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  1. As 13 hc my strongest part of game has been putting. I've been playing less so I am forgetting my putting stroke which has been straight back and straight forward. But I've been gaming newport 2 style (pictured is not) and was wondering if the sight line has to stay below the middle line.? In order to do that I have to use my left hand to stroke the putter.. which results sometimes in pull. Should I just stick with what I've been doing or change the stroke to the 'correct one? Thanks
  2. I'm playing less golf since my 3rd child. My loss is your gain. Brand new shirts with tags. Never been worn. Puma short is size 32. $39 each or $220 for all 8. $180 shipped for all 8
  3. omg. this is getting out of hand. they should do at least min 1 year for these group-thieves.
  4. played MTB-X again after about 1 year hiatus. Still a great ball and I'm done switching to a new ball.
  5. Man I feel sorry for your loss. If there is a initial scan, then it's USPS's fault for not getting your item to ebay facility. USPS is the worst.
  6. one thing I want to say is that for a stand bag, this one (VLS) stands very well straight without the legs extended. My sun mountain bag was so wobbly.
  7. surprising to see another member already has same issue as I do.. their product control needs to be upgraded. at least they have (so far) a great support.
  8. I always get 5dz for the savings but that's the reason I chose 2dz this time. I'd put that rest of money into something else while I'm using 2dz. I still have plenty of other balls left. I've finally got over ball-hoarding disease. I think.
  9. nice of snell to offer $1 off for 2dozen purchase AND free shipping.
  10. bunch of VR and XC? They had plenty of Tour AD shafts on Nike drv head.
  11. good to hear you guys were taken well care of.
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