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  1. then just put the ruling to televised pro tournament only.
  2. Yeah. I'm not sure what's so hard about this. Are they worried this will give players an unfair edge? It's same as 'pick-up and clean'. If you're in Fairway and in a divot, replace the ball 2 inches away. Duh.
  3. Yep. Same thing happened to me. When they want to not honor your request, they just ignore you. Lol
  4. They're legit, but their website is not optimal and their customer service is weak. I remember Sim hybrid Tour AD fiasco. They lost $250 per club sold. lol
  5. i'm a seller myself but that seller is a jerk.
  6. which single club did they take? one not on the website? I have a bridgestone club I want to trade in, but the brand is not showing on the trade in webpage
  7. Wow. You pretty much won the lottery by hitting 'pretty much zero' % All people make mistakes but only few make up for it the right away. Shame on T
  8. I've lived in the area and went on that road many times. It will be AT LEAST 55. After knowing how the crash happened? probably 65-75. If more than that? Tiger should thank Genesis everyday rest of his life.
  9. got it. so what does CC members get early dibs on? just headcovers or special circle T like gallery release?
  10. That's what I was curious about. So the members portal opens at Monday 8:30am instead of Wed ? Then there's no chance a non-member can snatch one
  11. Is he the one who hits tee shots shot after shot when it goes to hazard rather than just playing along? ..
  12. Only three items but three that I hate to let it go. 1. Z745/Z545 Combo professionally built with i95 Steelfiber Stiff. 3i is Z545 4-PW is Z745, the best iron. 5-PW has GP MCC Black grip with plenty of life. $SOLD 3iron has not seen more than 5 balls 2. the new GOAT. ZX7 Limited Edition Blue Modus 120 Design Tuning. 5-PW with MCC +4 Grip. ZX7 and Iron # on the head has blue filler. $1180 shipped. *If not sold by 3/5, I will keep. This is kickass limited edition. I paid $1230 including delivery and custom fees from Japan. Reason for selling: Modus 120 is
  13. Saw Scotty releases custom putters on their site every Monday and Wednesday. What time do they release it? Also do you need the scotty annual membership to purchase these releases?
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