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  1. I have timed it with my buddy on the course... it's a 7 second process to locate your head cover get it onto the iron and get the iron in the bag. That's three extra minutes on the course and if you multiply it by four players then we're talking 12 minutes added to the round.
  2. That's funny! John Daly touting the Killer Whale... easier to hit because of the large head size. All of 275 cc's!
  3. Every year I demo 5-6 of the new drivers. I always say I'll pay up to $1000 if any of them can beat out my current driver. Every year they fail. My Taylormade Superfast Burner TP from 2010 is still in the bag and still getting me the best distance and accuracy. And i still say it's the ugliest driver ever made...
  4. I don't always shoot under par, but when I do I use Callaway XR Pro irons.
  5. Wow. After reading this I feel like a member at a driving range. Funny! So much for egalitarianism.
  6. I concur with the cigar room and a humidor. With a good supply of single-malt scotches and cognacs. A locker room attendant who washes your clubs and polishes your shoes. And I love those little pyramids of balls on the range. Clubhouse needs to be of classic architecture. I just like the look of older, stylish clubhouses... with verandas.
  7. Well, then I'm vacuuming the resin/foam right outta my driver head...
  8. Sometimes a web site just can't avoid making fun of the obvious. I don't hold that against MGS. I even wrote a comment alluding to Taylormade opening a clinic where you can have screws put in your shoulders... tighten for less shoulder turn, loosen for more shoulder turn. Don't take (golf) life too seriously.
  9. I played 9 holes with a guy who played a sub tour, below the web.com tour. He was rusty, hadn't played in a few months. I remember the 8th hole, a downhill 351 yarder. He hit a high floating drive that landed on the green and just stopped. I ripped a 290 drive down the middle... downhill, remember. I knocked a wedge to within 4 feet. Made it for the birdie. He rolled in his 6' putt for an eagle. He shot a rusty 33 (par 36). I shot a respectable 38 and trailed by 5 strokes
  10. I started playing blades at age 15. I stopped playing blades at age 40.
  11. With all due respect I disagree. Life is a game, too. You either play it well or you play it poorly. Outlook, positivity, cheerfulness, camaraderie, attitude, graciousness, good will, appreciation... a glass of wine at sunset with good friends at the neighborhood lounge.
  12. Trying to remember when the PGA touring pros played a TV tournament on punched greens??? Seriously, one thing you should always do, if there is morning dew or a light drizzle or mist: Clean your ball, especially on the backside where putterface meets ball on your stroke. One single grain of sand in this area can deaden your putt by as much as 50%.
  13. I'm intimidated by your PXG's. What? No PXG golf ball?!
  14. I heard he insists that all boobies should be of the same length.
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