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  1. Is it just me or were the pros at the American Express wearing a version of the Air Zoom Victory Tours with a larger swoosh on them? Didn't know if it has always been like this or if there is a newer model of the Victory Tours coming out. I like the current ones, but a majority of the sizes are sold out, so was hoping a new version would be released.
  2. How has the gapping worked out for you guys on the PW, 9, and 8 irons since they are 5 degrees apart? I know the mizuno MMCs are the same way. I know 1 degree is only a few yards, but wondered if anyone noticed a bigger gap in yardages or not.
  3. Selling a Tensei Blue AV 65x driver shaft with a PXG driver tip installed, which should fit any PXG driver. Shaft is 44” long grip to tip and should play 45.5” in a PXG driver. Shaft is tipped .25”. Includes a new super stroke grip installed. Asking $95 OBO shipped and PayPal’d. First to PayPal [email protected] gets it.
  4. Three items up for sale today. All prices include PayPal and shipping to lower 48 states. First to pay [email protected] gets the item. Trade Interest - Ventus Velocore Red 6x untipped driver shaft For Sale - PXG 0811XF 10.5 Degree Head Only Only used for part of the season and in excellent condition except for a few very faint marks I touched up on the toe. Could barely get them to show in pics and cannot see at setup when hitting it (they are on the underside). Comes with OEM headcover. Asking SOLD. - Titleist 818 H1 19 Degree Head Only
  5. Found another catalog that seems to be newer. Unfortunately still doesn't look great IMO. HOVR Drive's are something I could possibly wear, but outside of that they are not great...especially the Spieth's. https://issuu.com/synergybrandedsolutions/docs/uaspring21
  6. @Stuart_G Does that graph indicate the DG S300 would technically play stiffer overall than the 105x?
  7. Current shafts are Modus 120 stiffs, so the overall weight of the 105x would be closer to current weight. Just looking for something that feels a little closer to a DG profile rather than the “loose” kick of the 120 where I feel I can’t really be aggressive with my swing sometimes.
  8. Looking to possibly purchase the ZX7s with Modus 105 shafts. I hit a 35 degree 7 iron around 170 yds, so a lot of time fall in between shaft flexes. I generally like a higher launching shaft in a stiffer flex, so am thinking going with X. Any thoughts or suggestions based on your experiences?
  9. Here is the 2021 spring catalog. Not sure if it’s specific to Switzerland??? Not initially a fan of the shoes from the renderings. https://www.sports4ever.online/pdfs/catalogue21.pdf
  10. Golf balls.com has 20% off for cyber Monday and I know it works on the Tour B X balls, so guessing it would work on the rxs as well. Does anyone know when Bridgestone runs their buy 2, get 1 free deal?
  11. Does anyone know what UA shoes will look like next year?
  12. If anyone sees any coupons that work on grips, please let me know. I usually buy them during the DSG 25% off, but this year golf equipment is excluded.
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