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  1. Thanks for the great suggestions. I’m thinking along the same lines as whit1969 . The i210 is a great iron. I’m thinking that often the changes are more cosmetic then anything . The i210 seems to flat out work. I’m sure if I buy them which I will , I still will keep an open mind about replacing them with something newer or shinier. Thanks for the feedback ! Much appreciated !
  2. Ok, you guys make some excellent points, I appreciate the insights.. a Lot! I think it makes me lean closer to pulling the trigger on these. If they are truly a classic , which they may very well be , it’s a risk worth taking
  3. So, I have a hard time deciding what to have for dinner let alone buying new irons. The i210s check most of the boxes of what I am looking for in irons. I feel like I would be very happy with them however I would kick myself if just around the corner their new replacement comes to market. I have heard rumours that they will not be replaced through this spring/summer but if you have heard otherwise ... let me know. Anyone else feel “ stuck” trying to decide on the i210’s? Now I guess a true WRXer would simply advise to buy now (i210’s) and then buy later.... newer version. Tha
  4. Ok;I was searching for the exact same setup as you and have gone through countless three woods. I strongly recommend m3 hl17. Square and flat in standard setting and so open and flat in minus settings. My search is over : good luck,
  5. I have a standard lie odyssey tank 7 putter and was wondering whether the lie can be flattened on this model ? Thanks in advance
  6. Thinking of going back to this but wanted to know if it can be flattened. No from Golftown but they said specialty shop can. Btw I’m in the Toronto ( Canada ) area. Thanks in advance
  7. So, I’m going to order the HMB’s with recoils, plus 1/4 length. I play my irons one flat which is Mizuno stock lie. So here’s my question. Going longer in length makes the clubs play more upright...correct? so if I want my irons to play 1 flat with the added length do I have to order them one more degree flat to account for the extra length? Thanks in advance!!!!
  8. Thanks for the advice, the cyst is in the carpal bones but apparently arthritis throughout. Interestingly when they xrayed the other (right wrist) for contrast it to looked full of arthritis etc and in drs mind worse . But it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been an athlete all my life, lots of injuries through hockey etc and was a physical educator . Just sucks to have joints show age even though I feel like a young (ish) 60 yr old. I think I will keep searching for answers though . That story gives some hope
  9. Thanks for the advice . Looking like therapy is a more viable option then surgery so I will try to find someone who specializes in the hand. You are right, I’ve seen a few therapists but can tell that the hand is more a specialty niche , great advice, thanks
  10. Thank you so much for your opinions and personal experiences . I really appreciate it. One of the hand specialists I saw was a plastic surgeon . He also is the national team doctor for rock climbing so he is well versed in hand injuries . I have not had a cortisone shot yet so I will schedule an appointment with him. Really appreciate your post and best of luck with your golf and maintenance plan !!!
  11. I’ll definitely spend some range time with those suggestions . So I always have had an active release . Much appreciated . And you are right, that hurting hook comes, I believe, when my body rotation stops , sometimes out of impact fear, and the hands flip . Stricker like swing ??? Seems passive ???
  12. Help me understand “, do you think your two hand specialists are 30 handicaps at medicine? “ They are saying surgery is not a good option but I’m trying to find ways to play good golf .... seriously !
  13. That advice is what I’m looking for but i already tape (kt) then brace (Push wrist brace) using cbd oil and thc , cbd cream ( no longer Olympic eligible) and yeah going left to right is at least keeping me on the course. Curious if anyone has had this sort of injury still ...
  14. FYI , both surgeons were hand specialists . And to the less then helpful ket22, my wife plays to a two index , at one time I was a plus 2 index , and not too proud to be outdriven by anyone, male or female .
  15. So I’m a sixty year old , former scratch golfer who still wants to play good golf. An mri and x rays show a deep cyst and arthritic changes in my hand particularly in my left wrist. I am a right handed golfer. Every so often I will hit a hard snap hook ( always been my nemesis) and I literally get a two part snapping feeling in my lead wrist. For those who have played with a bad wrist it really limits your confidence in going after the ball. If I hit cut off fades and limit the release I never get this snap in my hands . But it’s frustrating because at times the golf course begs you to
  16. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Any keys or suggestions are appreciated. It's been a long time since my university anatomy course so I'm not up on the term radial deviation . Is it just the wrists turning over , supination through Impact?
  17. So, just turned 60 and have hovered around par for the better part of my life. Have a wrist with a cyst and arthritic changes. Just found out after x rays that my "good " wrist , the other one is full of arthritis and not an optimistic report from Ortho. I'm both discouraged and determined. Already moved to graphite , trying to modify swing aka stricker as face rotation is tough on joints. Any words of wisdom or personal experience ?
  18. 1st. I know that you can request digitally lofted driver from ping. Can you request for example 2 degree open 410 head? Part 2. Here’s my frustration with custom order driver. If I put down 5 drivers from any manufacturer it is quite easy for me to find one that sits best ( for me one that sits open). If I go through a fitting and then put through that special order, it is hit and miss how well the custom order head sits . It seems like a huge advantage to select your own head . Some big box stores will let you swap a head from the off the rack heads but there has to be a better way
  19. So I play my driver at 46 inches in an attempt to tackle distance loss in 60 year with decent results. Just curious does a 46 inch stiff driver shaft play softer then the same shaft at 45.5 inches. If so , by much? Thanks in advance
  20. Appreciate the feedback , oh yeah, and my head ( I agree) . Must not overthink it . I’ve learned over the years that if i think it might go left it most often will .
  21. So I picked up an m4 driver and having mixed results . Despite an open face, even without lowering loft, it appears it sits very upright compared to my glst and 915 drivers . Is it simply a visual thing with the deeper face of m4 or has anyone else found it to sit and play too upright .? Feel like I’m not releasing the club , hitting some blocks for fear of going left . Any insights or experience would be greatly appreciated !
  22. I am probably in the minority’ with 565 and don’t love them. Perhaps just a bit to chunky and strong lofts. Actually thinking of weakening lifts on these before I bite on new set . I agree 7 series would be a great choice
  23. Thanks for the offer !! I’m pretty familiar with srixon as I have a set of the 565s. Thanks though!
  24. I really appreciate the feedback. I am leaning towards practicality and tweener irons like i210. Clubs are a little like cars, although you might need the suv the sports car tempts you . Need to get testing these with some data as so hard to figure out any other way but I truly appreciate the feedback big time .
  25. Thanks, guys, keep em coming , some great advice and appreciate the expertise . So with regards to hitting outdoors, in Ontario , Canada, the old fashioned demo days are becoming a thing of the past. Definitely my first choice but harder to find and almost impossible to find a situation where you can go head to head with choices under same conditions . Very frustrating
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