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  1. I have a stand bag and just jam a towel into one of the top dividers then prop my phone in there. Record swing(s), quick edit, then view the clips. Nothing to buy.
  2. Do a search on Jordan Spieth’s grip
  3. Taylormade and Nike both do good a good job scripting their stables. DJ and Colin on one side; Tiger, Rory and Brooks on the other. Recently too, Puma has stepped up their game. Ricky and Bryson in particular.
  4. Ballard…look at some of the YouTube videos with him and Rocco.
  5. Are there no facilities with simulators in your area? Even Golf Galaxy will let you rent a bay for practice. I’m guessing most big boxes will do that as well. Anything like that will keep you swinging, without going through the expense/trouble of cobbling together a home setup.
  6. I don’t see it when I’m standing over a putt, but sometimes I see it as I’m walking up from behind…like “how can anyone miss this?” Awesome feeling, but I can’t really put a color to it.
  7. Don’t know what to make of this but...awesome post.
  8. Yep, day off. No gym, no practice, no play…I think could get used this.
  9. I’m big on Titlieist Aussies myself. Keep three in the rotation, both for sun protection and for fashion.
  10. Back issues have persuaded me to revisit Ballard/Mediate in recent weeks. I’m kind of a gym rat, but no matter how much I tried to strengthen my core and work on mobility, flexibility, whatever, nothing was relieving my lower back pain. To the point where I’ve been wondering how much longer I’d even want to try to play this game. (Even pot gummies have proved useless.) But lately, reviewing the Ballard/Mediate videos and trying to incorporate their approach, I’ve found that my back pain has eased considerably. Not sure why, but I’m thinking it might be allowing the lateral move into my right side, as opposed to turning against my right side, reducing the x-factor stress. Anyway, now having an almost pain free back after golf has encouraged me to stick with this approach at least for the time being.
  11. I’m so bad left handed that I can’t imagine trying to actually hit a golf ball. As for speed training right now, I’m still kinda on hiatus due to a couple of physical concerns, but I’ve just about got those worked out, and I’m almost ready to start easing back into it...just waiting to see some of the abbreviated/senior protocols. In the meantime, I recently did max effort driver session on the simulator. Average SS was 97.87; average carry 228; overall average distance 252.21. Numbers are down a bit from earlier sessions, but still not so bad for a 61y/o. Good luck!
  12. Was just out enjoying a late summer cool down shower, when Neil came to mind.
  13. I hadn’t thought about that, but as I just checked, I don’t see a way to do it through the basic V1 app. Of course if you used your phone to record your swing, you could send that video outside the app.
  14. S&T, without overthinking it. Start left, stay left.
  15. Agreed, way too much work…especially the flick through impact.
  16. OP, if you haven’t already done so, I strongly recommend that you look into the Tour Tempo material. In most cases, a tour pro will be finishing his/her swing before most of us get to the top of our backswing. YMMV.
  17. I noticed how well the ball rolls when I switched to a Triple Track ball last summer. Consistent end-over-end roll virtually every time. I haven’t looked at the ball while putting in a long time, but I can’t imagine the roll would be as consistent doing that. I think I’d become so concerned with making the perfect stroke that my putter face could end up going anywhere.
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