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  1. Selling three used stitch headcovers. A little of the stitching on the “H” is coming out. Otherwise in decent condition. Would like to sell them as a set for $55. First to PayPal gets them. Thanks.
  2. Selling a PXG 0811X+ Proto Driver that is in excellent condition as seen in the pics. Includes the premium leather headcover rather than the newer cheaper ones. I also have a Diamana S+ driver shaft that plays 45” in the Proto head I can include. See prices below. First to PayPal gets it. Head Only w/Headcover: $200 (+$5 west of the Mississippi) Head / Headcover / Shaft: $225 (+$5 west of Mississippi)
  3. I’d suggest finding a used US Kids Golf set on eBay, Craigslist, etc. The heads are lighter for kids and the shafts are made for them, which helps them get the ball in the air.
  4. Selling a couple clubs as described below. Prices include PayPal and shipping. First to pay gets item. Please let me know if you have any questions. Srixon ZX7 4-iron - Only hit off a mat. Like new - Modus 105x SS1X - Standard L/L/L - NDMC Grip - Asking $old Taylormade Spider X Putter - Great condition as seen in pics. Only very small nicks around hosel - 35” - Comes with stock headcover - SS Pistol 1.0 grip - Asking $175
  5. Closing ad, but last three headcovers still available if interested.
  6. Selling 3 different Stitch leather headcovers. All are used, but in pretty good condition. Red white black H hybrid cover has a little stitching coming loose by the H. Prices include PayPal and shipping. $35 each. Can make a deal if you buy multiple.
  7. I used to play the 95 MSI version of the Rogue Black in my driver and wanted to try the 130 MSI version now. I see they only offer the 130 MSI version in “tour” flexes (TR, TS, TX). My swing speed is right on the verge of needing stiff vs xstiff shafts and was wondering if the TX 130 MSI version will play a lot stiffer than the 95 MSI xstiff version or if they should be relatively the same? The “tour” is scaring me and wondering if I should drop down to the TS.
  8. Not sure what you mean by what weights I tried. The tour Tac came stock on my Evnroll er2b and I don’t think they offer different grip weights. The SS has more defined ridges on it and is a little firmer. Just depends on your preference.
  9. It’s closer to a SS pistol 1.0 IMO. Has a little softer edges to it. I like it a lot and probably more than the SS. Just wish they made one a little less busy with less writing on them.
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