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  1. It's straight up theft. No excuses work for the seller in this scenario.
  2. Would screenshots of private messages from this forum be enough proof for PayPal to show that it was actually for a purchase? Unfortunately having to ask for a friend who mistakenly paid F&F to a forum member who's claiming they can't ship without a verified address yet are offering no solutions...just basically keeping the money and the goods. Hopefully it gets worked out soon, but I thought your comment could lead to some helpful information.
  3. Prices cover PayPal fee and shipping. I think the prices are pretty fair but feel free to make a reasonable offer. 1. Mizuno ST180 driver head. In excellent condition. I tested this indoors on Trackman...and that's it. I purchased it NOS, so it's as close to new as you can get. Got great numbers but it is loud...in both looks and sound. Kept it as a backup/loaner but it just hasn't been used. Comes with adapter and generic headcover. Looking for SOLD. 2. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue 60s with Mizuno driver adapter. Great shape. Measures right around 44.25". It's been
  4. It's BS that he did that to you and that YouTube won't do anything. Also, the connotation behind "plandemic" is also BS...coming from someone who has seen the horrible side of it. I hate that it has cost you a lot monetarily, but that wasn't appropriate either. I won't say anything else...I just hate the meaning behind that word. You are extremely knowledgeable and helpful on this forum, so I hope something is finally done to rectify this situation for you.
  5. This is currently my situation as a seller. Had a package picked up on Monday and another on Tuesday. Have the confirmation email from USPS that both packages were picked up and I also witnessed the pickups since I'm working from home. The one that went out Tuesday showed up today after being scanned by the destination sort facility...wasn't scanned by my local PO. The one that went out Monday is on a longer trip and still hasn't been scanned. I've experienced the longer ship times over the last year, but the failure to scan at my local PO is a new one.
  6. Looking for a TS3 23* hybrid in great shape. Shaft isn't that important since I'll use an AD-DI that I already have, so head only would be fine as well.
  7. Price includes fully insured shipping and the PayPal fee that protects us both. I will request that any buyer in the western half of the US kick in an extra $5 for shipping. First time asking for that, but a couple of recent shipments to the west coast have been pricey and that will help a little. Selling these as a set. Two Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 95x hybrid shafts. Both measure right around 39.5" with Titleist hybrid adapters. One has the new graphics. The one with the old graphics has a .5" extension but they both feel identical to me in a Titleist TS2 hybrid. I don't believ
  8. I just swapped shafts from C-taper lite x flex to MMT 105tx soft stepped. This was after testing an MMT 105s straight in with my 7 iron. My swing speed with a 7 iron is between 88-90 mph right now. My tempo was a little too quick and spin/launch a little too high with the 105s, but dispersion was great and the shaft held up well. So far it seems like the 105tx ss is a better fit. Oddly enough, I feel a little more life in the 105tx soft stepped than I did the 105s straight in. I think if you focus on getting the right weight first, then soft step or hard step as needed...you'll really enjoy th
  9. It's my 240-250 carry club. If I have a second shot into a par 5 that's much longer than that, then I just lay up. I don't have a need for a 3 wood. For something more guaranteed off the tee, I go for my 21* hybrid. Driver > 5w > 21* hybrid works well for me on the top end of the bag.
  10. You always get some sort of resolution from USPS first. Unfortunately, you probably need to give it a month to come in considering the current issues with USPS. As someone else mentioned, go ahead and contact them about it. If USPS can't find the package, then the seller should refund you and then fight with USPS for the insurance money. At that point, you shouldn't have to wait for USPS to pay the seller. A PayPal refund is only going to be an option if the seller is being difficult (likely because they didn't fully insure the package).
  11. I've done a lot of research on counterfeit AD DI hybrid shafts recently because I considered buying a few different ones on ebay. First off, the one with the longer ferrule has an aftermarket adapter. Nothing wrong with that...it looks like one of the good ones. One definitely has less tipping than the other, so it will certainly play soft to flex. As for it being counterfeit, it's a very good one if it is. Everything is there that you look for in a real one, including the aforementioned silver rings...they just don't stand out as much. I've seen photos from dealers of DI hybrid shafts when th
  12. You're not alone on having trouble hitting indoors. For some reason I have problems releasing the club when hitting indoors and end up with a lot of shots way out to the right. I think it's the perception of hitting into a target only 10 ft or so in front of me that makes me hold off. Outdoors...I hit draws with my driver and tiny fades with my irons. I never hit a slice or push it way out to the right.
  13. Titleist TSi3 8* w/Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 6x Titleist 917 F2 18* w/Tensei CK Pro Blue 70s tipped 1" Haven't felt the need to play a 3 wood in ages.
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