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  1. I’ve hit the P790, TWX and the HMBs. Depending on what you’re after I’ll offer the following: The HMB was my least favorite, and I’m a huge Mizuno fan. The ball speeds and distances were the same as my old MP55 irons, and the HMB did not feel like a Mizuno iron. I know feel is subjective, but for a manufacturer who prides themselves on feel and forging, they missed the boat here. The TWX were solid clubs. Accuracy and feel were better than the Mizunos but the distances and ball speeds were similar. These spin a deal more than the 790s. The 790s, which
  2. Spin profile means way more than swing speed in selecting a ball. Ir the spin generated through the ball does not match your needs it can have a huge impact on distance and control.
  3. Does anyone know if Bettinardi follows a normal schedule on releasing their aftermarket headcovers that they sell on their website? I’m looking to pick up a new Betti cover but as of now everything is sold out. Thanks.
  4. We still have s few courses that play it. I’ve also seen courses in Utah set up for it.
  5. I am unfamiliar with this happiness. Could you please try and explain this concept? ...Happiness in golf is playing with good friends on a course with no houses. I love the feeling of playing a track that just feels like it was dropped into nature.
  6. Could be an issue of when you were in the store. Having worked in that area for a bit, if you were there during peak times, or at the end of a long day and you were trying to get a free fitting then I probably would have given you the same experience. Those guys know you’re using them to get fit and will probably take your business elsewhere.
  7. I’m a huge Omega fan, but I prefer my Speedmaster to this one, and I paid $40k less. He must have huge wrist bones, or he’s got that thing pulled tight to get it to sit that high on his wrist.
  8. Sorry, I’m not quite following...Golf is not exclusive because clubs can cost about the same as a phone? You do realize few people pay full price for the most expensive phone right?, and one round of golf a month is the same as a monthly phone bill... and golf requires you have 3.5-5 hours of free time...which also implies you have a job that affords you all those opportunities. A bit of a self own on this one OP. Let them eat cake I guess.
  9. If Suh is still in the league then nothing will happen to Hill. Suh tries to injure someone at least once a year.
  10. Not sure about the wedges but a hotdog and a drink is $1.50. Interestingly both the wedges and hotdog are less than you’d pay at the course.
  11. The opposite is also true, as USPS completes delivery of a lot of FedEx packages. Often FedEx will get one of their parcels to their closest hub and then hand it off to USPS to deliver.
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