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  1. That was a pretty decent imitation of me, Louis.
  2. 5:38 Central Time. I’m calling it for Rahm.
  3. Don’t know if it’s just me, but the picture lags the sound by 6 seconds.
  4. I just tuned in and immediately noticed that the picture is a good 5 seconds behind the sound. I just heard Michelson react to a shot he hadn’t hit yet.
  5. Yes. They are gone and I don’t think they’ll be back. I found a Mike Malaska (my new favorite) video that helped. I think this was the one.
  6. Yeah....kind of defeats the purpose of the original post.
  7. No man should ever use Tik Tok. You could be doing something as manly as... oh, I don’t know, working out with heavy weights...and you’d still look like a 15 yr old girl lip syncing to some Cardi B song.
  8. I appreciate all these answers. And thanks to the guy who mentioned Malaska....I liked his videos. but this just makes me think how impossible it must be to find an instructor in real life. my game is in desperate need of some help...I literally haven’t played a round in seven months because I CAN NOT hit a driver. It used to be a solid club for me....but I can’t figure out what’s going on. I’d like to go see someone but feel it’s an absolute [email protected] finding one.
  9. This topic probably has been done to death, but I am wondering who people like. Clay Ballard’s Top Speed Golf is mine. He explains things in a way that makes sense to me.
  10. Haven’t played in 6 months . My game is in shambles.
  11. We shrug off other bad shots because they are usually “one-offs.” I’ve never thinned 4 shots in a row on the range in my life...but I’m into multiple range visits and it’s just getting worse. I’m a decent player...can score in the 70’s on my relatively easy course...but I could shank an entire bucket of range balls and be unable to diagnose why.
  12. I have them right now. Feels like they will go on forever. I’ve watched every YouTube video promising that I’ll cure my shanks immediately....but nothing. I sometimes get them in the spring but they go away in a day or two on the range...but I’ve had them for two weeks now and these seem more sinister.
  13. Insufficient applause. 7 pages in I assume that line has been used.
  14. Pure insanity. I bet everyone in England drives with a mask on
  15. Have the people you were playing with sign your scorecard and then complete your round in the dark because you started out thinking you’re going to just play a twilight nine but because of the ace you felt that you had to play 18
  16. My course became extremely busy early on. And it hasn’t slowed down. Everyday, Monday thru Sunday has a Saturday morning feel to it.
  17. My swing went off the rails about a month ago....total breakdown. I stumbled upon a Saguto YouTube of him talking about Ben Hogan’s swing. Long story short, I paid the $99 fee and became a Saguto golfer. Still working on the transition but I’m a believer.
  18. I played yesterday with a post office employee. He said the two items he is seeing a lot in his deliveries are........cribs and baby car seats AND golf equipment. my course is still ramped up to 100%. The range is packed solid no matter what time of day I go and at 2:30 the high school kids swarm the practice facilities.
  19. I did the exact opposite. 43-36. And the front nine is the easy 9 where even par is the goal. At the turn I figured I needed even to break 80. 7 pars, 1 birdie, 1 bogie.
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