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  1. Simplifying and focusing on things that require more attention. Not much interest in the way of trades right now. Season is mostly over and bag is good the way it is. Only consideration would be a 34" Taylormade Spider FCG. Tinkering has gotten too costly recently. Feel free to make reasonable offers via DM but don't bother low balling. Prices are shipped. Thanks for looking. 1. Just acquired this so will be losing money any way I cut it. Bettinardi Tour Department BB0 Carbon En Fuego. 34', satin black shaft, honeycomb milling, cool milling on the neck and bumpers and I be
  2. Can anyone help out with a Ping adapter question? Took receipt of a shaft for my Ping G410 LST. The shaft I received has a G400 tip on it. Correct screw came with it however it will not seat in my G410. The ridges or swells at the bottom of the G400 are wider (fewer) than those on the G410 adapter because the new adapter has more adjustments. It’s easy to see visually. Wider swells will not fit into narrower receptacles. I saw on one site that sells adapters a customer was told the tips are not interchangeable. Could anyone here from Ping or with significant club making experience weigh in?
  3. Looking for the following driver or head and shaft separately for a friend. Will not entertain anything but what is listed so please don’t waste my time or yours. Callaway Maverick 10.5* and Graphite Design AD IZ-5 stiff flex playing at 45”. Appreciate the help.
  4. Something like this is probably more appropriate in a DM to the seller.
  5. Not interested in much for trades. Bag is in good shape but would listen to trades that include a Scotty 34” T22 Newport, 2014 Squareback or a Callaway Maverik SubZero 10.5 with stiff Riptide shaft. On the block is a clean set of Taylormade P760 irons, 4-PW standard TM specs. Loft and lie recently checked. Shafts are Modus3 Tour 120S and have good Tour Velvet Align grips. Pics show condition. SOLD
  6. Time to mix it up a little Benny! Maybe not tho. Everyone wanting an upgraded stick at a stock price.
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