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  1. PP is so shady because they make the eCheck as default payment if your account doesn't have ppal balance. In this way, PP does not pay CC fee and get to charge the recipient full PPal fee. Yay for them. Sucks for both buyer and seller.
  2. when you guys say outdoor is better, does that include outdoor net with 10ft of clearance? or just pure outdoor range with 250yds of sight?
  3. If you're paying g&s then use cc. Because seller is paying the ppal fees no matter what method you send (i.e echeck)
  4. Actually it happened to me twice when selling on swappa. I've had ppal acct for over 18 years.
  5. thanks I guess my direct question would be 'is waiting to buy this at $4k worth it than getting Mevo + now for $1800' I saw on reviews Mevo+ has pretty terrible spin measurement especially on drivers.
  6. whoa.. eCheck is totally different story. I've had instances where payment was sent but Paypal held the money until I ship to item and 1 day after delivery. I thought this was the case here but eCheck is WAY different story.
  7. Thanks. Heard Android app is pretty crappy and I don't have an ios device so I'll have to think. So e6 combo that comes with it cannot be played on a computer. Eh?
  8. $200 off with code dad21 This pushed me over the line and one is incoming. Mevo+ is good to use outdoor net?
  9. Shame on them... Arccos is the king.
  10. Thanks. I guess it doesn't accept orders now.
  11. Link to that exact model? How does that face feel like at impact?
  12. w what's the 2nd one from bottom? it looks dope
  13. Well, after a disaster 11v, I've ordered ER2v2 with long slant neck that has 22" of toe hang. Same as original ER2. I'll post some pics when I receive it
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