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  1. Not gonna lie, it’s 50-50 between this behavior and the cheaters in scrambles as to which is worse. I guess at least this team was entertaining
  2. Member Buzzkill has the copper RF irons with several wear pics. It appears to hold up fairly well but that depends on how often you play, if you practice on mats, and/or if you play on sand based fairways. Cobras website does say the finish will wear over time.
  3. I can’t speak to your past issues with Taylormade, but for a knowledgeable insider like the OP to come on here and complain about order times seems a bit dubious. If it’s a problem then cancel the order and move on. I would like to see the original email from TM the OP received.
  4. Stock orders were, and may still be, going out within a months time. He probably should have read the fine print. I guarantee it didn’t include all the custom options.
  5. Did you order stock shafts and grips? I heard they had stock piled their stock offerings because they were so popular in the last go around.
  6. Wait, you have 40 years experience in a related field, knew about the largest shipping/ raw material/ supply chain crisis in modern history, and still thought, “Yeah, a month sounds about right.”?
  7. Whew, I was worried I didn’t have your permission to play
  8. Jesus, all I’m saying is there are different ways to play it. I’ve played match play events several ways and they all work out fine. The 2 most popular ways, besides scratch, that I’ve played are those noted above.
  9. Okay, you got hung up on the semantics of the word “hardest”. Use whatever word or phrase you like. The point is that hole ratings are organized in such a way that a 5 hcp would get strokes on holes identified as 1-5 on the rating system.
  10. You are just stating my 2nd scenario. You are describing playing net off the low cap. I’m saying they can do that, OR everyone gets all their strokes.
  11. I don’t think you understand how handicaps work. If the course rating dictates that certain holes are the 4,5, or 6th hardest hole then that is where the handicap should be applied.
  12. This is right on for me. Due to a few injuries I just don’t get a full body turn anymore. That, coupled with 2 kids that travel for sports means less practice time and distance. I played the 2019 790s and hit em well enough that I thought I could go back to the P7mc and then P770 but the truth is the P790 line really helps my scores given my decrease in distance and practice time.
  13. Either everyone gets all their pops, or you play net off the lowest cap. So, the 3 would be scratch, the 4 would get1, the 5 would get 2 and the 6 would get 3.
  14. I say, “It depends.” And then I go on a 45 minute breakdown of my bag including shafts, launch monitor data, ball spin, feel and the rotational axis of the earth. By then I’m usually just talking to myself.
  15. I’m doing the same. New irons for 2022 require different ball characteristics.
  16. A set of nice 2020 P770s that TM doesn’t offer any longer! For sale is a set of 5-w with Nippon 950 Neo shafts in stiff flex. Due to inventory issues Taylormade no longer offers these shafts, so get em here! Irons are 1 degree upright and 1 degree strong. Asking $old.
  17. For sale is a Bettinardi blade style headcover. This was ordered directly from Bettinardi and is a bit larger than a traditional blade cover. It fits my Signature Model 9 (Halfmoon). I used it for a month or so earlier this year and has been in my office since. $80 shipped, obo. Thanks for looking!
  18. Lofting up will close the face so this won’t work for anyone fighting a hook/ hard draw.
  19. …trying to play chess against himself on a basketball court,
  20. Mizuno staff stand bags are awesome. The come in 6 or 14 way dividers and are really well made as to hold up to either cart.
  21. I’ve found the GAPR hi hybrids to be extremely easy to hit. Easily my favorite hybrid of the last 10 years.
  22. Billy Ho. Also rans include JT, Adam Scott, and Luke Donald. Edit: It seems anyone with a Nike contract is on the “not” list.
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