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  1. That's not a landfill. We call that the Bluffs of Zion. Both are great courses, but Thunderhawk is about twice as expensive as Crook and it definitely isn't twice as good. If you're coming from Ryder Cup you might enjoy Crook more since it is more similar to a links style course than T-Hawk.
  2. hey fellas, hope all is well. No golf for me this year. Have to have back surgery #8 (this time getting a fusion) after hurting my back again playing hockey last November. Hopefully back on the course next year.
  3. 11 might be my favorite hole on the course. Since I moved up to the old man tees I've eagled that hole a couple times. Good drive that catches the slope on the right side of the fairway and then hit a hybrid up the left side and let it roll up the slope onto the green. Used to love #2 the best, but in the last few years I've been unable to hit the ball far enough to take advantage of the shoot on the right side of the fairway by the green. In the past I used to love picking one less club and hitting it to the right and watching it roll 40 yards and onto the green.
  4. FYI, Golf Magazine just released their list of top 100 you can play. Lawsonia Links #23. So yea, if you don't like Lawsonia or don't get the hype there's a good chance you're just wrong.https://golf.com/travel/courses/best-public-golf-courses-top-100-you-can-play-2020-21/ Only course in that top 25 under $100, heck most are above $250. This quote from the article pretty much sums it up... Possibly the most underrated course in America and its greatest golfing value.
  5. Well we all know where I stand on this issue. I think it's the most perfect golf course in the USA. If I could play there every day for the rest of my life I would consider myself very lucky and I would never get bored.
  6. $119 green fee. You guys misunderstood. LL doesnt have a single green fee over $100. They're the only course in the top 100 that can say that.
  7. LL is the only course in the top 100 that doesn't have a rate higher than $100 at ANY TIME. All those courses you listed are discount rates or twilight etc. LL has discount rates as well, but the most you will ever pay there is under $100 and it comes with a cart. They claim to be the only course in the top 100 that doesn't have a green fee over $100.
  8. 100% serious. I think it's the most perfect golf course I've ever played. That feeling comes with playing it 20x per year over a long period of time. The more you get to know the place the more you realize how magical it is. It's also the only USA public top 100 course that's under $100 to play.
  9. ha, thanks for posting. Didn't know the list was out. And shame on you Arg, you obviously don't love LL enough if you're gonna post such garbage about it being worse than EH or the Irish. If anything, they have LL too low at #4. It never played Mamoth so I can't comment on that, but LL is a MUCH better course than that overrated shithole leading the way in Kohler. Is it better than SV? I'd say yes, but I only played SV one time so I would have to play it more to really give an opinion. EH is very overrated. Their greens are garbage compared to LL. Are their greens even as good as Wash County??? IMO it should be #1. I personally would have it #1 in the entire country. I honestly believe it is the most perfect golf course I've ever played. Kills me that we sold our house in Green Lake last fall and I had to give up my membership this year :(
  10. yes 100%! And it can sell out so you need to jump on that right away. I know someone who went there this year and couldn't get on the sand box because his group just assumed you could walk on any time.
  11. I would say the only holes that offer no chance for ground play are 6, 7, 8, 13 and 15. It's narrow on 3 and 17, but I've rolled it up on those holes more often than I've gotten there on the fly. Same with 4. The good news with those holes is even though it's narrow approaching the green, the fairway ground seems to funnel everything towards the green. My favorite ground hole is #2. Depending on how long an iron you are hitting in, you can pretty much land anywhere in the fairway on the other side of the mounds and the ball is going to roll onto the green. There's a shoot along the right side of the fairway where you can land a long iron and it will hit the shoot and end up front center of the green with most likely an uphill putt. So of the 18 you can definitely play the ground game on 13 of the holes. Some easier than others for sure, but the option is always there.
  12. I think a lot of people see a course with no trees and lots of fescue and they think Links, but as others have said Prairie is a much more apt term for pretty much all of those courses.
  13. I don't agree on that last comment about it being a bit of a stretch to call Lawsonia a Links type of course. Sure it's not by a large body of water, but it's built entirely on sand and limestone. It plays as fast and firm as any course in the entire country. It absolutely promotes a ground game on almost all of the holes. I've never been overseas and played real Links golf, but I bet the course conditions at Lawsonia are closer to that than 98% of the courses in the USA that claim to be Links.
  14. OP, don't listen to the vocal minority who have the audacity to even compare Wash Co to Lawsonia, let alone claim that Wash Co is a better course. That's straight up blasphemy. Lawsonia Links might very well be the perfect golf course. You will NEVER play a course like Lawsonia as long as you live. You will never play a course that affords so many different ways to attack each hole the way Lawsonia does. Good luck ever finding a course that plays as fast and firm as Lawsonia. And the green complexes? Is there another course in the USA that has green complexes like Lawsonia? Lawsonia truly is a 1 in a million course. And I believe it is currently the only course rated in the USA Top 100 that costs less than $100. Wash Co is a very nice muni at a great price. It's the perfect course for the end or beginning of a golf trip when you are on your way to the airport. It is in no way a destination course.
  15. I've paired Lawsonia up with Wash County on many weekend trips over the past 10-15 years. Wash county is a perfect warmup course for Lawsonia. Honestly though, why not just drive straight through to Lawsonia and play more rounds there. They do a great play all day plan for dirt cheap considering the value. A perfect trip to Lawsonia would be both courses on day 1 and then sun up to sun down on day 2.
  16. Nice. One thing I'll say is definitely take your time at the Sandbox. I would give myself enough time to at least play it twice in a row. Once with wedges and once with putters or something else. Saw one group playing an entire hole with just drivers. It's a blast and perfect way to spend the afternoon after an AM round on SV. Tehy give you a pencil bag so you can just bring a handful of clubs out there. There is also a massive canoe filled with ice and beer at the first tee.
  17. Assuming you are already playing The Sandbox after your SV round the day before then yes, definitely head to Lawsonia and play the Links course.
  18. Gather round everyone and let me tell you about a little place called Whistling Straits.....
  19. Go to the one you can drive to. Not having to get on a plane would be a major factor for me, moreso than course quality or anything else to be honest.
  20. Damn, my overnight trip to South Bend this week just got cancelled. My buddy who lives there, his son has symptoms and got tested today. Won't know results till Friday. So there goes that trip. Was gonna drive up there with another friend of ours on Thursday and play 36 at SBCC, and then get up the next day and play another 36 at SBCC before driving home in time to get my buddy home before he turns into a pumpkin at sunset.
  21. I would say the best courses within 30 of Evanston are Glencoe, Deerfield, Wilmette, Glen Club if you want to spend $$$, and Sunset Valley. If you haven't played SV since the renovation I suggest checking it out. They drastically improved that place.
  22. Deerfield on Saturday at noon. Course was packed, yet the pace of play was nice. Waited on a few shots at most all day and we finished in 4 hours. Course is in great shape. Greens rolling really nice. $59 with a cart is a steal in that neck of the woods. Sunset Valley is $79. Tale of two nines for me. Was very sore after playing hockey the two previous nights and hit my first drive 50 yards. Hopped on the bogey train on the front nine with 8 of them and a par for a 44. Didn't help that I would get a shot of sciatic pain on every swing. But, back started to loosen up on the back and got on the par train with one bogey, one double and one birdie for a 38 and a 82 overall. Aside from a 96 at Thunderhawk back in May, I've been between 80-84 every round. Moved to Deerfield from Chicago back in March and couldn't be happier about it. I'm now 5-10 minutes from several golf courses as opposed to being 45 minutes away. Only thing that sucks about leaving Chicago is the food. Suburban food has definitely gotten better over the past 10-15 years, but it still doesn't hold a candle to what you can get in the city.
  23. And if you can swing an invite to South Bend CC don't pass it up. Great course.
  24. they definitely need to move the tee boxes up on #9. As it is there is about 10 yard difference between the tips and the maroons. as it stands it is definitely my #1 least favorite/ hardest hole in the area as it's one of the only holes where I have zero chance of ever getting to the green in regulation. or they could move the tee boxes back and call it a par 5 and then move #1 up a bit and call it a par 4.
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