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  1. I used to be die hard Titleist. They were the name in my younger years. I also seemed to suffer some form of golfer OCD believing that the bag had to match top to bottom, never considering the possibility of fit for me at each position. A number of year ago I got fitted and opened up to trying other brands. I'm picky with regard to look, sound and feel of all clubs and for a long time felt Titleist checked all of those boxes. It wasn't until I gave other options a try and found that in a particular club I could find something that equaled Titleist, and sometimes was better, including perf
  2. Looking for a nice condition Cobra King F9 driver in 10.5 loft. Either color is fine. Head only or would consider with a GD AD Di or IZ 7S shaft. For a second bag so not looking to break the bank. Let me know what you have.
  3. Not sure I’m seeing the C16’s. Assume they are the last two iron photos? Have a picture of the backs?
  4. It’s just my initials. the 770’s are solid. Player like yet forgiving. The 790’s are too chunky fit mr so never gave them a real look.
  5. While I've updated my signature over the years it doesn't appear that I've updated my WITB since 2013. As much as I move things around in the bag it was interesting to see the same brands in the bag at the same positions except for the driver. Even though I tinker around quite a bit I generally come up with one bag I play during the course of a season. What I finished the season with last year looks like it will remain in tact this year as it was all properly fit and I'm getting results I like. I'm sure something else will make it out on the course here and there but, I'm very comfortable
  6. These three are currently being rotated in the bag on my Tour Proto.
  7. Look down the Savage Too as well as a Handsome Too which is similar to a NP2 head. This particular one is much more appealing to me than the NP2 though with a tri-sole and softer corners. Yeah have had everything from Scotty’s to Olson to Machine and everything in between. Swag feels as nice as any of the rest. I don’t like mallets generally so this smaller mid-mallet suits me well. Is a tour Proto and on the secondary market these can often be had far cheaper than most other brands who also have a tour or Proto equivalent.
  8. Two items for sale today. No trades. Brand new in box Nike Air Jordan V Low size 10.5. Black/Fire Red-Silver Metallic. Cheapest pair on BST. SOLD KuroKage Silver TiNi 70 FW stiff shafts with a Titleist adapter. This is a fairway shaft. Some paint loss near adapter. Doesn’t affect play. Plays 43” in a TS3. $80 shipped.
  9. Two recent additions from Swag. A Tour Proto mid-mallet, all black from top to bottom and the recent Masters Menu putter. Bottom is a little busy but their stuff feels and looks great. Gamed the proto this past weekend and the honeymoon was very good. Excited to get more time on the greens.
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