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  1. Well, we had identical twin boys a few weeks ago. That makes 3 boys under the age of two now (guess I need to go to zone coverage). Naturally, the amount of time I can devote to golf is on life support until the boys get old enough to come along on the course with me. That said, I'm gonna be too rusty to hit these blades haha. They are too pretty to be sitting around, somebody else should be playing them! All prices are shipped and OBO. Reasonable offers considered. No trades. 1. Mizuno MP5 heads 4-P. $275 2. Nippon Modus 120X 4-P. 5iron is 37.5". Mixture of SS and GP grips. Pulls from the Mizuno. I think I have five GP tour velvets I can include if you want the grips to match... $120 3. Cobra Fly Z Pro 4-P. Tour Issue X100 shafts. Iomic black armor grips. $250 Take the Mizuno + Modus for $350. Take everything for $550. Let me know if any questions. Text me at 612-839-7461 is the easiest way to get a hold of me. Can send more pictures upon request. Everything sold. Thanks all
  2. Recently purchased a home and looking to move these items to offset some of the closing costs (??). All prices are shipped and OBO, feel free to message me or text 612-839-7461 with questions. 1. Cobra Fly Z Pro Irons, 4-P. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts. 5 iron measures 38.5" (+1/2), I believe standard loft/lie otherwise. Iomic Black Armour grips (black with red cap). Very good condition. Picture of iron face is representative of overall condition (chose the face with the most wear out of the set to picture). $250 2. Titleist 816H 3H 19*. Has Motore Speeder 8.8 Tour spec S shaft. Includes original headcover. Tiny mark on the high toe but doesn't go up to the crown and isn't noticeable at address. Otherwise very good condition. $70 3. Aldila Rogue Silver I/O 110 MSI 60X, Callaway adapter (fits epic, rogue etc.). Measures 42.75". Golf Pride NDMC grip pretty much brand new. $60 shipped Take the irons + hybrid for $300 or take it all for $330 Callaway Rogue Subzero 10.5* driver head. Includes Epic headcover. Very good condition. $170 for head SOLD EvnRoll ER2 putter. 34" 385 grams. Original grip and headcover w/ ball marker. Very good condition. $190 SOLD Srixon z745 AW 51*. Has KBS Tour Custom wedge shaft (black), pured. Iomic sticky grip (black with lime green cap). $75 SOLD Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB wedges 54* and 58*. Both are 2 dot (high bounce). Grooves still have some life left but black finish wearing from soles and faces. $35 each or $60 for the pair. SOLD![] Thanks, Casey
  3. I'm glad you're still out there playing. Sure hope I can do that when I get to be that age. Sorry that so many people on here have responded sarcastically. This is supposed to be a place where golf enthusiasts can come for helpful advice. I don't have any experience with this company you're dealing with. It sure seems shady. Hopefully everything works out for you. As mentioned above, you should be able to get your money back if you go through your credit card company, though you'd still be out your driver head. Sorry you've had to deal with this nonsense.
  4. I sometimes play a SLDR with a rogue silver 70X at 43". Seems to go just as far as my other drivers and I think I hit the center of the face more often for sure
  5. usually 58PM grind, but if sand is more firm then i'll use my 54 which has less bounce
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I'll just let PayPal do its thing
  7. yeahhh I know what you are saying, but I feel like that company is actually solvent
  8. I haven't seen many threads about the custom putter maker PROTOTYPE Putters, and unfortunately I'm here to report a negative experience with them. Drew (the owner) is a great guy, he's very friendly. He was communicative and enthusiastic while working with me in what I wanted in my putter, but as soon as I paid he essentially dropped off the face of the planet. From reading other threads, this is a pretty standard experience. However, everybody else got their putter. I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and I understand that these putters are probably just his side job and that everybody can go through some rough patches. However, the lack of communication and the false promises are really not a good way to do business. After a bit of discussion on the details of my putter, I sent payment on April 8th. I was told that the putter would be completed and shipped out 3-4 weeks later. I heard nothing for 3 weeks, at which point I emailed Drew to see if he had any updates. He replied 4 days later (May 2) that there had been "a few small delays with the machining," and that it would be completed within 1.5-2 weeks (what is odd about this is that he doesn't really machine the putters, I'm fairly certain he receives blank putter heads, mills the faces, does stamping and finishing but no machining). After this, I received no communication for 3 weeks. On May 24, I send another email asking for an update. I did not receive a reply after a couple of days, and at this point I'm pretty antsy so I send him an email again on 5/28 (essentially 4 weeks after he stated the putter would be complete within 1.5-2 weeks) letting him know that its not really acceptable to have such a lack of communication. He replies the next day, saying that he is sorry, he promises it will be done in 2 weeks, and that he will provide more updates. The next day he sent me a few pictures of the putter blank with the stamping completed, but no finish yet. So at this point, I'm starting to really not want the putter anymore, but I figure that I will still probably receive it at some point. Wrong. On June 21, more than 3 weeks after I had last heard from Drew (and more than a week later than his promised completion date), I still had not heard from him. I'm fed up, so I decide to open a dispute with Paypal. I send him an email letting him know what's going on, and let him know that I would appreciate if he could resolve this situation peacefully and just give me a refund because I'm not waiting around anymore. He doesn't respond to that email for a couple of days, so I decided to escalate the paypal dispute into a claim on June 25. Again I sent him an email letting him know what was happening, and that I still hoped we could resolve everything smoothly. He finally replies on June 27 (4 full weeks since last communication) saying that "unfortunately my funds are frozen, my bank is in the negative and I have no money to refund you." So here I am now, not sure what to make of all this. If it's true that he's really going through a rough patch, I can definitely understand that and would want to help the guy out. I can also understand if he was too embarrassed to let me know earlier about the problems he was experiencing, and that being why he wasn't able to get my putter done. It's almost sad in a way. But when you are a business owner, conducting business with random people over the internet through your own website, you need to have some basic standards and follow through on them. I understand this is a risk you take as a consumer when you do business outside of the bigger putter companies. I don't want this putter anymore - the experience has left a bad taste in my mouth and I've moved onto other things. I would really like to get my money back. However, I'm not sure if paypal will even be able to refund the payment if he has no money in his bank account. Heck, I'm not even sure if the guy is telling me the truth (I would like to think he's not a liar). If he's really struggling that bad, I would be happy to eat the cost just to help the guy out. But at this point, I just can't take him for his word. What course of action would you guys take from here? (the status of the paypal claim is still awaiting response from seller, he has until July 5 to respond)
  9. http://us.shop.ecco.com/mens-casual-hybrid-ii-152014.html?dwvar_152014_color=02162#cgid=view-all-mens-sale
  10. Use MEMORIAL17 to receive an additional 30% off sale shoes at Ecco.com. Some good deals to be had - hybrid wingtips for $70 makes me smile.
  11. Says that any additional promos dont apply when using the make an offer option. Has anyone completed a transaction? I did...F7 driver and fwy, both with Hzrdus shafts for $258 shipped. The offer for the driver was $312. insane
  12. Wrong... I have a pair of each colorway that I kept for myself to wear. Speak of what you know... Thanks So you just proved my point. You bought 6 pairs, with the intention of only keeping 2 and selling the rest for over a 50% profit. This website should not be a dumping ground for limited stock items to be sold at profit. I know I'll probably get a warning and these posts won't last long but this type of behavior is scum.
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