and grabbed it (like in the stock picture). A flipper could double or triple their money right there! I wasn't in a position to take it but sometimes it's unclear what is on display versus a gem waiting to be picked up and carried off. Edit: These staff bags are around $850 + tax, stand bags $400 + tax and I think tour bags ~$1250 should any be available (not often I understand). .
  9. Yeah thanks but he’s selling for me elsewhere. Just wanted to provide full disclosure in case someone saw it elsewhere. All completely legit.
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