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  1. Man I feel sorry for your loss. If there is a initial scan, then it's USPS's fault for not getting your item to ebay facility. USPS is the worst.
  2. one thing I want to say is that for a stand bag, this one (VLS) stands very well straight without the legs extended. My sun mountain bag was so wobbly.
  3. surprising to see another member already has same issue as I do.. their product control needs to be upgraded. at least they have (so far) a great support.
  4. I always get 5dz for the savings but that's the reason I chose 2dz this time. I'd put that rest of money into something else while I'm using 2dz. I still have plenty of other balls left. I've finally got over ball-hoarding disease. I think.
  5. nice of snell to offer $1 off for 2dozen purchase AND free shipping.
  6. bunch of VR and XC? They had plenty of Tour AD shafts on Nike drv head.
  7. good to hear you guys were taken well care of.
  8. I think Vessel makes the best looking bags right now. Considering many big companies are collaborating with them tells a lot. But I am on my third bag after two exchanges with minor cosmetic issues but even the third one is not perfect. The first one had a defect. The opening was shaped irregularly. It seemed like the structure of the bag was not stable. For their price, the finishes should be much better than it is right now. They have a 20% off sitewide now. Just want to get my experience out.
  9. COOL. Let us know how gc3 does. I've put in order for one but mevo+ with fusion might do the trick.
  10. Free shipping. Use code VIPBLKFRI
  11. costco one is named Navigator AT. any difference?
  12. my bad. but a net is only $150-200. what's the fuss about if you're spending $7k on this, what's stoppping one from getting a net if not already have it?
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