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  1. How do I get the club face more closed in downswing? How do I get the right elbow more in front of me in downswing?
  2. Yep. I shot him a message. I think I understand what he is telling me now. Going to go work on this afternoon.
  3. So, I had a lesson the other day from my teaching pro, and he noticed I had worked my way into an open face at the top of my backswing. He got me to change to a closed face at the top which I have no problem doing by simply flattening my left wrist some. The problem comes in my downswing/release thru impact zone. Because I had been playing with an open face at the top, I was releasing in a way to try to shut the face. Now, I need help with how to release. My pro tells me to try to hit or feel like I am hitting closed faced fades. Any ideas, suggestions, or drills that will help? I am able to make the change with 8 iron down with an occasional hard draw, but with longer clubs and especially driver, the dreaded hook or duck hook is coming into play which scares the crap out of me. The driver is a major problem right now as 8 out of 10 are hard low and left shots. Just to add, on Trackman my path is inside to out and about 2 to 1 path to clubface.
  4. Yeah, it feels like I have bruised the sides of my glutes.
  5. So, even if it's very sore, I should keep working the spots?
  6. When beginning foam rolling and lacross ball rolling or starting back after not doing for a while, is it normal to have very deep pain especially in the glutes and side of glutes??
  7. I use Nuun tablets some, but what are some other sources of electrolytes/sodium that people use? I struggle with this issue. Not just when playing golf but when running too. I drink water throughout my days in the office and I wonder if I am drinking too much water and not enough sodium. Is it as simple as just eating some table salt?
  8. Rob, I shot you an email. If you don't get it let me know. Thanks
  9. I want to get back to strength training but I probably will not do that until the fall. I went ahead and purchased, but did it on my iPad so I will have to wait until I get to the office tomorrow to unzip unless I can get one of my daughters to let me borrow their laptop.
  10. I have lower back problems that come and go. Broke L4 and L5 years ago. I am 44 but my body has become so tight that I feel 64. I did yoga a good bit last summer and that helped, but the forward fold bending put a strain on my back. As a result, my handicap has gone from +0.5 index to -2. I am also at the age where I am starting to lose distance which in turn causes me to lose consistency due to overswinging. Do you think this program would help me and can I get it done in under a hour?
  11. Daly still drinks the hard stuff too. He's a nice guy, but he just has his demons like a lot of people.
  12. I have some similar issues as Bubba when it comes to crowds, heights, anxiety, etc. They are not constant and don't always happen. They occur just out of nowhere. I don't know how Bubba functions in his career. Unless you have experience with it, it's just really hard to explain. Props to him.
  13. I saw Daly last night after his trip to the hospital. He is good and going to play golf today.
  14. What I experience is a feeling of dizziness, lightheadedness and just a blurr that comes out of nowhere. From there, anxiety can kick in and cause increased heart rate and nauseousness. My doctors have run a bunch of test and think it's caused by over dilation of arteries.
  15. I have been dealing with this for some time now. Doctors have told me they think mine is caused by veins and arteries dilating. Anyway, it sucks.
  16. I know someone exactly like the person you are describing. I am almost tempted to ask which state you are in b/c the person I know who acts that way had pro status and no longer does. I wondered to myself if it could possibly be the same person. ha ha
  17. Well, I don't seem to be getting any feedback so I'm going to make some comments on what I see and what I think I need to fix. It looks like I am not allowing the hips and shoulders to open more thru impact and I'm not letting the arms swing freely. I guess maybe that's from focusing so much on trying to straighten the right arm and staying behind the ball that I'm stalling my pivot. May be over emphasizing. Does this sound accurate?
  18. I watched Monte's wedge video and got some help from Dan on straightening the right arm away from the right shoulder. Since then I have been performing slo mo swings inside and hitting into net. Rain has shut down the range. I am not there yet and wouldn't expect to be but for the experts, does it look like I am making some positive progress versus earlier videos? If not, do you see something I am doing wrong? Trying to get ST by keeping head behind ball and trying to straighten right arm in the downswing. Ball is coming out of center of the face consistently. Edited: I just realized the camera moves on both videos so you may not be able to tell anything. http://youtu.be/OsPjlF6XP3g http://youtu.be/ZHWJnFm5I-E
  19. I just saw Monte's video on how the shoulders work in the golf swing. That makes a ton of sense to me and gives me a much better understanding of Monte's original post above. I assume if I get the ST at address and rotate shoulders like he does in the video then I will eliminate the chicken wing. Going to practice tonight with the alignment sticks. Anything else I should be aware of or focused on?
  20. Any suggestions on how to change? Drills or something I can do daily away from course? How do I create secondary tilt without dipping the right shoulder? I guess I am just confused...
  21. I'm sure everybody's watching the Masters today as that is what I am doing now. However, earlier this morning I took some videos. I have been working hard over the past week or so trying to eliminate the right shoulder dip in an effort to keep the left arm straight thru impact.. I'm still having trouble executing this. I just can't seem to get it. Can anybody help me or give me some drills or ideas to help? http://youtu.be/8sYc7uWIDs4 http://youtu.be/Blzoz2cIymM
  22. I have really made strides with my takeaway by FEELING like the shoulders rotate but the hands and arms stay straight going back the first foot or two. The club face FEELS hooded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6G3tkAKyaA
  23. Thanks Quattro. And yes, I was more referring to the bent left arm which I knew was a result of in corrections elsewhere. Here is a DTL I took yesterday when I got home from the range. http://youtu.be/z6G3tkAKyaA
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