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  1. By casual round - some of the crew only get to play about 30 days a year.
  2. I'm fairy bored but tired so I may not be firing on all 7 cylinders... But, hey, we just got to Hawaii and our crew will be in with our boat in the morning...
  3. So how do the 3 playing partners prove "intent" to the committee. I know "intent" is very hard to prove in the legal sense of the word. Was there enough evidence to convince a judge there was intent if this is a money match and the offender takes it to small claims court? You see the slippery slope of using "intent?"
  4. Jimbo, you are trying to push a 600 ton square boulder up Mt. Everest in Feb here...
  5. Not in the wrong and an idiot forgetting the sand jug is not that uncommon
  6. It was to have my clubface parallel to my target line at the top of the backswing.
  7. The question is did you and the course architect measure from the same spots? Answer is no. Did one measure from the back edge of each tee box to the back edge of each green? or to the furthest playable spot on the hole behind the green? Who knows how they came up with the measurement. If you ask the course designers they will have their answer of how they think the course should be measured also. Laser down the middle to each slight curve and then shoot again in next straightest line? Wheeled off down the middle? GPS from box to green - less accurate due to curved/doglegged fairways... Has there been a redo of tee boxes that isn't reflected on the card? Then there is the ever present marketing issue. When it is time to order the new scorecards, who orders them? Does a city worker with an ego want to tout the course as a little longer? shorter? To many factors to say why your measurement is different...
  8. Ball position is very player dependent. We all have different bodies, flexibility, builds, etc.. Find what works best for you and be prepared to alter it if you have leg injuries, hip surgeries, back surgeries, cycling accidents, ski injuries, hockey injuries, become sick and lose strength and so on...
  9. Best tip ever was "turn up the music so we don't have to hear you sobbing after bad shots..." But seriously, it was a tip on the clubface position at the top of my backswing.
  10. I vote for taking it out. It is a mental crutch most don't need.
  11. I see the amount of break as a curved line on the green, I pick a point beside the hole that represents the amount of curvature. Meaning if the put breaks 10 inches I line up my line on the ball 10 inches to the high side of the cup. Inside 3 feet I decide if I can power it in or slow roll the break.
  12. What is next? Seniors in high school having a DANCE??????
  13. USGA NOTICE TO COLLEGIATE GOLFERS REGARDING NAME, IMAGE AND LIKENESS https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/2021/rules/NCAA USGA NIL-JULY 6 2021 MEMO.pdf TO: COLLEGIATE GOLFERS, COACHES AND EVENT ORGANIZERS FROM: THE USGA RE: NCAA POLICY AND AMATEUR STATUS DATE: JULY 6, 2021 Based on the NCAA’s interim policy on Name, Image and Likeness (“NIL”), which became effective on July 1, 2021, the USGA and The R&A will waive most (see below for additional guidance) NIL-related breaches of the Rules of Amateur Status for collegiate golfers through the end of 2021 so long as that golfer retains his or her NCAA playing eligibility. Golf’s governing bodies proposed permanent changes to the Rules of Amateur Status in February of this year that, if adopted, will no longer restrict NIL-related activities for all amateur golfers beginning January 1, 2022. Our plan remains to finalize the modernized Amateur Status rules by late fall, with the goal of ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption for all involved. After learning of the NCAA’s recent announcement, the USGA and The R&A have taken this interim step after considering what affect the NCAA’s announcement could have on amateur golfers, event organizers, coaches and committees worldwide through this interim period. Recognizing the immediate impact these decisions may have on a golf administrator’s ability to confirm a player’s amateur status, we will actively monitor the overall effect of these developments on the entire amateur game and, if necessary, we will update the information provided as appropriate. This interim policy does not waive the Rules of Amateur Status in general for collegiate golfers, nor does it waive Rule 6 (Use of Golf Skill or Reputation) in its entirety. This interim approach is intended to provide a short-term solution that has the minimum impact possible on the amateur game and administrators until the new Rules of Amateur Status come into effect and we believe that by adopting this interim position for collegiate golfers only, we are minimizing the impact on administrators, while trying to ensure that collegiate golfers attending the same institution can receive the same benefits from use of their name, image and likeness. Even though the NCAA has now allowed for collegiate golfers to benefit from their NIL, we strongly encourage collegiate golfers to discuss their specific situation with their school’s compliance department before entering into any agreement or contract. This will help ensure compliance with NCAA guidelines, which are not under the USGA’s nor The R&A’s governance structure. For more information as to the NCAA’s policy, please visit: NCAA.org/about/takingaction Detailed guidance for golfers and golf administrators can be found below:
  14. But if the player says "my ball is on the green" it will start the uncomfortable question and answer period where the player will have to then explain about the terrible hunting accident and how he lost a testicle...
  15. Yes the nut jobs cling to the wording but they haven't ever sat in a private clubhouse with 4 lawyers, the Director of Golf, and the "committee" listening to the lawyers rip the wording from the usga rulebook to shreds. I thought the Director of Golf was going to laugh himself to death as the lawyers showed the group the legal issues with the wording... THAT was one of the most humorous evenings I had ever seen...
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