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  1. Andy Sullivan showing off his new set on Twitter this morning. They do look very nice indeed
  2. I think calling it Championship Sunday is pushing it a bit considering Liverpool took the title a few weeks ago. More like relegation Sunday - which the mighty Aston Villa survived so all is now right with the world.
  3. The title says it all really. Did Srixon ever produce a Z565 SW? I've looked on the Srixon website and the specs only go up to the AW.
  4. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but as a star struck kid going to his first European Tour event held at the Belfry back in 1982 I asked him for an autograph. He must have spent 5 mins with me chatting about golf and life in general, that meant so much to me and he became my first golf hero. We followed him around and on the 10th (the short driveable par 4 over water) he asks the gallery if he should have a go for it, "yes" we all shout back, he promptly sticks it in the water! RIP Brian.
  5. A graduate of the Tyrrell Hatton school of manners.
  6. Anyone in the UK (or otherwise) know where I can get my hands on the "crossed golf clubs and ball" shirt. Havent been able to find this anywhere. !
  7. Like a number of other posters on this thread the test results have created a bit of a paradigm shift for me. For info Ive just got down to 12 h/c and my driver speed is a very average (for this site) c100mph. I’ve played the RXS as my “summer ball” for years and love the feel of it. However for the last couple of rounds I switched to a Pro V1x. Initial results are encouraging, the ball flies a little bit lower and seems to be straighter as well. Yes it’s a lot firmer but I can get used to that. Does it mean the RXS is a naff ball? Absolutely not! I’ve been presented with some data which has opened my mind to trying different things. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won’t. No harm in trying is there?
  8. I struggled to watch the Honda last night when Roe was commentating. I can understand Sky using their own team for the Majors and Euro events but I they seem to be commentating more and more on regular PGA tour events. Wonder why this is?
  9. To end the year with the clubs I'm using now To spend the money I would have done on club purchases on lessons instead To get "golf fit"
  10. I appreciate that its end of line now and I've probably left it too late but if anyone knows its going to be the residents of this thread. Where (if anywhere) can I get one of these in size L that will ship to the UK. Its the dri-fit 1/2 zip top in clay green & black.
  11. Last Thursday - Pixies Tonight - Johnny Marr Wednesday - First Aid Kit
  12. All this could have been avoided if someone had sorted him out nice seats at Fenway.....
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