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  1. Totally agree. It is a bummer as a female trying to find golf clothes. Really almost nothing I would wear away from the golf course.
  2. Did fitting last month and they did say irons coming out next year.
  3. Went with the 0117. Just looked the best to my eye. Also really liked the 0418.
  4. Did the fitting and now I wait. Can't wait for fedex to bring me my new toy! A fitting with John is also the best putter lesson I've ever had. Such a worthwhile trip.
  5. Really like the numbers on the toe. Seems like might be easier to see in bag. Have you found that to be the case? Joining the Artisan gang in few days!
  6. Looks like the went quick. Already out.
  7. Sign up for emails w/them usually do a few flash sales. Bet they do some kind of sale 4th of July. Depends on style you like, but love the casual California/Surfer look to Linksoul.
  8. Miura website code is Thankyou20 Good till end of month
  9. Currently have SF in my irons thinking of trying the Mitsubishi OT in a new set of irons. For those who have hit both did you find the Mitsubishi to play similar or softer/firmer for the same weight flex? Just trying to decide on weight of shaft to order. Thanks for any into.
  10. Thanks. Sound like your club ho friend is as fickle as me.
  11. I am super close to ordering with the Miura 20% off sale. Have the CB-1008's now and really like em. What did you have before your TC201?
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