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  1. Have you considered an Epic 5w? I play the same 3w as you and picked up the Epic 5w for dirt cheap on callawaygolfpreowned.com and it's become my favorite club in the bag. It looks great, has plenty of pop, and easy to elevate off the tee or deck.
  2. I think this is a great point. Freshness in wedges is typically more important that which brand. The general consensus on best wedges seem to be vokeys. I usually buy the previous years model at a $40ish per club discount. I like higher bounce wedges as it gives me more confidence on the softer courses I end up playing in Michigan.
  3. Came here to post basically this same thing. Imperial is wonderful, every style you can imagine with lots of cool customer logos you can choose from. Like, why pay money advertise for a company on your hat?
  4. Yeah I think you're confusing the cart girl with a Hooters waitress..
  5. I get why the kids would wear them. Tour players like Spieth, DJ, Rahm, Tiger, wear them! Personally, I've kept mine in my closet for everything but white shorts. I mainly wear navy and gray shorts that I'd rather pair with gray/navy/black/brown belts. I think the white adds unnecessary contrast and draws attention to your waist - not the best idea.
  6. Thanks, but in true WRX fashion, I had to at least blame it on the conditions and not just sucking at golf haha
  7. Hi all, Looking to clear out some clubs to help support getting into another expensive hobby. I've done my research and feel my prices are pretty reasonable but I'll be open to offers. If you need additional pics I'll be happy to help. Only trades I'll consider at the moment are downhill mountain bikes... We'll be working from right to left on this. 1. Ping i20 with Project X 5.5 shaft. This club is a cannon and just looks/feels tremendous. She has some miles on her but the top line is completely clean. Asking $50, OG headcover is included. 2. Taylormade SLDR 12 degree head only. Another bomber, especially when lofted up and is still one of the longest drivers out there. Has a big ole dummy mark from some dummy teeing off in 35 degree weather without warming up. Looking for $50 HEAD ONLY 3. Brand spanking new Taylormade M4 fairway wood SOLD. 4. Callaway Apex iron set SOLD 5. Mac Daddy 3 wedges. The 58 degree is a W grind and the 54 is an S grind. Both were played for a season and have plenty of life left in them. The 58 grind is especially excellent - as you can see I still opened it up plenty. I'm looking for $50 a piece or $80 for the pair. The 54: The 58: 6. Odyssey White Hot #5 with 2014 Ryder Cup superstroke grip. It's 35 inches and I have lead tape on the bottom to bring the weight to where I like it (bottom is clean and I can remove the tape is requested). This is such a classic shape and great classic insert. Looking for $65 and immediate sellers regret... 7. Last but not least, Scotty Cameron Mil Spec 34 in. Another great putter with a super classic shape. This is the closest you can get to a 009 without having to sell a kidney. It rolls pure and feels so solid. The grip is a new super stroke w/ removable counterweight. I know this is another one I'll regret selling. It's been gamed but still in good condition. PRICE DROP from $200, asking $180
  8. The analogy he used with watches was perfect. A $50 Timex tells times just as effectively as a $4,000 Rolex, but that doesn't necessarially mean the Rolex is overpriced. Some people like spending the extra money for the quality/feel/look/timelessness, others don't give a s***.
  9. I'm guessing I'm the big weirdo here, but I've found it easiest to flop a high bounce K grind.... Everyone swings differently, just need to find what works best for you.
  10. Love the NLU towel - her appearance on their podcast was fantastic.
  11. You gotta get fitted or hit the P790s at minimum. I'd be surprised if there isn't an improvement since they're 3+ years newer and have some great technology. Whether the improvement is worth justifying the cost is a personal decision. I have the P790s myself and upgraded from some Callaway Apex irons. Felt the upgrade in looks, feel, and ball flight was worth it.
  12. Had the driver and hybrid. Haaaaated the driver as the shaft is so long and the club head just never suited my eye. Loved the hybrid though, only got rid of it because it no longer fit the yardage gap I wanted. I'd suggest finding a way to hit them first. If not, try hitting the aeroburners from last year as they're the closest comparison that would still be in stores.
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