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  1. Not sure what you mean by what weights I tried. The tour Tac came stock on my Evnroll er2b and I don’t think they offer different grip weights. The SS has more defined ridges on it and is a little firmer. Just depends on your preference.
  2. It’s closer to a SS pistol 1.0 IMO. Has a little softer edges to it. I like it a lot and probably more than the SS. Just wish they made one a little less busy with less writing on them.
  3. Does anyone know what grip manufacturer makes the Tour Tac by chance?
  4. Does anyone know what company makes the Tour Tac grips that come on some of the Evnroll putters? I’m assuming Evnroll sources them from another company and just has the Evnroll branding added to them.
  5. All I wear are no show socks and the main thing is to get ones with a tab on the back that sticks up slightly higher than a normal sock. I have these kind from Nike, under Armour, lululemon, and adidas and they all stay up as long as they have a tab on the heel.
  6. Selling an aldila rogue black 80x fairway shaft with an OEM Titleist fairway adapter installed. Also has a like new NDMC grip. Shaft measures approximately 41.75” from grip to tip. Standard Titleist tipping on the shaft. Plays graphics down in A1 position. $60 shipped. DM me for PayPal info. First to pay gets it. Thanks.
  7. Still for sale. Make offers. Only possible trade right now would be a TS2 or TSI2 16.5 fairway head or a PXG hybrid shaft that is a higher launching profile in x flex.
  8. I have a Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Pro (boron tip) Blue 60 stiff driver shaft for sale. It has a PXG adapter on it and plays 45”. Standard tipping from PXG and I have a NDMC align grip installed. First to PayPal gets it. Asking $140 shipped OBO
  9. 1. City, State? Fort Wayne, IN 2. Handicap? 4 3. Current driver shaft? Diamana S+ limited 60x 4. Current iron shafts? Modus 105x SS1 5. What Regio Formula Plus shaft do you want to test? MB+ 6. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  10. Selling a Titleist TMB 4 iron with a PXi 6.0 shaft and NDMC align grip. Club was used sparingly and is in excellent condition. Standard length, loft, and lie. Asking $115 shipped and PayPal’d OBO. First to pay gets it. Please DM me for PayPal address. Thank you.
  11. The code I found gives 15% off. If you have one for 20%, would you mind sending it to me. Thanks!
  12. Can someone PM me if you’ve been able to find anywhere to get a ventus velocore red 6x driver shaft for less than the listed $350 on most sites. Want to try it out, but that’s an expensive experiment.
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