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  1. That’s the Carl Spackler edition. They come with the matching bucket hat, lol.
  2. I REALLY like these but I’m in shorts 99% of my rounds. Not sure I’d want to attempt a wingtip with shorts.
  3. Just a thought, but can’t you buy a full set, pull the shafts and sell em here and then put your shaft in the head?
  4. P770 were designed specifically for this purpose.
  5. Y’all must only play once a week or so. I’m not washing towels 3 or 4 times a week.
  6. I quit using the wet towel because they tend to stink rather quickly. I prefer to use a brush and towel because I can get more than 1 round out of the towel. Do the wet towel guys have a huge stack of towels or do you just put up with the stench?
  7. People who complain about strong lofts should just buy 5-GW instead of 4-PW. The number on the bottom doesn’t matter anyway, right?
  8. Scotty Cameron hasn’t made a quality putter since the Pro Platinum line. Music on the course is an improvement for golf. Taylormade is the best OEM right now, top to bottom.
  9. Grips are literally the cheapest part of the club. No way I’d pass on a club over a $5-10 fix.
  10. I’m lucky enough to have some friends in the golf industry so I don’t pay a lot for any of my clubs. That, in addition to my Jaguar F-Pace, gives me a pretty low percentage...2.1%
  11. I got them both before going with the mc’s. I did not notice a significant difference in forgiveness between the 2. A bit bigger footprint with the 790 but nothing that is going to turn a 15 hcp into a solid ball striker. The main difference is the lofts and spin numbers. I’d be looking to make a decision based on the flight, spin and distance numbers that fit you better.
  12. Check eBay for wedge sets. Several Cleveland and Callaway sets that are well within your price range.
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