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  1. Lol, I’m 43 and was blessed to grow up during the 1990s when there was new music, genres, and sounds every few months it seemed like. It was arguably the best 10 years of music in history ( I know, I know, the 60s). My point was that an average person would probably ask WTF when seeing Rumors along side the rest of my downloads.
  2. If Danner makes a steel toe I’d look into them. I hunt in Danners and they are super lite and feel like tennis shoes walking fields all day.
  3. I’m mostly a rap, hard core rock guy, but I think Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors is one of the best albums of all time. It sits in my downloads along side Tech9, 2Pac, Run theJewels, Deftones, Mastadon, Slipknot, etc.
  4. Outside of stock offerings you’ll be in for a wait from most OEMs. If you’re looking at Nippon shafts then cross your fingers and pray.
  5. Ordered a set 5-w with Modus 105 R in mid October. They out for delivery today.
  6. I’d love to see him go to Mizuno. He fits their image and they make a solid bag top to bottom in his more classic style.
  7. Getting ESPN out of college football is key. Their financial and business ties to the SEC really muddy the waters when the network is also tasked with reporting on the sport. They have no financial incentive to hype any other conference and that does influence the money, recruiting, and perception throughout college football. And just, Paul Finebaum. Getting him off ESPN would be a huge win.
  8. I think you have to take into account they were dropped during a global pandemic and catastrophic supply chain crisis. I'm sure their sales would have been much higher if they could have put clubs in bags sooner.
  9. Good looking irons for the golfer they are marketing to.
  10. Golf ain’t a race. I’ll just enjoy my time and have everything ready to go when it’s my turn.
  11. Eh, outside of Bama and Georgia there’s not an SEC team that would be favored over another conference champ…maybe no even over another runner-up…well maybe Oregon. Ill give the SEC 1 for sure and maybe 2 in a year but beyond that I’m not seeing it.
  12. So my 9 y/o son is really into my watches and wants one of his own. Well, we found this in Aruba and he loves it! (I know it’s a women's watch but it fits his wrist). Spent time in the ocean, pool, ATVing, and in the sand with it working beautifully. I’m not a big G-Shock fan but I’m really impressed with this.
  13. Talk to me about the Breitling Supeocean Heritage versus the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m. I’ve always tried to stay away from Breitling since their go to is like a 48mm and I have small wrists, but I see the Superocean is now in a 42mm. Anyone have +/- thoughts either way?
  14. I don’t know about that. The SEC is propped up by Bama and a year in year our mix of one of either LSU, Florida or Georgia. Top to bottom the SEC is not that strong. I’d take the top 5 Big 10 teams over the top 5 SEC teams. The thing the SEC has that no other conference does is the backing of ESPN. They prop up the conference to make it look like every team is Bama when in reality they’re mediocre at best
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