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  1. So. I will admit I am not a great three wood player. Can’t stand closed or hooky which may bid you to ask why would I consider the sft . My thoughts on sft ; , big, can flatten, open up , loft down and have a three wood that is easy to hit and elevate . Am I barking up the wrong tree.? Any advice or experience is appreciated! Thanks!,
  2. Thanks for the info! Yeah, have heard nothing but good things about tsi line . Appreciate it!
  3. So, I've found myself doing this in the past and it drives me crazy (about myself). I’m curious when new Titleist driver and fairways may be introduced . I would be fine with the Tsi2 in both however don’t want to jump in at the end of a product cycle. Any idea when the current Tsi line will be replaced? With COVID and supply chains etc I have no idea anymore where some major brands are with new product. Thanks in advance!
  4. I really appreciate the feedback and suggestions . I didn’t consider the tsi1 as an option nor did I realize that Korda used that driver . I’ll try to at least find an 11 degree tsi2 head and look for a tsi1 head in a fitting card. More so then numbers. I really need to like what I see when I look down (open face drivers) so that’s key for me. Thanks again! I’ll report back. Heading to Golftown in kingston ontario today .
  5. So, Im kind of a low launch driver guy but fit comfortably into 10.5 heads and then prefer to loft down to get the desired “open” look. Titleist has thrown a wrinkle into this strategy for me as they have gone to 9,10,11 degree heads so I’m actually thinking of ordering an 11 degree tsi2 to get that desired look. I’m going to be honest in saying the stock 10 head “appears” slightly hooded to me, just a tad and im concerned that lofting the 10 head down would lower launch too much . I can’t even find an 11 degree head anywhere in Ontario Canada to look at so im considering this sight unseen. Anyone playing the 11 degree head or lofting this head down? Really appreciate your thoughts or input even if you haven’t thought of this . Thanks
  6. So I know that many will Say that’s why I hate ribbed grips so let’s get that out of the way haha. I want to strengthen my grip for a few swing but mostly physical reasons . So I want the ribbed grips to be positioned to accommodate a stronger grip with the face remaining square. So, Do I position the aligned grip more towards one o,clock ( to the right) or more towards 11 o’clock. Obviously 12 o’clock is square for me as a right handed player. I should be able to figure this out lol. But want to be sure before I regrip. Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions. I’m thinking along the same lines as whit1969 . The i210 is a great iron. I’m thinking that often the changes are more cosmetic then anything . The i210 seems to flat out work. I’m sure if I buy them which I will , I still will keep an open mind about replacing them with something newer or shinier. Thanks for the feedback ! Much appreciated !
  8. Ok, you guys make some excellent points, I appreciate the insights.. a Lot! I think it makes me lean closer to pulling the trigger on these. If they are truly a classic , which they may very well be , it’s a risk worth taking
  9. So, I have a hard time deciding what to have for dinner let alone buying new irons. The i210s check most of the boxes of what I am looking for in irons. I feel like I would be very happy with them however I would kick myself if just around the corner their new replacement comes to market. I have heard rumours that they will not be replaced through this spring/summer but if you have heard otherwise ... let me know. Anyone else feel “ stuck” trying to decide on the i210’s? Now I guess a true WRXer would simply advise to buy now (i210’s) and then buy later.... newer version. That might be an option or else I just sit on my thumbs wasting time for something that might not be available in the immediate future ... Thoughts? And thanks!!
  10. Ok;I was searching for the exact same setup as you and have gone through countless three woods. I strongly recommend m3 hl17. Square and flat in standard setting and so open and flat in minus settings. My search is over : good luck,
  11. I have a standard lie odyssey tank 7 putter and was wondering whether the lie can be flattened on this model ? Thanks in advance
  12. Thinking of going back to this but wanted to know if it can be flattened. No from Golftown but they said specialty shop can. Btw I’m in the Toronto ( Canada ) area. Thanks in advance
  13. So, I’m going to order the HMB’s with recoils, plus 1/4 length. I play my irons one flat which is Mizuno stock lie. So here’s my question. Going longer in length makes the clubs play more upright...correct? so if I want my irons to play 1 flat with the added length do I have to order them one more degree flat to account for the extra length? Thanks in advance!!!!
  14. Thanks for the advice, the cyst is in the carpal bones but apparently arthritis throughout. Interestingly when they xrayed the other (right wrist) for contrast it to looked full of arthritis etc and in drs mind worse . But it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been an athlete all my life, lots of injuries through hockey etc and was a physical educator . Just sucks to have joints show age even though I feel like a young (ish) 60 yr old. I think I will keep searching for answers though . That story gives some hope
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