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  1. Tiger has had a lot of surgeries because he can....it also shows me that he has bought into whatever his surgeon(s) are telling him that they can relieve his pain with the inevitable "...we're just going to go in and clean up old scar tissue..." which is all good as long as he feels better, but he is rolling the dice every time he goes under the knife... This last set of surgeries are not up for debate, it has become a quality of life decision...TW at age 65 may not be something any of us want to witness, even at 50 he may end up being a shell of his former self...I sure hope not...I know in my heart he will never be the super golfer/athlete we once saw but I dont want to see a crippled man on TV trying to play golf
  2. Rory and Rickie at the top of the leaderboard.....WRX is going to implode
  3. I have known Lanny, his wife, and his brother's in law since the mid 80's...he has a tight circle of friends but he is fiercely loyal to those in that circle....some may not care for him or his style, but in his heyday the guy could stripe it and was the best at shooting at tucked flags, he was VERY good at money games too
  4. I see they are still trying to recapture the TV slot that was famous for the " Skins" game...I think I will opt to watch the Alabama vs Auburn game or the USC /UCLA game instead
  5. Now you see why my handle is 3whacker
  6. the difference between a guy shooting 69/70 and a guy shooting 71/72 may not seem that much but 4 shots over two rounds is the difference in making the cut and someone going home or onto the next Tour stop the other stat was back in his heyday TW looked at a par 72 like Muirfield and was thinking his par was 68....multiply that times 4 and thats already 12 under just to keep pace with him...was he that much better a putter or was it that he had tap in birdies on all the Par 5's that he didnt eagle... All the guys on Tour can putt..if they cant they end up going home and selling insurance or teaching at the driving range....the difference is how hot they get it rolling at certain courses and if they can outlast the field that week
  7. You concede NOTHING and you ASSUME that you will have to putt out everything when it come to the Ryder Cup...did they not learn anything from the Solheim Cup debacle the week before
  8. Do tell...who is on YOUR Mt. Rushmore of caddies
  9. why couldn't he ask his new BFF TW if he could "borrow" Joe La Cava before his boss comes back on Tour...
  10. is there already a points list for the 2022 Presidents Cup , wonder how many from the victorious RC team will make the team or who will get "snubbed" Who is the Captain ?
  11. BDC went a huge way in reshaping his image/brand this past weekend, his detractors aren't going to change their mind about him, but those that were on the fence line probably went over to his side, he showed he could be a Team player, and still be entertaining..He is a lightning rod, that will Never change... He will bring fresh eyes to the Long Drive contest that normally would have gotten a firm Pass by golf purists...I dont see anyone else in the competition that could hang with him for 18 holes even if he gave them two shots per side
  12. Europe has a lot of players currently enrolled at major University programs throughout the country...they will restock their team with the next Viktor Hovland's of the world...they will be fine
  13. since Stricker is now the new benchmark on RC Captain selection...lets take a look at Kuchar's RC resume # of Ryder Cup team- Four Four Ball record 3-2-2 Foursome- 2-2-0 Singles - 1-3-0 major championships won - ZERO PGA Championship- Zero Top 5 finishes Number of times selected as Vice Captain- ?
  14. if they really wanted to make it interesting combine the two and send three squads and play a cutthroat/knockout type Round robin format, I wouldnt mind seeing the Euros against the International team every once in a while
  15. Do I care what Koepka thinks about the RC ? NOPE Do I think he is the only player that thinks that way ? NOPE Do I care what Zinger thinks ? wont lose one minute of thought on it
  16. since Koepka for example qualified via the points system , in all fairness Stricker should not get another pick, he should automatically take the player that is 13th in points, if that person is already on the team then it should go to the next highest point getter on the list
  17. Strongly disagree with you about DT, and yes I have been around him, we talked about duck hunting, duck calls and retrievers, even invited him to go duck hunting and retriever training with my brother and I up north, ....
  18. You want to see a SNUB.....IF Stricker has to replace Koepka before the matches get started he may have to eat his "sleepless nights " statement about PR...then Billy Ho...then KN...
  19. None of the above... I want someone who can putt...I want someone who has closed out a major
  20. PR is showing his "entitlement" side thinking he deserved it based on past performance...BS they need to go back to Top Ten in points and Two capt's picks...He didnt play his way on, end of story...every player that thinks they got "snubbed" can only blame themselves for their mediocre play at some point during the year
  21. The US has traditionally done poorly in the Foursomes (alternate shot) they have to avoid any 1-3 morning sessions
  22. No matter which way Stricker went someone got left behind, in this case Na and Kisner, I wonder if the vice captains had any input into the decision process ?
  23. I dont think Judy gives a damn what today's player thinks of her. Her record put her in the HOF, there isnt a player out there that will touch as many wins as she has...When she talks I listen,even when she was doing the PGA tour events/majors on ABC/ESPN...she know sher stuff
  24. How many points did Team Jelly secure ---THREE, Im sure the Captain thought SIX was a slam dunk How many points did Lexi come up with--- One and a half Danielle Kang - ONE point the name big guns did not produce, plain and simple Did anyone else notice how Jennifer Kupcho gave a half hearted air hug to Leona Macguire after getting trounced and then stormed off, maybe she isnt the gracious loser after all
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