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  1. Have been continually researching options since my OP a couple of weeks ago (and months before posting). Am encouraged by the Yes’s and the Maybe’s in the poll. Unfortunately, the cost for putting the pieces together for the tech is much too expensive, and will be shelving the idea for now. Thanks for your time to the folks that responded legitimately and tried to keep the thread on track.
  2. Not at all helpful gwelfgulfer. Did you even read the original post where I've addressed the invalid concerns you have brought up? On another note, both as a nice guy to golf with and also an interest in quick play, find myself helping others find their balls often (and adding 1,000's of extra steps in the process), through all index ranges....
  3. Believe I have come up with a viable idea for a golf gadget. Hoping to hear everyone’s two cents as some very initial market research and in turn, pursuing it further if there is a positive response. Would you purchase a device that had an extremely good chance of helping you find your golf ball when you were within say 20/30/40 yards of it? Any golf ball could be used. I’ve tried the blue glasses in the past with not much luck and have no interest in replacing expensive chipped balls in those products. It’s strictly theory right now, and not sure if the technology wil
  4. I was having trouble transferring the preset drill to my (very flat the top) regular swing. This video by Faldo on his site has helped me immensely. At about the 1:45 mark, he talks about his wrist action and how he sets the club after his takeaway. Great stuff for me! When he says he 'cranks' his wrists fully, I'm finding it's easier to push on the butt of the club with your top hand to c*&k your wrists, rather than 'lift' my wrists into position. http://nickfaldo.com/nicks-tips/take-away
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