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  1. Was kidding about running it under water.
  2. Just as a warning, I bought a fake/cheap one before and the dye ran all over my bag the first time it rained. Thanks for the heads up. just got it delivered today. Going to run it under the sink.
  3. Paid $35 for it. I knew the price was too low considering I generally see them between $70-$110 on BST here. I liked the way it looked and the color matched my bag well. I'll check with eBay and PayPal on money back options. But in my mind $35 isn't the end of the world.
  4. Thank You for all the replies and confirming my suspicions. Considering I'll be using this as my gamer for my studio style and did not intend to save as a collectible I am ok with it not being authentic or valuable. This has helped me understand what to look for in the future. If I want to purchase a collectible I'll end up going directly to Scotty. Regards, PP
  5. Hi guys, Just bought this the other day. Reviewing the pictures for a second time it looks like it might be a fake looking at the stitching underneath the cover and the word Titleist missing. Looking for some other opinions. Thanks
  6. [quote name='muxi87' timestamp='1325516422' post='4017053'] I didn't even look at the hologram, but the head is all wrong: The "screw" for the weights shouldn't allen wrench accessible, it should be a "star". The legit MC have "carbon fiber" looking badges...not painted on "white dots". Certainly fake. [/quote] Ya agreed, Club looks fake just didn't want anyone to have a preconceived notion that holograms are just on counterfeit clubs.
  7. I noticed a similar security label on my new Cobra Trusty Rusty. Looks like Titleist has a bit of information on the labels themselves. I think Cobra adopted these label before the Puma purchase [url="http://www.titleist.com/security-label-program/"]Titleist Security Label program[/url]
  8. Hi All, I got fitted for a set of AP1s 710 during the 2010 season and they have worked out very well in my opinion. I was fitted with both my instructor and the Titleist rep watching and reviewing the results. As I tend to de-loft my irons, I needed clubs which would increase the launch and these seem to do so. When I need to hit a cut I can hit a cut and when I need to draw I can draw. Granted I did get some flack from my playing buddies (ie. my irons are like hybrids) but that changed as they have seen my game improve and several have made it known of their intention to purchase the new 712. As for me I'll stay put. My index has gone from a 5.7 to a 1.8, my practice habits have not changed all that much and I feel confident with every iron in my hand. Now I can't wait to hit the course with my new Big Trusty Rusty lob wedge...
  9. I just got a pair of Puma Plaid Black Pants. They are a bit too long, 32 inches, I normally purchase pants with 30 inch length. Does anyone know if I am able to get these hemmed a bit to fit better length wise? Below is a link to the pants I'm speaking about. Thanks for the help. http://trendygolfusa.com/mens/shop/puma/golf_pants/puma_golf_style_pants_black_plaid_spring_2011.php
  10. 1. The Old Course, St. Andrews 2. Valderrama 3. TPC Saw Grass 4. Carnoustie 5. Finca Cortesin Notable mentions: TPC Scottsdale, Western Gales, Prestwick, The New Course at St. Andrews, Innisbrook, Harbour Town, Disney Magnolia, Orange County, Kingsmill...
  11. I'll take the one with the white front panel and black brim and sides
  12. I'd love to take them, this is the last year of college for me and I want to break back into the Amatuer ranks so am looking for a new set of nice forged irons. Alas, money is always a problem.
  13. I like Cholla better than Saguaro. It seems like Saguaro was rushed and was just forced to fit in minimum space. I played in the beginning of January during winter break. Played both courses that day and found Cholla way more enjoyable. I played from the tips and the 7200 yards seemed like alot more then the 6900 at Saguaro
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