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  1. I posted info on my fitting for these in a thread. Ridiculous how the weight changes performance. I love these wedges! So good out of bunkers too!
  2. Here’s a link to the fitting post. Moving the weight to the toe showed significant improvement, and pics are attached showing this.
  3. This Sim 2 Max 9* with Hzrdus Black Smoke RDX 6.5 has been played for 27 holes. The Lamkin Sonar midsize grip +4 wraps was used for just 18 holes, so is essentially new. There is a small gold line on the sole of the club. Includes the head cover and wrench. $399 shipped.
  4. I don’t make a big deal out of it, no anger or disappointment toward the young man, but I do have him call those in-charge of the tournament and explain what happened and let them make a determination. Support him, be positive about it explaining how this very instance makes our game a great one. Be positive!!!
  5. It goes back to Mike Adams: ”Based on years of research, Adams found that golfers whose forearms are shorter than their upper arms need to swing more around their body, getting the club shaft to a “flatter” position at the top of the backswing. Players with longer forearmsshould elevate the club in a more upright position.” Another article not done by Adams says very similar things: “The easiest way to think about this is that if the forearm is longer than the upper arm, the hands will ride higher and farther out, so they should come down on a steeper plane than if they w
  6. Tape measure used for measuring suits. It’s not usually a close measurement, meaning within millimeters. Mine was almost 2” difference.
  7. I went to Nevada Bob’s in Jackson, MS, today to do my Edel Swing Match System (SMS) wedge fitting. Tony Bishop, the owner, did my putter fittings, and is highly recommended by Edel. We did the fitting inside in one of his three bays, using TrackMan. One of the things Tony talked about right away was the biomechanics of my build. In doing the Edel wedge fitting it’s important to look at lengths of the arm: wrist to elbow vs elbow to shoulder and see which is longer. My elbow to wrist is longer, so I’m naturally going to have a steeper swing. Someone with a longer elbow to shoulder would general
  8. Your misses may be more vertical than horizontal, thus the deeper face gives you extra area to “miss” in your normal pattern, a shallower face won’t, so you would theoretically have worse misses with the shallow face.
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