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  1. Have a TSi3 coming with the standard weight but need a +2g for my shafts that play at 45". Let me know if you have one you're willing to sell. Thanks.
  2. I have a TS3 10.5 and with my normal swing and tee height that produces a +3 to +4 AoA...I can only manage a 1.44 smash. That with the loft down to 9.75*. If I tee it down and lower my AoA, I average around 1.5. Needless to say, the TS3 is getting replaced with a lower lofted TSi3.
  3. See below the listing details for pictures of everything. Prices are firm and the lowest I can go. Ping G812 junior driver. 41" long. Brand new still has plastic on the head. Thought it was lost in the mail so got my son a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme since Amazon would get it to me by Christmas. The Ping ended up showing up after all. Looking for $155 shipped. Mizuno ST180 driver head. Standard version, not the HL. Perfect condition. Was only used indoors on Trackman for testing and has been hanging around as a backup. Comes with a generic headcover that I think is the one C
  4. USPS certainly had some issues back in the spring when COVID first hit, but their issues were more widespread once the new policies at USPS came into play. Now you add in a bigger wave of COVID and Christmas orders...it's not a surprise. I think if the politically motivated policies weren't there, then we'd see more reasonable delays...but there would definitely still be delays. The driver I ordered for my son went from Illinois to Georgia and took two weeks longer than it should. We thought it was lost, so we ordered a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme junior driver via Amazon that got here quick. I'm b
  5. Bought my son a Ping g812 driver off eBay for Christmas that was shipped on 11/30 from Chicago to Atlanta. Last update was In Transit - Arriving Late on 12/4. No updates since. Have since had to buy him a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme through Amazon so we'd have a new driver in time for Christmas. It was ordered mid last week and Amazon took it most of the way. It's out for delivery today. Also bought a TS3 driver on the forum on Saturday that the seller immediately got out via USPS 2-day that same day. Status updated to arriving late...not sure when I'll see that one. COVID certainly is adding to th
  6. I've been gaming the Srixon Z Star XV for a few years because it seemed to be the best yellow premium ball for me. Also gave the regular Z Star a go. The only problem I've had with the Srixon balls is that I get a little too much spin on the mid and short irons. After looking at a lot of different ball tests, and also seeing that there are more premium balls in yellow now, it looked like Snell might be a good replacement. I kept seeing that the MTB-X had more spin on the mid irons than the MTB Black but that launch and spin off the driver were similar. The X probably could get me 1-2 more mph
  7. Can anyone compare the Rogue White 60tx to the Diamana ZF 60tx I'm currently using?
  8. I absolutely love the the feel of the ZF 60tx I have in my Mizuno ST190. It's the type of profile that has always worked best for me. Finally got on Trackman and was getting ideal launch from 14*-15* and spin ranging from about 2200-2400 on good strikes. The odd thing was that I couldn't get my smash above 1.45 on well struck shots. My last time on Trackman, I was seeing a smash of 1.48-1.49 using a Tensei Pro Blue. Maybe it was just the way I was swinging it. I handed it over to a friend who swings a lot slower (but admittedly is more consistent) and he was getting a smash of 1.49. Either way
  9. Get yourself a new ST190 from Global Golf for $175 and you also get a $25 gift certificate. Hard to beat.
  10. Has anyone hit this shaft on Trackman or GC2/GCquad? I can't find any reviews with launch monitor data anywhere. I've been held up from giving mine a go on Trackman or even getting out to the course due to schedule and weather issues. I keep hoping to find some launch monitor data somewhere that can at least give me an idea of the spin this shaft might produce. I'm spinning my Tensei Pro Blue about 200rpm and launching about 2* higher than I would prefer. Hoping the ZF brings both down a little. I've been able to hit into a net in my backyard and my contact is much more consistent with it and
  11. How does the launch and spin compare to the Kiyoshi Black?
  12. I'm betting your AoA is pretty neutral to slightly negative with your launch. Launch is probably 3* lower than ideal, but it isn't crazy low for a 9* driver. You could definitely benefit from dropping 1000-1200 off your spin. I don't think a shaft change will do that, but you never know. Some shafts load in a way that cause me to hit down on the ball more...so you might find that a different shaft profile encourages you to hit up more. If you did a fitting with someone who has a lot of shafts to try, then you would at least know the best shaft for you to use with that G400 so you could get the
  13. For sale or trade Ping G400 LST 8.5* driver head. Comes with headcover, wrench, and extra 18g weight. Great shape. Small tiny knick at the end of the turbulator that's on the toe (pictured). Was there when I bought it. Used a sharpie to quickly cover it and I have never noticed it at address. I can't find any other chips or marks like that on it. Looking for SOLD. Made over 20 deals on here buying and selling with all positive feedback before the forum change. More than happy to communicate more if you have questions. Without the feedback system, I understand the hesitation from buyers and s
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