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  1. my 58* goes 95, so it just depends. if i have a 75 yard shot, i use 54* and just knock it down.
  2. Yea it was, I really like Driver Bracket on that channel they put out good stuff. both did well but the results were a bit surprising to me.
  3. I did not see the loft sleeve adjustment on the site, that is interesting.
  4. I have only tried the Cobra one length irons. No other brands. I wish I had tried Wishon instead.
  5. i have tried these one length irons a few times but have never gotten on with them. the short irons launch to high and the long irons to low. i felt like i had to manipulate the club on every shot. i really wanted to like these which is why i have tried them a few times at demo days but just couldnt get on with them. just got fitted for mizuno irons, cant wait for them to arrive.
  6. 12.7 still working with the TM M5 with the Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7 X, love it. Will be rocking it for a while.
  7. Finally received my sim 2. Love it can’t wait to get it out on the range and course this week. IMG_2010.MOV
  8. I ordered mine in early March and won’t get mine until early May
  9. Thanks, I called Taylormade and they agreed to send re-process my order. I sent the wrong driver back. Fingers crossed it goes well! I can't wait to get mine and test it out.
  10. My Sim2 just arrived with the wrong shaft. I ordered the Graphite Design Tour AD XC and it came with the Tensei White (nonupgraded version). truly disappointing after waiting 30 days just for shipping.
  11. I was fitted for a combo set, 4,5 irons are JPX Forged and 6-P are JPX Tour. The JPX tour are a little more forgiving for me than the MP-20 MB. i tried the MMC and they are nice but I liked the JPX better.
  12. saw a lot of videos, i guess what i took away is that it's critical to get fit for the right shaft. i am not in the market for a new driver but the 3W looks better than last years. i still have the M5 and love the smaller head but i will definitely hit the 3W and see if i like it.
  13. i have been carrying my m5 woods and love them. the 5W isnt going anywhere but i might try the 3 wood.
  14. how does the weighting system work? specifically the weight close to the face.
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