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  1. You can play. Late 20's to early 30's. low handicap, but have been lower in the past. Hit the ball a mile but not quite as far as you think you do (trackman vs real life) Scotty fanboy Drive American muscle Care a little bit too much what others think You'd beat me in an arm wrestle
  2. Two things which I don' think have been mentioned: 1, A good snood, essential for early early morning rounds and for keeping rain from dripping down your jacket 2, Waterproof mittens. Great for the cold but even better for the rain and keeping your hands/ glove dry
  3. Appreciate what you are saying but I think you should reconsider. Over the last 10 years, I have probably had 3 full iron fittings and 10 wood fittings. I have never purchased on the day. I paid for all the iron fittings (c£50) and then purchased from ebay. Most of the wood fittings were demo days at my club or locally. I know you have done tonnes of research but until you hit the club/ shaft combination, you are just guessing. You will save a huge amount of time and money by starting the process with a fitting from a proper fitter. Some other tips: 1, Don't try and get fit for the whole bag
  4. Why buy them then get fit? Doesn't make sense. Go for a proper fitting, then decide.
  5. I think the best course in Disney is the Waldorf Astoria. Have always found it to be in better condition and much quicker rounds that the other Disney courses. Hawks Landing is a great track. ONC is a top experience. Just choose the right set of tees as it can be tough.
  6. > @brianmontgomery2000 said: > > Clic Gear 3.5+ from 2013. Ogio Grom with Woode System (even older). > I think an Ogio Grom with the "left handed" Woode System would be perfect since I always park my cart caddy view and would love to have the irons closer to me with selecting club. Where are your head covers from? They look cool.
  7. Tiger Woods is a $1bn brand. No way in HELL this book will do anything to tarnish his image. The definitive biography has already been written.
  8. I've been to 5 Ryder Cups over the years and plan on going to WS for the next one. Everyone's experience will be different but here are my views: 1. Practice days are pretty lame. The players tend to play 9 holes max. 2. You don't get to watch a lot of live golf. With only 4 matches on the course for the first two days and 60,000+ spectators your sight lines etc... are very limited 3. There are way way too many people allowed inside the ropes 4. WS will be a tricky venue. With two loops of 9, it will make it tricky for spectators to skip ahead a few holes and set up a spot Having said a
  9. I like them with shorts. Never had an issue with the leather rubbing BUT like all proper leather shoes, they need looking after. Make sure they properly dry out after a round and use a leather treatment once in a while. I wore them for a 36 hole walking day last week and they were awesome.
  10. Royal St George's 14th.... where DJ carved one OB on the right and gave the Open to DC
  11. I buy an annual rental car insurance policy every year to cover 12 months. Costs about £50 but saves me a boat loan in money and gives me total piece of mind especially when hiring from the smaller companies. 7 seater family 'vans' aren't big enough for us when 4 people with 4 travel bags and luggage. We either hire a large SUV when in America (Yukon etc..) or something like Mercedes Vito.
  12. Awesome, thanks for sharing. We are planning our first trip to Northern Ireland/ Ireland next year so its great to hear of someone else's positive experience.
  13. Don't miss Cruden Bay when you are in the Aberdeen area. Significantly better than Trump or Murcar.
  14. Monte Rei is absolutely first class. San Lorenzo is a classic and the Old Course is awesome once you get past the terrible first hole. If you don't want to travel east, Palamares is a beauty. August is hot and rounds on the big resorts like Vilamoura can be slow.
  15. It is great fun. The stretch 4 to 9 is about as good as it gets. The view from the 9th tee must be the very best in golf. The whole club is incredibly friendly. Nothing pretentious, just warm hospitality and a love of golf.
  16. Murcar Links - 8/10 - beautiful little golf course with a very clever routing and some worldly holes Fraserburgh - 7/10 - beautiful course, great views, only let down by a couple of weak holes Cruden Bay - 9.5/ 10 - stunning. Not as quirky as I thought, very playable and simple incredible. Maybe the friendliest place I have ever played Trump Links - 9/10 - forget the prejudice, this is a great course in an amazing part of the world
  17. Just spent 4 great days in Scotland... Cruden Bay goes straight into my top 5
  18. > @EmperorPenguin said: > As some of you may already know, I will be going to Scotland in June to play golf. We will be taking British Airways and this is what their website says on the matter. > > You can take your golf equipment as part of your checked baggage, provided it does not exceed the maximum weight restrictions for checked baggage and is packed in a recognised bag or case to safeguard against damage. This bag can be up to 190 x 75 x 65cm (75 x 29.5 x 25.5in). > If you carry your golf umbrella or parasol separately it will count as one item of your checked baggag
  19. I went for a fitting this weekend.... 45yo, ss 100mp, 5hcp, neutral AOA. Normal carry about 230yds. Problem is the occasional pull hook. Overall I suffer from too much spin and too low of a launch angle. Not a great combo. End up being fitted to the XF 12* with a flat lie angle. Spin dropped about 500RPM and launch up 2*. Gained about 12 yards but the dispersion with one particular shaft was much much better. The only issue was the best shaft was a significant up-charge (Dianama BF). By far the best performing/ most forgiving driver I have ever hit. Perfect feel and great acoustics.
  20. amazing. I assume the OEM's clubs comply to various regulations about COR etc... which your beautiful club doesn't?
  21. I have no love for Reed but just cannot understand the witch hunt the US golf press is undertaking on him. He is 28yo, a major winner, a Ryder Cup stalwart and a periodic top 10 player in the world. Give him a modicum of respect. He has made mistakes but his indiscretions in any other sport would be laughed at. The hatchet job written on him the day after his Masters win is none of our business. I couldn't care less about his relationship with his parents. Just let the guy play golf and respect his achievements and privacy.
  22. Bryson with a RC head cover (0-3) is almost as good as Rickie getting an Olympic tattoo (T37) :swoon:
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