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  1. Terrible news...his posts of Stratton’s gear and progress as a player will always be in my WRX HOF. RIP Breck.
  2. TBH too early to advise on the steelfiber’s. Hoping they are the ideal middle ground between Recoils and C Taper lite’s. TBD. With regard to the ZX5, ZX7 dilemma...IMO, BIG fan of both models but I have to say the ZX5 is just so user friendly off of the grass from all types of lies. The extra tech in them really helps across the board. I’ve always appreciated more ‘help” in the long irons so opting for a combo set was an easy choice for me. Higher swing speed players who don’t need more height, more forgiveness or have a history with blades will most likely prefer the ZX7.
  3. Kind ask...in the future please don’t use information or materials that do not belong to you without the permission of the owner
  4. I think you should try the ZX5...they may surprise you. IMO their feel is still very good and their numbers seem to show more forgiveness over the ZX7. I’m still fine tuning swing weights and loft’s on both the ZX5 and the ZX7’s but the ZX5’s have been very impressive.
  5. Some more details... Yes...steelfiber’s: i110 CW’s S flex. 5 iron thru 60*. Have used Recoil 110’s for past few seasons but have been experimenting with steelfiber’s and c taper lites this fall/winter. Recoils have gone a little too left on more aggressive swings so hoping for good things with the Steelfiber’s. New zip core head shapes are very good...my wedge set up is...stock PW at 45, zip core 48 bent to 50 (I prefer a smaller head shape of 48 than the zip core 50), 54 bent to 55 and a 60. Coming soon...ZX4 4 iron...22* tour AD DI 85 X hybrid shaft..
  6. IMO other club company’s should do as Ping does...ie new apex pro would be far more aesthetically pleasing if “Apex” “Callaway” “Pro” “Tungsten” didn’t have to be called out on the back of the club...Taylormade 7 series is much improved with less clutter. Less is more...”This is the way”
  7. The ZX5 is a very, very good iron...esp. in the longer irons...they should garner a lot of attention in 2021...a ZX5 and ZX7 combo set deserves a look without question...I210’s are tremendous and formidable (see Fred Couples) but if I were you, I would try the Srixons before making a final decision.
  8. “White-Corduroy”...so easy to clean...so golf friendly...said no one...except at Nike...
  9. Yes...with a matching 2020 Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Champion T-shirt from Fanatics
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