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  1. I can vouch for the new member and some of his equipment. Great young man who will stand by his word.... more importantly, I’ve hit his M5 tour very far and have also snap hooked it once or twice. That Titleist H2 is an absolute beast in the right hands. Anyway, good luck with your first sale of many.
  2. MP t20. 54* 10* of bounce can do it all for me, except I’ll use my 58* out of the juicy rough for short chips. Other than that, inside of 110 it’s all 54*.
  3. Guys, with permission from the OP.....the stamps on the hosels of the Miuras....is it alarming that there are three different stamps? Thank you for any input and thanks to Sleeky D for your patience
  4. Playing partner just switched from M2s to 790s with immediate success.
  5. NJ heat and humidity... utxs and rain gloves. Ten finger raingrip convert.
  6. I’ll bring a bottle of water and a belvita.... but I’ll actually consume a hotdog and beer.
  7. Bought a set of DEMO Mp-64s at GG in Virginia Beach on the drive home from Myrtle Beach. Bride received the credit card alert text since CC was used out of state. She gave me an earful....so I stopped at GG in NJ on the same ride home and they wouldn’t let me return them since they had been “hit”....Stopped at USPS on same ride home and shipped them back to GG in Virginia Beach. So the Mp-64s were great company for a long car ride but I never got to hit them.
  8. Amazing Grace for at least 8 years and a similar center shafted Bobber Grace Mac 6.4 since 2003?
  9. Curious to what you put in it? Accra fx
  10. Bobby Grace Amazing grace is so stable. I'm not a great putter but I can't tell you what it feels like to miss the sweet spot with this thing. So consistent with distance control. If you miss the putt, it was a misread. In the bag forever.
  11. Battlesticks. Australian Blades, sound like weaponry used to win battle then slaughter the cattle.
  12. I once thought it was the M1..so hard,until the right shaft went in it...Then it was SO nice.
  13. M2 with Hzrdus is very easy off the tee and fairway. I wish it was a little deeper faced off the tee. Imagine the tour issue would be ideal.
  14. I carry mostly and started dropping wedges a few years ago. Im left with a pw and a 54* with 10* of bounce. Versatile grind. I'm much more consistent with one wedge with less practice. The first year, I'd add the wedges back for tournaments. That DID NOT work out, cost me a lot of strokes playing with clubs I wasn't familiar with any more. It's sure nice carrying 11 clubs!
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