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  1. Are these the best option for a left hand game improvement iron that is not harsh feeling and too large by the ball? Coming off Titleist T100 with Nippon Modus 105 S which are nice but demanding for a 1-2 times a month golfer. Any feedback on these and the stock Nippon Neo shaft?
  2. Cleveland 588 CB Left Hand irons. 3-PW. TT Dynamic Gold R. New midsize Tour Velvet grips. 3 deg upright. Very good condition. $250.
  3. I do want a new set. You have a point. Maybe I should be looking at the club head to help elevate the longer irons and stick with the tried and true DG.
  4. No. Fitter went from the AMT Black to the Project X LZ. Surprised I fit into a 5.0 but Project X always felt stiffer than Dynamic Gold to me and have lost some speed. Gained roughly 10 yds over current. Fittings are a snapshot in time in a way. A fitting on another day with another fitter could yield different results. I guess the hope wrt shafts is to get a weight range and then flex that is playable and avoid a mistake purchase based on ego or impulse.
  5. Good feedback. The machined face and roll should help with leaving it short which is a problem I have with grooved putter faces.
  6. Thanks. A fitting with Titleist resulted in the T100 with Project X LZ 5.0. Provided the best launch, spin & distance. Shaft felt stable at 110 gms. Surprised how playable the T100 iron was, good feel and better looking vs T200. Still want to try the Ping G425 irons coming out in January. Might offer more forgiveness.
  7. Thanks. I was staying away from the Elevate but will add them to the list. I tried the DG AMT Black in the Titleist T100. Easy to swing, launch using the 7 iron demo but hard to tell how the varying weights would feel and play thru the set. OT- Can anyone with a Golf WRX account sell clubs on this site? I’d rather not use Ebay and Craigslist hasn’t been successful.
  8. Thanks. I tried the Fetch again and did notice a very slight give in the shaft but no impact on putting. I set it to 35.5” (my spec) so almost at the high end of the adjustment. Quality product.
  9. I was surprised how the opening on the Fetch really helped with alignment for me. Similar to a two ball putter but less visually distracting. I also like the zero offset or close.
  10. Thanks. They look great in person. The machined face seems to roll the ball well. Probably pick one up to see if it works for me.
  11. Anyone gaming one of these? The Fetch rolled nice in the store. This model has a steel face which I prefer over aluminum. The copper/black look was good. Not sure the need for an adjustable shaft if you know your specs.
  12. I was able to try the Nippon Modus 105 stiff in a few 7 iron heads- Ping i210, G410 and Titleist T200. Nice shaft. Ball speed with the Titleist was highest and it felt as good as the Ping i210. All three very good irons. My ball speed was 110 with the Titleist. They said that fits a stiff shaft and I’d get better control. No R shaft available to try.
  13. No I haven’t tried AMT White. I tried the DG 120 S300 but as I mentioned not much help. I think a higher spinning head with lighter, mid kick shaft should do the trick. Unfortunately my speed has slowed down and it’s not like I’m putting huge loads on the shaft anymore especially with my smooth tempo. Probably need a consistent shaft bend profile thru the set at this point vs just in long irons.
  14. Thanks again. Struggling with the iBlade or i210. iBlade looks great at address and in the bag and I don’t like thicker soles. As a 10 handicap however feel like I may struggle more with the iBlade especially in the long irons. Not a fan of split sets.
  15. Thank you. Interesting you felt the Modus 105 had a similar flight to the DG shaft and the Modus 120 or 125 would be a better fit for higher flight. Maybe the Modus 105 has a stiffer tip section; I found this to be the case with the DG 120 S300 where the flight to me was actually lower vs standard DG S300. Probably due to less spin. I spoke to Ping and the rep who also was a fitter suggested Modus 105 R shaft for my swing speed and tempo which is around 95 mph, 155 with a 7 iron, smooth tempo.
  16. Thanks. After more research and discussion I’ll probably go Nippon Modus 105 stiff or Ping AWT 2.0 stiff in the i210s (vs iBlade for more forgiveness). Both are Nippon shafts. Concerned with different weighting in the AWT but this would help in the long irons in theory and keep the short iron flight down a bit. Need to find a way to hit them both.
  17. Thanks. I thought about going this direction but was concerned about the weight. Do you find the control ok?
  18. I’ve never hit a std R300 so not familiar with how they play. They are very close in weight to the S300 and designed with a similar high kick point so low launch, spin in theory. I’d want the same shaft in all the irons.
  19. Makes sense. Probably need to find a shaft that feels good to me, is lighter and then adjust. Another thought was Ping can dial in swing weight so go with slightly higher swing weight to help keep the tempo in check.
  20. Thanks. I tried the 105R in a fitting bay at PGASS. I prefer an outdoor range fitting but no demo days with Covid. The fitter only had a R shaft which was in the 90 gm range. Felt too light and my tempo was off. Maybe it’s just getting used to but this is my dilemma; heavy seems to maintain my tempo but I don’t have the speed anymore to generate height especially in the long irons. That’s why I was considering the Ping AWT which is more mid weight and mid spin or Project X LZ. Good luck with the clubs!
  21. I’ve played standard Dynamic Gold S300 in my irons for 40 yrs. At this point I need a shaft that will get me more height in the longer irons and easier to swing so fatigue is not a factor late in the round. I’ve recently switched to DG 120 S300 however this did not work out; lighter but same low launch and felt even stiffer to me than the standard DG S300. Looking at Project X LZ maybe 5.5 or Ping AWT 2.0 stiff in a set of iBlades. Driver swing speed mid 90’s mph. Smooth tempo. Usually plus 1/2” in irons. Difficult to demo during Covid. Any thoughts on a potential shafts would be appreciated.
  22. Thanks everyone. Maybe a better approach would be a slightly longer Ping Vault 2 Craz E H at 375 grams and a corresponding counter weight in the grip vs a 38” model. Or find a used CB putter on EBay to minimize the damage if the CB idea doesn’t work for me.
  23. Would there be any benefit to a player who uses a 35” standard putter switching to a 35” counter balance model? Is the extra length, weight above the hands required to slow down the handle and let the club head release? Looking at trying a CB putter to help on short putts but 38” seems awkward. Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to the length. I see some decent used models like the Ping Senita B at 35” and new ones like the Ping Sigma CB models at 38”. Thanks.
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