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  1. so GC3 is definitely better than Mevo+ for indoors. right?
  2. depends on how much I make. tbh I seem to spend more on the short sticks. spent over $20k on putters alone and I just started to buy wedges that are $200+ for the first time in my life.
  3. That's same thing. They are going to charge additional to use the function then.
  4. sweet. hope the fusion doesn't costs extra money as in *subscription based*
  5. LOL.. but I feel your pain. PM me the seller so I don't have to deal with him ever.
  6. feeling on a full shot is VERY buttery. Is that only me? I compared it with my MG1 and it definitely feels better. And compared to MG1, the sole is bit narrower on MG3 58 HB.
  7. Your pricing model is as accurate as Skytrak.
  8. What I don't get is why do you need fsx (additional $) to see total distance and other basic stuff? (peak height) I must be missing something. *EDIT* So FSX or FSX2020 comes with ANY annual subscription??
  9. $2,999 gets you a Bushnell Launch Pro with basic functionality. In this case, basic functionality means all of the ball data metrics, no head data and output that is limited to a single shot on the Launch Pro’s LCD display. There’s no ability to store, export or otherwise retain data. That's from MGS. Does ANYONE want to shell out $3000 and not do subscription with that BS? WTF
  10. why not? it's probably on a better basis than your theory of 'most people wouldn't be swayed by $300/year' of course, if price goes down to $100/year for Gold, it wouldn't mean you'd get 8 times the people. but there is certainly a price/demand ratio and at $800/year, it's at the farther end of the curve.
  11. That logic shouldn't be used. You mean to tell me that if gold increases by 'only $300/year' to $1100/year people would not be swayed because they are already spending 'thousands of dollars'? There's always price/demand ratio and I feel like they priced it wrong at $800/year.
  12. To Bushnell and FS Lower the gold to $500/year. You just increased user base by 2.5 times, Total revenue 55%. You're welcome.
  13. I gotta admit, this is the MOST interested people I've ever seen for a LM. That alone makes this product a note-worthy Also it brings up the chance that I'll be able to snag one for cheap in a few months!! haha
  14. Yep. unless FSK has $$$$ subscription model as well. *GULP*
  15. after a night sleep, I think I'll be ok with the mevo+ $800/yr is BS
  16. Something to think about. If you play this for 2-3 years and sell it Gc3: $7k - $5000~$5500 You're down $2k max Lp: $3k + $1600~2400 = $4600~$5400 Sell device for $2300~2500 You're down $2100 min. Maximum $3100. Gc3 sounds better for me
  17. Gcquad costs $14k What am I missing with gc3 at half the price?
  18. And what does gc3 include? It might be cheaper than this empty can after every option is added on
  19. $3k for fsx2020? Someone help me see the whole picture. Wtf
  20. What's fsx 2000 or pro? So many add-ons and silver and bronze delivers nothing useful
  21. I can take $3k part but $800/year PLUS bunch of add-ons? No for me.
  22. jumping onto here from the Fullswing . This looks tasty
  23. Make it 11-8 and we might have something!!!!
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