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  1. nice. I was about to use tsi3. how's the irons? looking to do combo T and ST.
  2. Trying to get into pxg. Why is gen4 wood significantly cheaper than tsi or sim2? Trying to grab market shares?
  3. So tempting... wish they had free shipping. Jk!!
  4. So can you buy 6x Irons 1x Milled wedges black for $1600??
  5. wow... I want to do it just for the bags.
  6. I see the fonts on the left is wobbly like many fakes
  7. it might not be regular wrench-fit screw. my SIM2 driver's weight has similar screw as that m2 tour wood and I had to use smaller screw-head.
  8. Got the driver and the di was tipped .5"
  9. What a stupid rule. Golf governing body is like the government. They never fix anything until something so dumb happens then they realize what a stupid rule they had.
  10. people mentioned titleist tip 0.5" on FWY. that was ok to use on a driver.
  11. I extended 1.5" on fwy but it ain't gonna work like a driver shafts as it's 1" tipped. I compared it with my di drv shaft.
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