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  1. If you cut an inch from the butt, you can always get a 1” extension put back in.
  2. Just a heads-up, my 45” driver weighs-in at E2. All you need to do is change to heavier weights if your driver has them, OR add hot melt, OR add lead tape. Shorter has nothing to do with whether-or-not you can “get back up to what feels good”. Simple. Go to a golf store that has a swing weight scale and get the weighting. Then cut a shaft to play at a desired length, then add weight back to the head. Easy! By-the-way, you’re not at the CLUB’S heaviest swing weight just because you have the heaviest Titleist weight for TS2. One can always add more outside of OEM provided weights.
  3. Yes. You have to add weight to the head, either by changing-out weights for heavier ones, adding hot melt, or even just lead tape. Definitely have to add weight!!!
  4. I have lost zero distance, and gained SIGNIFICANTLY in dispersion. I went from 46.5” to 45” and I’m not looking back. Even my misses on the head are less punishing. The key is making sure your head weight is correct for the shorter shaft....
  5. I’ll get right on that!!! Thanks!
  6. And, to my point, that’s what boards are for. Discuss. I’m not easily swayed by one “anecdotal” example either. The value in my example is it was a real-life person. Brian Bateman. He has a history, won on Tour. Yep. One example. But, it’s a specific example. A real person and I know his history. Better to give concrete examples than talk with none...
  7. Late teens? Perfect! Makes my point even further! Started later, had more natural talent to go with. Was easier. Didn’t need to grind for years. They were born with it. Again. Talent would be my choice.
  8. Here is the direct quote: ”Which category would you rather fall into if you played, someone who just plugs away and has to work a bit harder and grind more to succeed.” If you played.... Played on Tour is my assumption, since he referenced commentary on TV and the mention of two Tour Pros... Grind like Furyk, or natural talent like Mickelson. You have to BE a natural talent to even get on Tour first, so.... I’d rather BE a natural talent.
  9. Sure. Someone MAY be able to do it, but there isn’t a guy on Tour that was a 15 handicap that just put his time in and became a Tour Pro. They have to have natural talent, even enough to play in college, at minimum. There’s a guy here at our local CC who played in college, won tournaments, but wasn’t the best in his conference. He had the minimum natural talent needed to even think about being a Pro and he put the time in and did it. He won once on Tour, and he then he lost his card. He was a grinder. Spent hour after hour. His parents were wealthy so he had the means. But, he had some natural
  10. Or, if one DID read the question, then they WOULD pick natural talent because it’s more important! You might need a snickers this morning.......
  11. Advice?! RUN! Sure, a bowed wrist isn’t for everyone, it needs to suit your natural ability, etc, but to immediately say go “cupped”? That’s weak-sauce. If that’s what that teacher got out of seeing you swing, and it’s the first change to make, I’d run as fast as I can! There are TONS of good teachers online, in your area, etc. Golf Galaxy wouldn’t be a place I’d look for lessons... Sorry. Even local Country Club pros will offer lessons to non-members. I’d ask around, and I’d NEVER go back to that “teacher” again! Ever.
  12. Look, if one first doesn’t have the talent, one’s not getting on Tour no matter how much they “grind”, so let’s just agree that talent is more important.
  13. Not a fan of Brooks, so I just wish Bryson were also in the group!
  14. I’d say TaylorMade as well since their recent clubs haven’t worked for me, except the wedges.
  15. Honma TR20 460 8.5* Driver Head that comes with the head cover, wrench, and adjustment booklet. Asking $225, shipped. Lower 48 only, no international shipping.
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