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  1. Not as pricey as the Ping KBIs which will cost you several thousand bucks if you ever find one - they were made for employees of the KBI company and not released to the public so are holy grails of Ping collecting.
  2. Ping has never made a production model of the Anser in becu with a sound slot. Even when they released the Scottsdale Anser remakes in the late 90s (which came in becu, beni and mgbrz), the only one with a slot was the mgbrz. The Anser in your picture is a standard manganese bronze one. The patina on these varies quite a lot depending on what conditions they have been exposed to and when they were made.
  3. It definitely is a tour putter. The clue is in the serial, which starts PGA...
  4. If this is a tour issue PLD, I would think twice before sending it in to Ping to refinish as he may not get it back!
  5. *Bumping* this thread as I like to see other contributions! Me on the 10th tee at the Carrick on Loch Lomond, Scotland, late Oct 21.
  6. Stunning. BeCu Eye 2s 1-LW is a holy grail of Ping collecting, especially in that condition. Lovely set overall too!
  7. Fair enough - it was a good tournament for him - I just don't remember thinking he was ever truly in contention when I watched it. The winner was always odds-on to be from Spieth or Kuchar. Also, pretty sure the closest Rory got was 3 shots back (maybe briefly 2 of Spieth when Kuch briefly led): Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Par 4 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 3 4 3 5 4 5 4 Spieth −10 −10 −9 −8 −9 −9 −9 −9 −8 −8 −8 −8 −7 −8 −10 −11 −12 −12 Kuchar −8 −9 −8 −8 −8 −7 −7 −7 −8 −8 −8 −8 −8 −8 −9 −9 −10 −9 Li +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 E −1 −1 −1 −2 −2 −2 −3 −4 −5 −6 Cabrera-Bello −3 −3 −3 −3 −3 −3 −3 −4 −4 −4 −3 −4 −4 −4 −4 −4 −5 −5 McIlroy −2 −2 −2 −2 −2 −2 −2 −2 −3 −3 −4 −4 −4 −4 −3 −3 −5 −5 Cumulative tournament scores, relative to par Carnoustie '18 was closer, but overall, Mcilroy's Open record has been disappointing (given how good he is) since he won it. As you said, he has a good chance on the Old Course next year - IF the conditions are benign...
  8. I completely agree with you on Spieth - I think he will win at least one more Open too. As for Rory - his record flatters him a bit. Others on this thread have mentioned his "backdoor" high finishes and that is the case in the Open. He's a great player capable of brilliant rounds, but after his 2014 win, he missed St Andrews with a careless injury, finished 16 shots behind Stenson in '16, and started 8 behind Spieth and finished 7 behind in '17. The only one he contended in was 2018 at Carnoustie, with a large pack of other players. And then we come to the Portrush disaster, which was the epitome of Rory putting far too much pressure on himself and failing to cope with "summer" links golf in the UK (wind, rain, cold) even at a course he knows and loves.
  9. Yeah, he won at liverpool before, but they are only perfect for him if it's sunny and calm (in which case they are also perfect for a lot of other top players). If the wind blows then he won't win, and if it's windy and rainy he'll be lucky to make the cut.
  10. Obviously Rory could win more majors and may do so at any time. However, after seven years I reckon the pressure he puts himself under (especially at the Masters) hinders his wedges and putting when it matters. He won his four when he was young and fearless and just enjoying himself; the opposite of now when he's the older guy with high expectations for himself, and a whole generation of young fearless bucks to compete against. His first round nonsense in many (most?) majors is obviously also a big problem, as is the fact that at the Open he doesn't like it when the wind blows. Always thought that was really odd for someone from NI.
  11. I am absolutely the same (apart from the AX - never had one of those). Off the top of my head, I've had 4 different sets of becu Eye 2s, 4 ISIs, and about a dozen different Scottsdale Ansers (the remake - I still have my only original one).
  12. This could be an unpopular angle, but personally, I don't think any tour pro is "well-dressed" these days. Stenson and Scott generally look good because they are good looking guys. Almost tour pros are covered in numerous advertisements across their hats and polyester shirts. Then you have some young guns in joggers, hoodies and hi-tops. None of these are good looks or have any stand-out style. The last players I remember standing out with something approaching their own style were Parnevik and Katayama. PS Simply wearing two-tone spats-style shoes does not make JT and Billy Ho well-dressed either; they're just slimmer versions of Darren Clarke.
  13. I'm a Ping guy so other than a Wilson 8802 putter I grew up with, I am all-Ping. Looking for a set of Hogan Apexes in excellent condition but for now, I have: Ping Karsten II (1976) Ping Eye 2+ BeCu (1991) Ping ISI BeCu (1996) Ping ISI BeNi (1996) As well as my regular set, IBlades, and a holiday set of Anser Forged. I also have a lot of classic Ping putters.
  14. Fantastic stuff. Thanks so much for the update and pictures. The carbon Tyne is a super-cool choice. It's incredible how far ahead of the retail offerings these PLDs are. They ooze class and the feel and looks are just awesome. How difficult / nerve-wracking was it to putt on the concrete slab?
  15. Pinehurst #2. I found it very very hard to keep approaches (and sometimes even chips) on the greens - the landing areas are so small and the greens when I played it were hard as a rock. It's a great experience and I'd go back in a shot, but it was much harder than other major venues I have played, including Muirfield and Troon.
  16. Prestwick. The first tee (railway line OB all the way tight right and heavy rough left) and the 17th green with the "Sahara" bunker.
  17. Yes, I agree. All I was saying is that when I stood there in person, I thought it looked *slightly* wider than it appears on TV. It's still daunting, obviously.
  18. I would say 18 is an excellent finishing hole. The drive and the approach are both very challenging. It is perhaps unfashionable as it doesn't have water on it, and is steeply uphill. As i said before, it has a huge weight of history behind it (like the 18th on the Old Course) which adds a lot to the experience of watching new editions of the Masters every year. No one's arguing that the 17th isn't a weaker hole (although no worse than 14). They could put in a new tree where the Eisenhower one was. I remember Crenshaw hitting the old one in (I think?) '89 while in contention. He then it a 4-wood (!) onto the green in the heavy rain, and holed a triple-breaking downhill putt for a birdie. You could always add a big pond, if that's what you think the 17th needs... How would you rebuild it?
  19. I don't really get all the criticism of the 18th on this thread. It's a tough finishing hole which occasionally yields a birdie (Lyle, O'Meara, Mickelson, etc.) but can also easily trip a player up (as it has done for many, many others). It's a tough par 4 when you need a par to win or tie. It also has the great advantage of the history of all the previous Masters. I love watching the nervy drives trying to avoid the bunkers and trees, and the approaches trying to get somewhere near that flag on top of the hill. I've been lucky enough to go to the Masters once (a big undertaking from Scotland) and, as well as the usual "wow, this is hillier than on TV", I was really impressed by the front 9, and also by how tough the 10th and 11th are. I don't think there is a course in the world without a relatively weak hole - and at Augusta, the 17th still creates drama. I also thought the 'chute' on the 18th tee shot is a bit wider IRL than it appears on TV, but it's still quite a small target.
  20. I would say it's at the upper end of the value but it looks in excellent condition and the grip can easily be replaced. The cover is the original one and is actually pretty sought after so it alone would fetch $50-60. Personally I love the WRX Anser Fs - they are a nice low-profile dalehead shape and the high-grade ti pixels give a nice firm feel. This is the model Chris DiMarco used to almost win the Masters in 05, only to be foiled by *that* chip on 16 by Tiger.
  21. Face-balanced, and with a sight line, which is unusual on the A5. It's nice to see the occasional actualPing on this thread too, which seems to be 75% Anser copies!
  22. Following this with interest - I have a beautiful PLD Anser in carbon steel - but I didn't go through the fitting (got it as-new in my spec). I am tempted to get a PLD made, and have to admit I am intrigued by the Kushin and DS72 options.
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