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  1. Played both. 201’s easier to hit. Both great sets, but I did feel the 201’s were an improvement for me.
  2. Callaway Epic Speed 10.5 Head only & head cover. $335 shipped CONUS Taylor Made Sim2 Ti 3 wood 15deg head only & head cover SOLD Miura CB-1008 4-PW Steelfiber FC85 4-PW Reg shaft std length and lie w/white pure grips SOLD
  3. Do you live out on the west side? Blackstone is a pretty long drive from Scottsdale. I feel like if I am much further than 20 minutes from course not worth joining. But for me I want to play enough to be able to “pencil out “ membership.
  4. Dormie Workshop does them. If you email them they are really helpful with customizing something for you. Dormie stuff is really well made and lasts forever.
  5. Bonobos (think I have spelling correct). REI has them. My new favs
  6. Ping 425 is pretty nice and compact looking.
  7. Dormie is great too. The head covers they do are awesome. They can do pretty much whatever you need custom wise.
  8. Used, but no marks on head. Shaft/grip new. I kept my Ventus & put it in the Epic Speed I bought so this is the new shaft that came with the Epic. If you want a better photo let me know. I am a very average photographer!
  9. Just curious on the never wearing thing. I’m a bit of a sneaker head, but I wear all mine. Do you display them if you don’t wear them? I remember seeing those at the Stadium & was tempted.
  10. Have you considered the TC-201’s? Not offset like the 301’s & I feel they are pretty forgiving. Love my set.
  11. Totally agree. It is a bummer as a female trying to find golf clothes. Really almost nothing I would wear away from the golf course.
  12. Did fitting last month and they did say irons coming out next year.
  13. Went with the 0117. Just looked the best to my eye. Also really liked the 0418.
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