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  1. Does anyone know what the longest length fit FJ polos are by any chance or have lengths for the XXL athletic fit polos? Or the Ping polos, which on the face of it look (on the pictures anyway) as if they might be quite a long fit. Sick of tucking in my shirt after every shot & want to avoid having to get a tailor extending whatever shirts i end up buying. Never a fan of the specifically tall fit polos as they tend to also widen everything and they fit like tents!
  2. Im planning on keeping my i210 irons for at least 2-3 more seasons. Best irons I have ever had and ALOT better than the i200s I had before them. Totally different level of feel.
  3. Eddie said on a podcast this last week or so that he left Mizzy as they insisted he used their driver going forward. He said that he felt his (Ping) driver was integral to his success so he left his Mizzy contract. He did admit that he took money from Ping (but not as much as he was on at mizuno) to use the rest of their clubs.
  4. Actually got confirmation from Vosh on Twitter that they do have T20 B heads. Which is good news for me, but not for my wallet.
  5. Can anyone confirm they do B heads in the t20 wedges. Raw specifically.
  6. Technically at driver lofts the offline amount is much reduced, but is still there to a certain extent - so why not try to get it as you want it if at all possible. Not factored into this conversation is the look of the club as it sits at address. If you think it looks good lie wise then the shot will likely be better than if you feel it is too flat and subconsciously try to manipulate the shot to compensate. Ive seen Justin Rose talk about this very thing regarding his clubs, particularly irons where the effect can be much more dramatic - he likes to see a high toe so it fools his eyes into
  7. Have a look in the hosel to see if the bullet weight is still in there. E3 is too heavy for it not to be at 1 inch longer. Did that come straight from TM?
  8. I have been waiting for the next i blade / i210 iron set, but as of today i'm ending 30 years of mainly Ping loyalty and moving to another brand. Ping UK and their complete lack of interest in hitting any sort of non-std spec for non tour / elite plays and their customer service department who just try to fob you off with responses like 'we are a mass production manufacturer and it can't be expected for us to pick heads for lightest weight as that would involve our tour department etc etc' have finally done me in. I refuse to put myself through the hassle of wondering if the set of irons I'm
  9. Anyone have the specs chart for each setting at all? Google and WRX searches doesn't turn anything up as far as i can see. Only found generalities, but no specifics / chart. Bit strange that a company selling thousands and thousands of clubs doesn't seem to actually want anyone to easily find what the face angle changes are for each setting, or what the exact lie angle changes are even. Aware for the average golfer it probs doesn't matter, and also aware I can just test to see what works best for me.
  10. Just reduce the offset in the 3-5 iron and retain the proper swing weight ports and they have got a perfect set to my eye. Some glide3 in black finish asap would be helpful also....
  11. At first glance it looks like Ping are releasing another product that moves them further away from being a company that can hit custom swing weights for longer builds. Shame.
  12. 6ft 5. Have tried allsorts over the years but mainly 1 inch longer. Have recently gone to 0.5 inch longer, and a hair more upright than before. Most solid striking & control I've had in years & ball flight has lowered with the shorter irons. I can't believe it, I've believed that the exact opposite should be the case for 20 years of scratch or better golf....I've got used to losing the half inch now & don't notice it in terms of posture as far as I can tell. The swing weights are MUCH better for me now as well.
  13. Me too. I used i3 o-size irons back in the day as a UK +2. Nowadays similar blade length Ping irons come with much wider soles & so (IMO) aren't appealing to as wide a range of buyers. In those days the marketing model was very different....
  14. Pretty sure in the early 2000's Faldo had a mixed set of Ping i3 blade long irons and i3 o-size mid/short irons. Trajectory Windows & spin are what these guys fit to, not club head size look.
  15. The usual + left right misses off tee / approach shots etc.
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