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  1. I personally find it very refreshing to see very few manufacturers logos on bags, shirts, hats, etc...the team uniforms are bland but its a nice change.. anybody's Gold medal to win, going to pull for the homeboy, which would put him in even higher legendary status in Japan...I think Rory make a runabout breaks our hearts in the end...XS got away with it today, will have to be flawless tomorrow
  2. someone earlier suggested the NCAA college format which IMO is the best choice because it makes it into a team event/ country vs country....you could give out medals to the stroke play medalists the current format is boring for Olympic standards
  3. is the Olympic Golf format stroke play or match play ?
  4. many golf fans only know and recognize the history of their favorite sport from the time they first started following it...for many golf fans that timeline started with TW, its difficult for many to relate to Nicklaus-Watson-Palmer-Player because they never really saw them play in their prime, their is limited video of their heroics, but there is probably a video of every tournament TW ever played and certainly of every major that he has won. Historians have a way of choosing for us what they want us to remember. You have to do your own work if you want to learn the entire story in context
  5. Really pulling hard for Darren Clarke because my long time friend Sandy Armour is on the bag and also his swing coach....one funny or strange thing is in Friday's round DC was playing a Titleist ball, but on Sat I swore I saw the familiar three line mark of a Callaway Pure Soft on a putt...I know DC plays Taylor Made and surprised he isn't on a TP/TP5 contract...but I see him wearing FJ shoes so I assumed he also has a Titleist contract too
  6. blaming the Tour for lack of help/support for alcohol or substance issues kind of sounds like the boy who cried wolf. The Tour will send its members to a professional or lead them toward a facility where they might get help. They are not in the alcohol rehab business nor should they be, leave it to a professional rehab experts..there is help to be had as many have stated in earlier posts
  7. his is closer to Doug Sanders or TAIII
  8. the Ryder Cup is put on by the PGA of America....not putting their Champion on the squad considering who he is and the story he generates is almost unimaginable..Phil is a future Ryder Cup Captain too... Now as to the other picks your guess is as good as anyone else The Americans showed well at RSG, but in two months who knows
  9. IMO Rory needs to step away from reading the self help books, they have just cluttered his golfing mind, they might have done wonders for his personal life and self awareness, but if you listen to his pressers, he is always talking like someone who has just been thru a therapy session with a shrink...the over analyzing over his golf swing and the mechanics and what he is working on has got him so tied up...maybe he needs to see a sports psychologist to free him up from all the other psycho babble, because when he plays pure golf he come real close to being unbeatable
  10. the distance the golf ball travels is STILL the 800 lb gorilla in the corner that nobody wants to deal with
  11. my old Titleist 983 and my Cleveland 460 are both old school 8.5 dg drivers , so the face is about 1.5dg open...just a guess but BDC probably wants a driver with at least a 2-2.5 dg open face, in essence he wants to eliminate or at least negate the usual bulge and roll along with the gear effect when the club releases naturally and the kick of the shaft does its thing... I am sure that Cobra can engineer whatever BDC wants but what works on paper and in theory may not necessarily work in the real world. The other half of the equation is getting him a shaft that will not torque and
  12. Tap the brakes, until he wins the 3rd leg of the Slam then we can start talking about the career GS
  13. only if they have a pair of legs like the Korda sisters or D. Kang or L.Ko....otherwise NO
  14. IMO remembering golf club manufacturing physics, the more loft, the more the club face will be closed and have a tendency to produce a draw>hook...he has to go with the straightest to most open face to eliminate the miss left... the pros today are all about launch angle..if BDC hit a driver with 8 degrees of loft IMO he would be missing a lot to the left...asking him to throttle back his swing speed is diametrically opposite of what he is trying to do. he wants to be able to swing as hard as he wants and eliminate one side of the golf course and hope that the line he chose will give him the
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