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  1. Totally agree with this. The balance and look is totally off. Went from RTX4 -> SM8 -> Zipcores.
  2. I went from KBS Tour 125 S+ to $ Taper 125 S+ for 3 months. They felt a little more stable in the long irons, but I had an issue with pulling everything left and had inconsistent turf interaction issues. Ultimately went back to the Tours
  3. Tyrrell Hatton uses vokeys in his sand and lob wedge. Louis O used Callaway wedges in 2016/17
  4. Have had 5-7 in the ZX5s and 8-PW in the ZX7s since Christmas time. If I had my time again I would have just got ZX5s through out the set. For me there is zero drawback with the easier set. Call me crazy but I prefer the feel of the ZX5 over the ZX7 as well
  5. Split my set up 5-7 in the X5s and 8-PW in the X7s. Couldn't be happier with how they set up. I don't mind looking down at the slightly bigger long irons...always preferred hitting my 4H instead of my 5 iron anyway. X5s go through the turf just as well as the X7s.
  6. My absolute Sunday best 4 iron is now the regular with my 4 hybrid. i can hit so many different shots with the hybrid that I can’t with the 4 iron. The only shot I lose with a 4 iron is the low pinch under trees...but it’s easy enough to manipulate a 5 iron. SS with driver is 116-119mph. Hybrid im using is TS3 with Evenflow white 95x
  7. Blade putters won't exist in 10-15 years time. Go look back at any Masters tournament in the 90s. Many blades with a few mallets. Now its flipped. Pros are seeing the advantage of forgiveness. Anser style putters will go the way of the bullseye
  8. Looking for any reviews on the new LB W grind. Played the sm6 K Grind and loved it everywhere except bunkers. Then moved onto the D Grind (not too bad) then the MD4 X grind (my least favourite of the 3) Hoping it plays like a K square on with the ability to open it up a touch, notice all the pros who play Vokey K grinds often play an 8* version.
  9. Anyone custom ordered from Cobra before? Want these 1* flat and weak
  10. > @mrmikeac said: > > Not to thread jack...but any more info on these? Hard to believe there's about to be a fitting in South Africa and there's no info anywhere! Looking to update my Fly Z+ Forged and these fit the bill!
  11. > @tbowles411 said: > Our owner said the rep came in with the 710s. He said they're pretty bad ****. The black finish looks good. He's not sure about the black finish will hold up, but from his eye, there were some improvements to the G700. He didn't elaborate. Any idea on a release date? I’ve heard of a possible October release
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