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  1. MP33's sold. Added WHP #3. Willing to make a deal on SF816's.
  2. They are the best feeling 3W/5W I have hit. They are steel and they are all around solid. I'm not deadset on selling them, but they are sitting, so I figured I would list them.
  3. Mizuno MP-33 3-PW Heads refinished in satin chrome by theironfactory. Heads did not require regrooving. $350 OBO Paypal/Insurance/3 Day Priority in the CONUS. The refinish alone was above $300. SOLD to nnegrillo. Heads have about 15 rounds on them since refinish. They are in fantastic shape. I need CBs, so these gotta go. I have about 20 other pictures that are available on request. 3-241g, 4-246g, 5-254g, 6-260g, 7-268g, 8-274g, 9-282g, PW-294g
  4. Well, sort of a fake out. Received the 4,5, and 6 P7MCs today.
  5. P7MCs were scheduled to be delivered today, but FedEx had other plans. As of last Friday, (ordered through Discount Dans) expected shipping date was 12/14. Ordered on 8/25, changed order from Combo MC/MB to all MC on 9/24.
  6. For orders placed today, or for existing pre orders that have not been fulfilled?
  7. I can actually browse the site on mobile without getting frustrated by refreshes!
  8. I have never owned a single Taylormade club. I've always had a Ping/Mizuno/Titleist bag since I started playing 7 years ago. I'm pumped to get my P7MC/P7MB combo set, and even found myself driving to the local golf store solely to hit the SIM this afternoon. Damn you!
  9. Placed an order today through Discount Dans for 4-6 MC, 7-P MB. Expected ship date I was given is 10/22/2020. I wish I wouldn't have checked the TM site before I ordered and saw 9/4/2020. Oh well. MP-33s until then..
  10. This exactly. I had to physically go to the store (after my wife warned me about Old Navy clothes/sizing) and try on 4-5 pants the same size to get two pairs that fit the same.
  11. Tom Slighter custom and JPX 900 Tours. Everything else is on the way out or being changed up.
  12. I'm 1 for 2 on CPO purchases. Just picked up a "Like New" Ping G400 LST. I agree with all aspects of condition except the omission of a missing weight insert. Come On!
  13. I just went through this fiasco after attempting to setup a return in Mid October 2017 for a pair of Prime Knit Boost golf shoes that were purchased from Amazon prime in March. After walking 6 rounds, the heels of both shoes had worn through. Unfortunately, the first time I called happened to be right around the time TM and Adidas Split. Also unfortunate considering this is the first pair of Adidas golf shoes I have owned. After reading the info that evanseze posted, I called the Adidas golf customer service line. Much better customer service experience than I had encountered in the 5 pr
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