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  1. this is entirely possible. try ksouth9 on ebay. or globalgolf when they have additional coupons.
  2. City, State? LA, CA Handicap? 12 Current hybrid/utility iron head? SIM, TS2 Current hybrid/utility iron shaft? TOUR AD DI What flex Nippon Modus3 Hybrid GOST shaft do you want to test? STIFF Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YEES
  3. I am currently gaming z745 so I really want to stay in Srixon family but with new p770 series, the game is OVA!
  4. bought used st200 5 wood in store. I thought I would return it after a few round but I am strongly thinking about replacing my trusty 3wood to ST200. face feel, when hit in any shape of form, is sooooo good. !!!
  5. whoa.. is that true??? I'm loving my Betti more now.
  6. Is YJS officially off the earth now? ;(
  7. I've played a few rounds with TR and I actually like previous (a) better. TR feels bit dud and (a) is about 3-7yds longer off tee. scored bunch of (a) on rbg.
  8. City, Sate?Handicap?Current driver and shaft?What would you improve with your current setup??What Tensei AV RAW shaft do you want to test?1. LA, ca 2. 13 3. M5 with beloved tour ad di 6s 4. More kick at impact 5. White 63g please 6. Yes!
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