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  1. If you haven’t done so, check out the SuperSpeed and MaxSwingSpeed threads on this forum. Plenty of input from people doing this, hitting plateaus, and pushing through. Also lots of good input from the product developers.
  2. This is something I noted in a couple of different posts, but I don’t think it’s just the heavier weights doing it. I think the lighter weights also contribute to better form, and more importantly, the slide step swings. All seem to lead to a “path of least resistance.” At least that’s been my experience. OTOH, Momentus...no thanks.
  3. Looks like me and the Hawk have something in common...hope that doesn’t my WRX card revoked
  4. Quick update, after trying a slower-paced session. Warmed up, did your protocol again, but didn’t bother with pre numbers, trying to reduce the total number of swings. Post protocol swing speed average was 100.55 mph, which is the fastest I’ve seen yet. With that, distances are creeping up as well. Obviously one session isn’t enough to declare this a breakthrough, but it will be interesting to see things going forward.
  5. Thanks for the response. I somewhat suspected that I was rushing through things too much, because by the time I was getting to the end of the Max effort sets, I was really gassed. Almost like an all-out sprint. Intellectually that doesn’t make sense: one sprint, three times a week, with a day or two off in between. Will definitely try a slower paced approach this week, even though the temptation will be there to just get it over with and check the numbers again. Also, since there are plenty of ways to go about any kind of training, I wonder if you’ve tested any interval type
  6. Week four, day one: 97.19/97.3...down yet again. However, I did gain, on average, one yard in distance. Can only hope this is just a temporary plateau/downturn, since one yard is not worth the effort. On a side note, I decided to break protocol and use the SuperSpeed routine, omitting the heaviest and lightest weight, then doing three regular and slide steps with each. I was curious as to whether the fewer total number of swings might translate into less overall fatigue during and after training. And for this one session, it did not. Will likely try that method again sometime,
  7. I’ve tried it, and it’s helped, although I sometimes have to remind myself to finish the backswing, otherwise I can get too quick through the transition. Backswing can fast, but it can’t be rushed.
  8. I’m only in my third week of training, so take this for what it’s worth, but I almost think the opposite might be the case. Speeding up the swing might actually encourage better mechanics, because at the end of the day, better mechanics/sequencing are needed for better speed. The Tour Tempo folks make this point; better tempo = better mechanics. There just isn’t time for things to get too wonky when you’re moving that fast. In my own case, the inertia from swinging the lightest (and heaviest) weight fast almost forces me to get through the ball better...at least so far.
  9. I like the kettle bell analogy...great visualization.
  10. Solid solo effort by Marty Balin after Jefferson Starship days:
  11. Week three, day one: Pre and post swing speed averages, 100.04/98.47...both slightly down from week two's 100.4/99.9. A bit disappointed, but not really surprised as back pain has hobbled me at everything this week. (No reason to connect that with the training; it's just something I deal with regularly.) Glad I was patient and stuck with week one-two training and didn't jump ahead to week three-four right away, because the amount of extra energy expended is considerable...basically double with the slide steps added. Slide steps, for me, really accentuate the feeling of weight
  12. I’m all in with the speed thing, but I think the price point is way too high for “one stick and an app”. If one stick appeals to you, go with max swing speed, and follow the protocol on their free website. Then if you want to mix things up, go to the speed sticks site and follow their protocol. Sasho is treading heavily into snake oil territory here.
  13. I don’t doubt the research but it works the opposite for me. A good solid thwack!!! at impact feels much better than a more muted sound. For that reason, I never really got along with Callaway drivers. They always sounded dead to me. Then there was that horrible, shrill pinging sound the square Nike drivers made when they came out...even dogs would cringe when they heard that.
  14. Tighter fairways, thicker roughs, and a few well-placed trees at the pro/elite amateur level. Leave the rest of us alone.
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